15 Mommy & Daughter Date Ideas With Your Toddler

Have you recently returned to work and feel like you don’t have quality time with your toddler daughter? Have you added a new baby and aren’t spending as much time with your older child?

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Are you struggling to come up with fun things to do in the evenings when you’re both tired from the day?    

These fun and simple mommy / daughter date ideas are perfect for you and your toddler to connect if you’re feeling like you need a little extra quality time.  

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After Work (or whenever!) Dates For Moms & Toddlers

1. Take a Bath Together

I don’t mean just give your toddler a bath, I mean you and your daughter get in the tub together!

There is something so special about splashing and playing in the tub together since it’s usually just her in the tub.

And after a hard days work, you will enjoy the bath just as much.

Idea: You can make it extra special by adding a bath bomb with a toy inside. These bath bombs are handmaid in the USA. 

2.  Build a Fairy Garden Together

Dollar tree has an awesome selection of little fairy garden supplies to easily put together a special little garden.

3. Paint Her Nails

Little girls love doing things their mom does. Whether its asking to wear your makeup or putting on your clothes.

Take the time to paint her little toes.

Here is a kid friendly nail polish

4. Bake Cookies

Find a toddler friendly recipe where they can help measure and stir.

The next day, take the leftover cookies to work and take a picture of your coworkers enjoying them.

5.  Have a Mom and Daughter Photo Shoot

Dress up in your fanciest clothes and jewelry and take turns taking photos of each other.

If you trust your little one to use your phone let her at it. Otherwise you can pick up a toddler friendly camera (super cute - here is one on Amazon)

7. Do Something Sporty

Get outside and throw a ball to each other. Kick a ball into a net or just play tag.

Show her that mom can play sports too.

8. Wear Matching Pajamas And Watch a ‘Movie’.

Grab a bowl of popcorn and watch their favorite show together.

Stay off your phone and make sure you take the time to comment on what is happening and ask her questions.

9. Let Her Pick Dinner

Whatever she wants.

Make it extra special: Set the table with a tablecloth and flowers.

10.  Go For A Walk

Take your time, play pretend and really be in the moment.

11.  Have a Picnic in Your Backyard

If you’ve been inside all day working then this is a great time to get outside and enjoy the evening with your toddler daughter.

12.  Have Breakfast For Dinner Together

Make pancakes or whatever her favorite breakfast is and add some sparkle with sprinkles or whipped cream.    

13. Go to a Concert

Depending on the season, there may be some great holiday or kids concerts around you. Going to a show and then getting dinner after is a great toddler activity!

14. Celebrate Their Favorite Doll or Stuffed Animals Birthday

Blow up balloons, pick up a cupcake and put a candle in it. Put party hats on yourselves and other stuffed animals.

15.  Do a Craft

DollarTree has TONS of easy crafts that you can pull together quickly after pre-school and work.

Conclusion – Toddler Daughter and Mommy Date Ideas

Any idea above can be done during a weeknight to help reconnect you with your toddler daughter.  

What is your favorite “date” you and your daughter do?