This guide provides the best toys and gift ideas for 1 year old boys.  Included are the top toys and unique gifts, as well as an explanation of the developmental stage at 12 months. Updated for 2019! 

Developmental Stage for 1 year olds


What They Like to do

When thinking about what toys to buy for a one year old, we first need to understand what they like to do.  

Right now 1 year olds love to explore – open drawers and cupboards.

They can now bang things together, hold cups and use things as they were intended (example run a brush through their hair or hold a phone to their ear).

Physically they can sit on their own, crawl, stand and maybe even cruise along furniture or walk a few steps on their own (source).

Toys that encourage exploration and help them perfect their new found mobility will be their favorites.

Best Toys for 1 year old boys

Developmental Differences – 1 year old Boys

There are natural differences between little boys and little girls preferences at twelve months,  which can translate into which toys they like to play with. points out that toddler boys love action and are more engaged when watching mechanical motion over human motion. 

 A one year old boy can be two months ahead of a little girl when it comes to understanding motion and would rather watch windshield wipers going back and forth then looking at people moving.

Toys with movement (balls, wheels, etc)  will likely be their favorites.

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Gift Guide:

Toy and Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Boys

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Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Boys

Selected based on what your little boys likes to do at this age.  This list contains classics and new brands you can be confident in gifting.

Award Winning Toys

These toys have been awarded prizes based on their design. They are our favorites for 1 year old boys.

Subscription Boxes For Toddlers

For the 1 year old who has everything. If this gift is for a second, third or fourth child, then something unique to just them will be even more special.

Monthly subscription boxes are becoming very popular. You receive a package each month and can choose between getting toys or books.

Educational Toys

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math toys can be given as early as 1 years old.

STEM Toys are gaining momentum as parents want to expose their children as early as possible to these concepts.