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13 Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

These outdoor toys for toddlers will guarantee you and your kids a fun day ahead! This list has you covered whether you’re on the lookout for playsets for kids or gift toy ideas. If you’re looking to keep a few children entertained, here are a few cool toys to help you out.

Outdoor Toys for Toddlers: What Every Yard Needs

1. Crabbie Sand Table


Let your kids have fun with sand sans the sea! Now, your kids can build their own sandcastles without needing a trip to the beach. After all, this crabby sand table lets you bring sand to your very own backyard. It can hold up to 25 lbs. of sand and comes with 4 accessories your kids can play with. The best part is, the sand table comes with a cover you can place on top once your child has finished playing. That way, you won’t have to worry about the sand getting wet from the rain.

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2. 3-Wheel Tricycle and Scooter

This tricycle answers your kid’s need for speed with the added stability of an extra wheel. It’s a toy that grows with your child as s/he gets older, thanks to its adjustable stem that adjusts to the heights of 2-year-olds to 5-year-olds. A quick twist and click also transform the tricycle into a scooter. It’s perfect for when your kid’s finally got his/her balance practiced. Once s/he has gotten the hang of a scooter, maybe it’s time for him/her to try riding a bicycle next time.


Teach your kid how to balance with this balance bike and prepare him/her for bigger bikes in the future.


3. Slide


Take the playground to your house with this beginner’s slide. It measures only 3-feet long and allows for compact storage due to its foldability feature. You can choose to put the slide both inside or outside the house, as long as you have a soft play surface to keep your little one safe from any injury. Want an extra tip? Place your slide next to a ball pit so your kid will have extra fun on the slide.


4. Ball Pit

Speaking of ball pits, this ball pit tent is foldable, lightweight, and can hold up to 500 balls. Cleaning and drying are so much easier since it’s made with waterproof polyester fabrics too. By the way, in case you didn’t know, this ball pit can fit up to 2 toddlers in 1 go. It’ll make for a good play date session.


5. Basketball Hoop


It’s never too early to start your kid on a sport you and him/her can enjoy, so grab an opportunity to purchase this basketball hoop. It has 4 adjustable heights you can choose from, which means it’s a toy that will last a long time with your little one. It literally grows with your child.


6. T-Ball Set


Is t-ball more up your alley? No worries, this toy will boost and enhance your child’s batting skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s easy to store and has an adjustable “T” height too. This means your little one can continue practicing her favorite sport even after she’s grown out of her toddler years. You might just have a professional player in your midst!


7. Wagon

Now you can bring your little one with you as you go along on your neighborhood errands. This wagon makes transporting easy because of its long fold-under handle. By the way, don’t forget to bring along a juice box or a few snacks for when your child feels peckish. Store these in the cup holder and side panel storage compartment of the wagon, and your child will never go hungry again.


8. Gardening Set

Gardening Set | Outdoor Toys For Toddlers | cool toys

Improve your little one’s green thumb with this Superman-inspired gardening set. These tools will also be a great way for you to bond with him as you two work on your garden together. You can teach him about the different plants available and even help him plant his very own plant. In doing so, you’ll get to teach him loads about responsibility, stewardship, and patience — 3 things that will make a huge difference in his character.


Who knows? You might just very well be the parent of the next famous horticulturist, landscape artist, or scientist.


9. Playtime Patio

Hone your toddler’s social skills with this playtime patio. This toy allows him/her to “grill,” serve food, and play with both sand and water, all in one location. It’s a great way to encourage role play among children while keeping them entertained for afternoons on end. By the way, feel free to “order seconds” during playtime. Your child will love it!


10. Inflatable Hopping Horse


This inflatable hopping horse sneaks in a little workout for your 3-year old toddler without him/her even noticing. It promotes balance and coordination — serious skills that will help your toddler as s/he grows up. Feel free to adjust the level of inflation as you deem fit. It all simply depends on the comfort, size, and age of your child.


11. Pool

Keep your little ones cool with this pool play center during the hot summer months. This version comes with a movable water spray attached to a hose, which is a refreshing treat for all those sunny afternoons. The pool can also hold up to 74 gallons of water, so it’s bound to give your kids a super fun and not to mention, wet, afternoon!


12. Bubble Machine


Are your kids crazy for bubbles? Keep them entertained with this portable bubble machine. It’s easy enough to bring to any party, picnic, or barbecue and it’s so easy to operate. All you have to do is pour the bubble solution into the machine and turn it on. Remember to include this the next time you’re out shopping for outdoor toys for toddlers. Your kids and your family dog will surely go bonkers chasing after all the bubbles this machine will make.


13. Truck Set

This truck set practices your little one’s cognitive skills because it helps them learn about different occupations. Each truck serves a different occupation purpose and works via a friction motor so you won’t have to spend extra on batteries. You don’t have to move the truck backward for it to move either. Simply move the truck forward with your hand, and the truck’s wheels and the mechanical system will care of the rest.
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Remember, there are so many ways to entertain a toddler without the use of a tablet or the television. Condition them to favor the outdoors and the sunshine and let them play in the yard. Odds are, they’re bound to have more fun with these outdoor toys for toddlers.
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