The Ultimate Guide to a Magical Teddy Bears’ Picnic 1st Birthday Party!

Teddy Bears' 1st Birthday Party Guide

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Teddy Bears’ Picnic 1st Birthday Party Guide

The Teddy Bears Picnic is a book or song many of us know from childhood.  “If you go down to the woods today.” It is also a perfect theme for a 1 year old’s birthday.  

This post may contain affiliate links. For my full disclosure policy click here.

Why? Because they LOVE their stuffed bears. It’s also relatively simple, super cute, and flexible – meaning you can have your “picnic” inside or outside.

Explore lots of ideas for an enjoyable Teddy Bear Picnic party, including invitations, decorations, food, and activities for a memorable 1st birthday!

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Ideas on Invitations

Digital invitations mean you can print them yourself and mail, attach to an email, or upload them to an online invitation website. These finds from Etsy can all be downloaded and customized with your party’s information.

Teddy Bears Picnic Themed Invitation by Matilda Moon Studio

This invitation is a personalized digital download – the store will take the information you provide and send you a completed digital invitation. No extra work for you!  I love the modern look of it and it is also gender neutral which is nice. 

Teddy Bear Picnic Invitation – Red by Paper Craft Party

Teddy Bear Picnic Decorations

Choose between a chalkboard or white background. This invitation is editable when you receive it. 

Teddy Bears Picnic Decorations

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Ideas For Decorations

I did the following for the party:

  • Table Cloth – rented, but check out your local dollar store or walmart for plastic versions
  • Teddy Bear’s Hats – made using paper and pom poms from the dollar store and this free printable template
  • Red Happy Birthday Banner – Free Printable Banner
  • Teddy Bears – Borrowed or already owned, wearing hats and placed in a circle having a picnic.  
  • Teddy Bear Party Hats for Guests – Ann made hers, but here is a very similar one you can buy already done.

Some additional Ideas:

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Cupcake Toppers by Not Just Bows

How. Cute. Are. These.  This store provides 24 cupcake toppers and you get to choose between the boy or girl bear and can put the number 1 on their outfit.  Yes please!

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Signs by Not Just Bows

These signs include quotes from the song and are perfect for the dessert table and other area needing a little decor.  Place a mask on the Teddy Bear holding the disguise sign for an extra special nod to the song. 

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Ideas For Printables

The simpler the better right?  In addition to the free printables in the decorations section above here are a few Etsy vendors who have put together a digital download of various party decorations.

Teddy Bear Picnic Printable Party Collection by Smart Party Planning

This digital download includes 4 PDFS: Banner, food tent labels, blank water bottle labels and favor tags.  The theme colors are red and white with brown teddy bears.  A great download for easy decor. The water bottles are a nice extra.

Teddy Bear Picnic Printable Party Kit by Paper Craft Party

Another digital download. This one includes a LOT of goodies including invites, table signs, gift tags and banners.

BONUS First Birthday Decorations (INCLUDED!):

  • Editable 3″ Smash Cake Topper
  • Editable 2″ Smash Cake Topper/Cupcake Topper
  • Editable Cake Bunting
  • 4″ Bib Decal
  • 13 Photo Month Tags
  • Photo Frames (for 4″x6″ & 5″x7″ photos)
  • High Chair Banner with spacers
  • Editable 5″x7″ Birthday Wishes Signs
  • Editable 4″x6″ Birthday Wishes Cards
  • Editable 4″x6″ Birthday Wishes Booklet Covers

Teddy Bears’ Picnic Birthday Party Food

Throw an amazing Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Party - DIY & Tips

 Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Party – Pies

Pies were on the menu at this party – way more picnic-y than a cake!

Pie Topper – Ordered from this Etsy shop.  I love that cake/pie toppers can be kept and used again or kept as a keepsake.  Imagine your 1 year old throwing a party in 30 years for their baby using the same topper *tear*.

Sandwiches and easy to grab food were served including these adorable fruit bear cut-outs using a Bear shaped cookie cutter.

Teddy Bear Shaped Fruit

Teddy Bear Shaped Fruit

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters Teddy Bear Cookie Cutter, 4.25″

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Activities

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Coloring Station

Teddy Bears Picnic Birthday Party Coloring Station

Most of the party guests were parents or very young children, so the activities were kept very simple.

Teddy bear coloring pages with crayons. Just take one coloring book and carefully tear out the pages and create a Coloring Station.

Add a few bears or other stuffed animals to “supervise” the area.

Cute Teddy Bears Coloring Book 1

Teddy Bear Picnic Sing-a-long

Is the party even a teddy bear picnic party if you don’t sing the song at least once?!

YouTube video

Teddy Bears’ Picnic Birthday Party Favors

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Favor

I love giving a book as a party favor at this age.  SO much better than a bag of candy or small choke hazard toys. Ann found a great board book from Amazon that Claire gave all of her one year old friends.

Party Favor Tags 

Teddy Bear Thank you Beary Much template here

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic (Classic Board Books)

Teddy Bear Crayons

One year olds are just starting to get into things like coloring, these crayons will be a hit for sure.  Pair with a teddy bear themed coloring book. 

Other Party Favors

If you’d like to mix up the party favors or are looking for more inspiration, I’ve got a complete post on all things party favors for 1 year olds.

The day was fantastic and all the guests had a great time.   A Teddy Bears Picnic party was a great theme for a first birthday party and I know both Ann and Claire have great memories of the day.

What are some creative decoration ideas for a Teddy Bear Picnic-themed birthday party?

For a Teddy Bear Picnic-themed party, consider decorating with a natural, woodland feel. Use picnic blankets, wicker baskets, and plush teddy bears as centerpieces. Hang paper lanterns or fairy lights in trees for a whimsical touch. Use a color palette of soft browns, greens, and yellows to mimic the outdoor environment. For table settings, you can use gingham tablecloths and arrange small teddy bears holding balloons or wearing party hats.

What food and drinks are ideal for a Teddy Bear Picnic party?

For a Teddy Bear Picnic, finger foods are perfect. You can serve mini sandwiches, fruit skewers, teddy bear-shaped cookies, and honey pots (small cups of pudding or yogurt). For a fun twist, create ‘bear-y’ juice boxes or picnic lemonade. Don’t forget a special birthday cake, perhaps adorned with a teddy bear theme or shaped like a picnic basket.

Suggestions for activities and games suitable for a Teddy Bear Picnic party.

For activities, consider a ‘Bring Your Own Bear’ invitation, where kids can bring their favorite teddy to join the fun. Set up a ‘Bear Hospital’ where kids can give their teddies a check-up. Other fun games include ‘Pin the Bow on the Teddy Bear’, a teddy bear scavenger hunt, and ‘Musical Bears’ (like musical chairs but with teddy bear mats). For a creative twist, have a teddy bear storytelling corner or a craft station where kids can make bear masks or decorate bear-shaped cookies.