25 Practical Gifts for 2 Year Olds That Aren’t Toys (and are actually useful!)

This list of 25 practical gifts for 2 year olds is not filled with toys, but is a collection of useful gifts that will help toddlers learn and do things on their own.  

Toys are great of course! But for 2 year olds who already have a lot of toys, this list of practical gifts will be appreciated by mom and dad AND the toddler in your life.

Practical Gifts For 2 Year Olds

toddler and mom blowing bubbles

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Two year olds are in the prime of toddlerhood, which lasts from 18-36 months.  They are talking, walking and figuring out rules and boundaries. They love learning and doing things by themselves.

If you are using a broom they may try to grab it out of your hands so they can sweep.

If you try to cut up their banana they will refuse to eat it unless its whole, just like how you eat it.

So, now is the time to get them their own things that mimic what mom and dad have or help them do what you do.  Ex. Their own broom or a step stool to reach the sink to wash their hands.

Whether you are looking for a 2nd birthday gift for your daughter or son, this list of practical gifts will have something for everyone.

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This post contains affiliate links.  For my full disclosure policy please click here.

25 Practical Gifts For 2 Year Olds

Whether you are looking for a 2nd birthday gift for your daughter or son, this list of practical gifts will have something for everyone.

Practical Gifts For 2 Year Olds


Many toddlers love books and these are the perfect practical gifts for 2 year olds.  A recent study  found that kids that are read 5 books a day have heard 1.4 million more words than kids who weren’t by the time they reach kindergarten.  As your toddler is learning to speak, hearing new words and also repeating words they are learning often are important – and books are a great way to practice both with your toddler every day. 

Hello Genius Milestone Box

Hello Genius Milestone Box

Toddlers don’t need anything too fancy when it comes to books – simple and brightly colored will appeal to them, but this is a great opportunity to reinforce those rules you’ve been talking to them about.

This box set of 6 books teaches little lessons such as the importance of saying Thank You and Please and also touches on Sharing and going on the potty.  Each features a different animal.

Books about Adding a Sibling

If your toddler is about to get a new sibling, preparing them by reading books about being a big sister or brother can help them to understand what is about to happen.  

These books encourage your toddler to be a good helper and to understand that mom and dad still love them

I am a big sister – Caroline Jayne Church

I am a big brother – Caroline Jayne Church

Hello in There!: A Big Sister’s Book of Waiting (Growing Hearts) – Jo Witek

My New Baby – Rachel Fuller

Children’s Book Subscription Box for Babies, Toddlers & Kids | Lillypost

Getting your little one excited about books at a young age is important for their future and can help develop a love of reading later on.  

A great way to make new books fun is to have them delivered monthly. Lillypost is a great subscription box that delivers books up to 50% off retail.  They will even gift wrap them to add to the fun.

Practical Gifts for 2 Year Olds – Eating

Toddlers may be in a picky eater phase so practical gifts that encourage eating will be a hit with mom and dad.  

Cutlery Set

This can be a trying time where one day they love something and the next day it ends up on the floor.  Try adding the below to your dinner routine.

It’s time to upgrade to a stainless steel pair like their older siblings and parents.  This set is still adorable with little characters on it.

Cook Book

Being able to help in the preparation of their food, may help them to want to actually eat it.

Check out these toddler focused cook books:

Sesame Street Let’s Cook!

The Tickle Fingers Toddler Cookbook: Hands-on Fun in the Kitchen for 1 to 4s

Little Helpers Toddler Cookbook: Healthy, Kid-Friendly Recipes to Cook Together

Kitchen Helper Stool

In order to reach the counter to help with the cooking, consider getting a kitchen helper stool to keep your toddler safe while allowing them to reach the counter.

Personalized Embroidery, Apron with Name

A customized apron with a cookbook would be a great combination for gift for your two year old.  You can pick the fabric pattern and add their name.

See it on Etsy

Practical Gifts For 2 Year Olds – Toddler Sized Furniture

Table and Chairs

Toddlers will appreciate having their own small sized places to sit and play.  A smaller table and chairs make a great spot to create and learn.  Here are our favorite 2 year old appropriate furniture.

This set from Kid Kraft comes with built in storage and two chairs, creating the perfect craft table. 

They have a few color options to fit your room’s style.

Toy Storage

Fill the bins with crayonsmarkers and construction paper for an even grander gift.

Humble Crew, Natural/Primary Kids' Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins

This bright and colorful storage tower is an Amazon best seller.  It will encourage your two year old to clean up their toys and keep them organized.

Practical Gifts for 2 Year Olds – Chores

Chore Chart

Its never to early to set the tone when it comes to chores for your 2 year old. These useful gifts will encourage them to tidy their toys, help in the garden and with their laundry.Toddlers are very visual, to help instill responsibility and the importance of helping around the house use this chore chart with magnets to introduce the concept of chores.  Some responsibilities include “saying thank you and please” as well as “brush teeth.”

Kids Garden Tools with STEM Learning Guide by ROCA Toys

Teach your two year old to care for living things by introducing gardening.  Toddler size tools with their own tote bag, will help them take ownership over their garden.

This set also includes a book about common gardening insects.

Personalized Laundry Bag

Personalizing your toddler’s items can also help encourage them to pick up after themselves.  

This laundry bag can be customized for a boy or girl.  

Give them a star on their chore chart for picking up all their dirty clothes and putting it in their basket! See it on Etsy

Practical Gifts for 2 Year Olds – Clothes & Accessories

Skip Hop Zoo Kids Insulated Lunch Box

Beyond regular necessities like pants, shirts and pjs, 2 year olds are now at the stage where they can also accessorize with practical items.

This backpack is not only cute, it also can hold light snacks and extra clothes on outings out.


It’s a little small for preschool art projects to come home, but is a great first backpack to get them used to carrying things on their backs.

Clear Bubble Umbrella with Easy Grip Handle

Durable, polarized and anti-reflective these sunglasses get high reviews on Amazon.  Not only practical but fashionable. Double check sizing before you buy to make sure they will fit your child.S

The perfect accessory for when your little one wants to go outside and jump in puddles.

This small umbrella is a great starter umbrella that will protect your child from the elements.  

Available in a variety of colors.

Practical Gifts for 2 Year Olds – Potty Training

BABYBJORN Potty Chair, Gray

Your little one is probably very interested in potty training right now.  To help things go smoothly some great practical gifts will help them along.

Amazon’s choice for potty chairs, this reasonably priced potty is a top seller.  

A simple design that won’t break the bank.

This potty can also be kept in the trunk of a car for emergencies – just remember to bring some plastic bags to collect any “wins”.  

A Potty for Me!

Potty Training Books To go along with any of the above gifts, adding a small book about going on the potty can help explain the process to a young child. Our favorites:

Potty by Leslie Patricelli

A potty for me by Karen Katz

Big Girl Panties by Fran Manushkin

Potty Superhero: Get Ready For Big Boy Pants by Parrogon Books

Toddler Stool for Toilet Potty Training

This step stool 2-pack will ensure your little one can wash their hands and practice good hygiene no matter which bathroom in the house they use.

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