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The Ultimate Family Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas

Last updated on November 6th, 2022 at 01:58 pm

I thought about not trying to do any new summer content but then I thought I don’t have many summers left with my daughter, who is 13, before she is out on her own and an adult. So I wanted to try and create a summer bucket list that would work not only this year when things are not normal but even in future years.

How to Make a Summer Bucket List

I will be sharing my summer bucket list to hopefully give you some ideas but you want your family’s list to be your own and unique to your family. I have one teenage daughter so my list would look very different than my sister who has a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old both boys.

So how do you make your own list? Well first get your family together and have a brainstorming session. Even though you probably won’t be able to add all there ideas (they will probably have many)

Summer Bucket List Ideas to Try This Year

Now that things are opened up a little more than they have been the past two summers. I am trying to look forward to a fun summer where even if we can still have fun and make as many memories as we can. That’s what I hope for you as well that this summer brings you and your family lots of fun and opportunities for making memories

Summer Bucket List ideas to do Outdoors

There are so many fun things to do outside during the summer. It’s a great way to burn off some energy in little kids and to connect with nature with your family. What you are able to do off this summer bucket list will depend on where you live and what the weather is like during the summer.

So here are some great ideas of things to do outside:

1. Go for a walk, especially in nature.

2. visit and feed some ducks

3.go on a picnic. When the weather is beautiful, it’s an excellent opportunity to go on a picnic and enjoy your meal outdoors.

4. Take a hike

5. Go to the park.

6. Run Through the Sprinklers

7. Play on a slip in Slide: You can order one here

8. Go Star Gazing

9. Go Bike Riding

10. Have a Water Balloon Fight

11. Plant a vegetable or Herb Garden

12. Play Frisbee

13 Go on a nature scavenger hunt: Here’s one for older kids and one for little kids

14 Visit a lake or Beach

15 Watch the Sunset

16 Wash the Car

17 Go Rollerskating

18 Pick Flowers

19 Jumprope

20 Sleep under the Stars

21 Watch a Movie outdoors

22 Play Tag

23 Fly a Kite

24 Go Puddle Jumping

25 Dance in the Rain

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Indoors

As fun as the outdoors can be there will be days when you need to have fun inside. Maybe the weather is bad or someone isn’t feeling well so you need some time to relax inside.

I’m more of an indoor person in the summer especially because I’m not a fan of hot weather. So I really like these indoor summer bucket list ideas a lot.

1 Read Books. ( Check out my books to read board on Pinterest for some really great book ideas.)

2 Have a Movie Marathon

3. Make a Summer Playlist

4 Make a Birdfeeder

5 Play Boardgames Here are a few of our favorite boardgames)

6 Have a Spa Day at home (Here are some DIY Spa Ideas)

7 Build a blanket Fort

8 Scrapbook

9 tie-dye t-shirts

10 Do Yoga together

11 camp Indoors

12 Make Slime

13 Have a Pillow fight

14 Learn Oragami

15 Have a talent show

16 Do a Science Project

17 Do a Family Puzzle

18 Learn a new Skill

19 Sing Karaoke

20 Facetime with family

21 Try new hairstyles and makeup

22 Paint Rocks

23 Play indoor Tag

24 Play Hide and Seek

25 Everyone Start a Journal

Summer Foodie Fun

There are so many fun summer food ideas. My daughter is a big foodie. She loves to cook and bake so we always have new foods to try all year long. These summer food ideas are sure to make your family happy.

  1. Have Breakfast for Dinner

2 Make Fresh Lemonade

3 Make Homemade popsicles

4 Make Homemade Ice cream

5. Set up a Sundae Bar

6 Bake a Pie

7 Make a Pizza from Scratch

8. Make Snow Cones

9 Grill on a BBQ

10 Make s’mores

11 Decorate cookies or Cupcakes

12 Try new recipes

13 Have dinner outdoors

14 roast hot dogs

15 Make Homemade Jam

16 Bake cookies for friends/neighbors

17 Let the kids make dinner

18 Make Smoothies

19 Make popcorn ( We use to do this as kids growing up with an air popper and then adding chocolate chips and candies to our popcorn. I want to get this popcorn popper for the summer)

20 Make a Copy cat recipe ( I love making Starbucks copycats but there are so many great copycat recipes of tons of restaurants. Just check Pinterest for ideas)

21 Make root beer Floats ( you can make them the traditional way with root beer but you can also make them with coke or Dr. Pepper which I o because I don’t like root beer but my family does so we make them both ways)

22 Make Fresh Salsa

23 Make your own Bread

24 Go Fruit Picking

25 Make Homemade Pasta

Summer Bucket List Bonus ideas for 2022

Now that things are opening up a little more from the pandemic there are a few more things to add to my summer bucket list ideas for 2022

  1. Go Camping
  2. Go Paddleboarding
  3. Visit a Farmer’s Market
  4. Go to a water park
  5. Take a day road trip
  6. Go mini-golfing
  7. Take your dogs to a dog park
  8. Go geocaching
  9. have a bonfire
  10. Go to a Thrift Store
  11. Get donuts from a fancy donut place. These are always fun to try out
  12. Go to the zoo
  13. Dye your hair a fun color. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with a new look
  14. Stay in a cabin
  15. Go ax throwing
  16. Try out a new restaurant cuisine. (Try Indian, Italian, French, Greek, etc. Just something your family doesn’t normally eat)
  17. Visit a state your family hasn’t been to together, see something new as a family.

18. Go see fireworks

19. Go Thrift store shopping, this can especially be fun to do with your teen.

20 Host a Neighborhood Block Party or Potluck

Have a Fun Summer!

Making a summer bucket list is so much fun and isn’t too much work. The important part is to look at it as inspiration and not a “to-do” list. Even if you don’t get to all of your wish list activities, this summer bucket list reminds you to spend quality time together and try new things, whether you’re able to be out adventuring or at home. I hope you enjoyed this summer bucket list for 2022 post of ideas

Want a printable to make it easier to track what you’ve done over the summer? Your in luck grab your copy plus a blank one if you want to make your own bucket list with different activities

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