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Toddler Beds Shopping Guide

Last updated on December 11th, 2022 at 11:49 pm

Buying your little one a bed might seem simple at first, but with so many different toddler beds available, you’re bound to get overwhelmed. You need the right bed to make sure your toddler is comfy enough for a full night of sleep, while also providing top-notch safety and durability. Learning more about the bed’s features will help you make an informed decision. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best toddler beds to help you choose the best one for your child.

The Top 7 Best Toddler Beds For Your Kids

1. Dream on Me Classic Toddler Bed


This bed offers a complete set of protection and safety features, including two side rails for protection, a center leg for extra stability, and a low-rise design to minimize injury to your toddler. It is built with non-toxic materials to protect your toddler’s health, even if he/she nibbles on the frame during teething. Simple and elegant in design, this bed will match practically every nursery. This is one of the best toddler beds on the market because it takes both form and function into account.

2. Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed


This model’s design combines safety and comfort while sparking your toddler’s imagination. Made of wood, this is the ideal choice for parents who are wary of plastic. Safely designed, the high sides will prevent your toddlers from falling. The whimsical design is sure to entertain your child while providing a safe and cozy place to play and sleep. Parents will also enjoy this bed because it’s easy to assemble, but still durable and will fit all standard mattresses. This bed is a win-win: a safe and comfortable environment for toddlers while being easy to assemble for parents.

3. KidCo Peapod Toddler Bed


This carry-on toddler bed is a great traveling companion for parents. The bed is light and portable, weighing only 2.45 lbs. It even folds into a small bag. You can relax while enjoying the outdoors as the roof offers UV protection for your toddler. The best part is, toddlers can enjoy this bed as their own little sanctuary while you’re on the road.

4. IKEA Crib To Toddler Bed

IKEA Crib To Toddler Bed | Toddler Beds Shopping Guide | Toddler

The IKEA crib to toddler bed is versatile and multi-purpose, saving you money in the long run. As your newborn grows into an active toddler, the crib is often rendered useless. This crib, however, comes with the tools to transform it into a toddler bed. The bed’s height is also adjustable, to enable you to keep your growing toddler safely inside. There are also drawers under the bed for storing linens and blankets. All the features of this product make it a smart investment.

5. Orbelle Trading Padded Toddler Bed


Orbelle is one of the leading brands for toddler beds. Their beds have some of the most desirable features while being durable and lightweight. The material used makes it easy to transfer to different rooms while still being sturdy. This bed comes with a padded headboard and footboard for added safety and comfort. Durable in construction, it can withstand toddlers jumping on it. The bed is also designed to have a low height to minimize the risk of injuries. Orbelle takes safety, comfort, and durability into account, making it one of the best brands for toddler beds.

6. Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed


Children love their cartoons and superheroes, and anything associated with them. This bed is themed with their favorite characters to provide an inviting space to sleep and play. While equipped with double guard rails for safety, this bed is also designed for easy access, letting toddlers get in and out without help. The frame is made of durable steel that won’t bend under the strain of toddlers playing. It’s also very easy to assemble. The bed comes with many different designs to cater to your toddler’s interests. Great design, easy to assemble, and durable– perfect for the active toddler.

7. Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler to Twin Convertible Bed


This toddler bed mixes both fun and functionality. The jeep’s running board works as a step to help toddlers climb in. The headlights are fully functional LEDs that can turn 360 degrees and be used as reading lamps. The bed is durable enough for an adult to sit on to tell stories. Finally, the spare tire doubles as a bookshelf. The features of this bed will impress any child and make bedtime an adventure!

Check out this helpful video from ProMom to learn more about toddler beds:

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In the end, finding the right toddler bed for your kid isn’t always easy, but it’s a worthwhile challenge to take on. There seem to be way too many toddler beds for sale with many enticing features. Learning more about their features will help you find what you need. Every child is unique, and that’s why you want to get the bed the suits their personalities and needs.

What features would you like to see in a toddler bed? Tell us in the comments section below!

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