Best Board Games for Families of 3

The Best Board Games for Families of 3

Last updated on November 6th, 2022 at 01:58 pm

When you are stuck at home and looking for something fun to keep yourselves entertained board games are a great option. When you are a small family though there are many games that you may not be able to play because you don’t have enough players. So here are a roundup of the best board games for families of 3.

I added the ages so that if you are a family of 3 with a young player you know which games are more age-appropriate versus if you are looking for games for a family of three like mine with a teenager.

  1. Jenga (1+ players ages 8+)

2. Uno (2-10 Players ages 7+)

3 Yahtzee (2+ Players ages 8+)

4. Sorry (2-4 Players ages 6+)

5. Skyjo (2-8 Players ages 8+)

6. Monopoly Friends (2-6 Players ages 8+)

7. Sequence (2-12 Players ages 7+)

8. Speak Out (4-10 Players ages 16+)

9 Kids Against Maturity (2-6 players ages 8+)

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