Best Building Toys for 6 year olds

Best Building Toys for 6 year olds


Unlike a couple of years ago, 6-year-olds have begun to attain some level of emotional intelligence. They have started to understand the psychology of hatred, love, and attraction.

Quite interestingly, there is an increase in the rate at which they grasp things in their immediate environment. So you might want to watch what you buy for them.

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Due to their increasing curiosity, they need things to keep their minds engaged, and help them explore the world around them. Building toys are one of the best ways to achieve this. They engage the mind of a six year old and teach him or her sciences, STEM, creativity, and the value of due process among other things.

Like it has been popularly eponymized in human psychology, the mind of a child is a tabula rasa – a clean slate. The implication of this is that whatever this child experiences (through visuals, interactions, and learning) are very important in shaping his/her ideology and what he or she grows up to be.

What this means in simpler terms is that everything a child touches, feels or interacts with has a significant effect on the kind of adult he or she would turn out to be.  It is therefore important to monitor these things if you intend to raise a proper child.

Toys are a major part of a child’s interactive environment. In most cases in the past, toys were selected based on gender stereotypes and parental biases. Boys are more likely to get toy guns, football, and some other things believed to define masculinity.

Girl children on the other hand are more likely to get dolls, combs, and other things perceived as ladylike. During those times, toys were considered important for the socialization of children (this theory is substantial even today). However, with time, we have had some very good building toys that are not limited by stereotypes and societal injunctions.

So, if you intend to get the best building toys for your 6 year olds, hop on this ride;



If you want your child to have a basic knowledge of shapes and geometry, this building construction set is the best pick for you. The construction building sets consist of sets of blocks usually made from safe and durable plastic. These sets of building blocks can be made into 2-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional shapes.  The child may build basic things like crosses to castles. Overall, it enhances creativity, motor skills, and logical thinking in the most fun way for these kids.

Lucky Doug 140 PCS Fort Building Kit

Best Building Toys for 6 year olds


This toy consist of a set of roller coaster tracks divided into attachable pieces. It usually comes with a set of cards with challenges that make kids build complete roller coaster tracks. Six year olds – being the curious kids that they are – are also encouraged to try out their own creativity and make complete coasters as stylishly as their creativity allows. The game helps children to build creativity, think critically, problem solving skills, and have an understanding of challenges.

ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge

Best Building Toys for 6 year olds


This track building game is best suited to teaching six years old how to explore their creativity to solve problems and the satisfaction that comes after doing such. The kit consists of many track sets and a few loops. The kids can build a lot of things with them as much as their creativity allows them. After which they can play with what they have built. Just like the roller coaster challenge toy, this set enhances a child’s problem solving and motor skills.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited

Best Building Toys for 6 year olds


Just as its name implies, the crazy fort is a pretty fun toy kit for six years olds. The Crazy fort toy kit takes the concept of construction and sets it a tad further. Unlike the previously mentioned sets of toys, crazy forts are not blocks; rather, they consist of 69 fort pieces with a rod and some connectors.

The setup is totally left to the child in question.  It allows the children in question to take their problem solving skills a step further. With this set of toys, a kid could even make a tent; it all depends on how wide he or she is able to imagine. Aside from the basic knowledge of construction in the aforementioned games, children get more exposure to geometry and architecture with this toy.

Crazy Forts Combo Fort 


This is one of the most gratifying toys you could have for your six year old kid. This building toy doesn’t just stop at the conventional build and create a benchmark, it is more advanced. Zoob builders’ toy employs motions and mechanics in its build. The toy comes with a control pad that allows the children to move whatever they build with the toy’s pieces. It is the perfect definition of fun and creativity; the child gets to build something to suit him or her. After which, the child gets gratification for hard work by applying motion to his or her creation.

ZOOB BuilderZ S.T.E.M. Challenge Moving Building

Best Building Toys for 6 year olds


This toy is the best when it comes to teaching a six year old the skill of problem solving. These cubes are attached to a color puzzle. The aim is for the kid to arrange the colors in distinct sessions while retaining the cube intact. This game requires the creativity to solve puzzles and build insightful arrangements. It is capable of engaging a six year for as long as it takes the child to solve it.

GAN 11 M Pro, 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube, Magic Puzzle Cube 

Best Building Toys for 6 year olds


These come in different sizes, shapes, and with different characters.  Complete toy houses are one of the most engaging sets you can get a six year old. It allows him to take charge of the characters, imagine and build the characters as much as he wants. It enhances a child’s ability to imagine situations and create scenarios and memories.

Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse 


Toys are a sure means to promote fun learning with your six year olds. They get to learn how to apply the basic things they learn in their classes to real life situations subconsciously. Also, proper monitoring of children playing with toys can give you insights into the child’s strengths and weaknesses. You could use your evaluation to help the year six year old fix up the lapses in his learning process, his thought process, and his approach to problem solving. Remember, the key to all these is buying the proper toys for them. So what are you waiting for?

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