25+ Awesome Activities To Do With Your Toddler This Summer

Summer is finally here and I’ve created a bucket list of fun things to do with our toddler this summer.   After such a long winter here in Toronto I don’t want to waste a second of the beautiful weather!

Some of these summer activities pair nicely, like strawberry picking, baking and then a picnic. While others are stand alone things we can do to fill an afternoon.  

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Most are new activities we can do now that our daughter is two and we are really looking forward to experiencing all these things through her eyes.    

Wish us luck as we check them off our list this summer. I will be updating this post as we go.

25 Fun Activities to do With Your Toddler This Summer!

This post may contain affiliate links. For my full disclosure policy click here.

1. Have a picnic

2. Strawberry Picking

Teaching young children where their food comes from and having them help gather food can encourage them to try new things.

We got out to go strawberry picking with our daughter the first weekend they were available (here in Ontario that was the Canada Day long weekend, which is later than normal).  

Little B ate so many strawberries I offered the farm extra money, but they graciously smiled and said no problem.

Funny thing is, she hasn’t touched the strawberries since!   She only wanted to eat them straight from the farm, oh well! Into smoothies they go.    

Tips: Bring a basket from home if you have it. Otherwise the farm will most likely charge you for one.    

3. Bake

We have this awesome cookbook that has recipes that toddlers can help prepare.   These cookie bites are technically “no bake” but they were so fun to make together I am counting it!   I’m sure we will be baking more recipes from this book, but these chocolate chip no-bake cookies were a hit.

4. Go to a fair

family on a fair ride

Check mark! We went to our local Rib Fest and checked off going to a fair.   They had tons of rides and my sister-in-law and brother took my daughter on all the rides with their girls.    

I definitely  had anxiety about our two year old going on rides for the first time, but I quickly learned I need to give her more credit! She is so adventurous and loved them all.    

A new personal goal is to stop thinking she is too little to try new things.    

5. Go to the Beach

6. Swim in a Pool  

7. Visit a Splash Pad

8. Head to the Zoo

This is a bit of a cheat for us since we have a zoo membership. If you haven’t spent much time at a zoo check out this toddler-friendly guide on how to have as much fun as possible there!

9. Go to a Park

10. Check out an Outdoor Concert

11. “Fish” in our Water Table

12. Splash in our Toddler Friendly Backyard Pool

13. Go for a Bike Ride

14. Take a Train

15. Eat an Ice Cream Cone

This was an easy and fun one. My daughter’s eyes bugged out of her head when she saw this ice cream cone.

We definitely are trying to get her to eat more veggies, but summer isn’t complete without ice cream!

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16. Eat a Freezie/Popsicle

17.  Go to a Food festival

18.   Play with bubbles  

19.  Water the Flowers Together

20.  Pick a bouquet of flowers

21.  Go to a Petting zoo

We are lucky to have a petting zoo close by and decided to buy a seasons pass because we enjoyed it so much.

Our toddler is getting much more comfortable with the animals and we can do the whole place in about an hour.

22. Ride a Boat or Ferry

23.   Run through a sprinkler  

24.   Color a sidewalk with chalk

25.   Go to a cottage

25 Fun Activities to do With Your Toddler This Summer – Conclusion

We are all really looking forward to summer this year and trying new things as a family.   Do you have any toddler summer activities you recommend?

Leave a comment and let me know your ideas.   I would love to add even more to the list.

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