Non chocolate advent calendars can be just as fun! Non-Candy advent calendars are unique, can be personalized and can be bought for children or adults.  Here are our favorite advent calendars for 2020.



Why Choose a Non-Chocolate Advent Calendar

Whether you are looking to buy for a child or adult, sometimes chocolate is just not special enough for the holiday season.  

Toy gifts can be played with long after Christmas is over and can be brought out for years to come. 

Personalized calendars make your loved one feel extra special.

And hand-made calendars can be customized to what your family member loves – you can mix candy and toys or for an adult coffee, tea or alcohol.  

The 21 Best Non Chocolate Advent Calendars

Our top favorite places to find non candy advent calendars are Amazon and Etsy. The reason? Amazon has a large selection of toy advent calendars and Etsy has a more personalized, hand-made selection.

Your kids will never miss the chocolate!

Toy Advent Calendars

This list is loaded with Lego®, Crayola® and other favorites like Paw Patrol® and Little People®.

Toy Advent calendars are a great option because the toys can be played with all season long and brought out the following year vs chocolate calendars which are eaten right away.

Personalized/Hand-Made Advent Calendars

If you plan early you can order a personalized or hand-made advent calendar. These allow you to put in whatever little treats you want and can be re-used each year.

A more eco-friendly and customizable option.

Load them up with little toys, treats and stickers.

What to Put In a Non-Chocolate Advent Calendar

Here are a few ideas if you decide to get a hand-made/personalized Advent Calendar:



Hair Accessories


Mini Figurines


Doll Accessories

Coupon for a day out (zoo, aquarium, etc)

Movie Tickets


Tea Bags


Mini Alcohol Bottles

Tickets (Movie or Concert)

Jewelry/Tie Clips/Cuff Links

Deck of Cards

The 21 Best Non Chocolate Advent Calendars

No matter the reason you are looking for a non chocolate advent calendar, the above ideas hopefully filled your needs.  I’d love to hear what you ultimately picked.  I already have my husband’s Lego calendar hidden away in the closet.  

Happy Shopping!

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