The 21 Best Non Chocolate Advent Calendars – 2022 Edition

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Non chocolate advent calendars can be just as fun! Non-Candy advent calendars are unique, can be personalized and can be bought for children or adults.  Here are our favorite advent calendars for 2022.

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Why Choose a Non-Chocolate Advent Calendar

Whether you are looking to buy for a child or adult, sometimes chocolate is just not special enough for the holiday season.  

Toy gifts can be played with long after Christmas is over and can be brought out for years to come. 

Personalized calendars make your loved one feel extra special.

And hand-made calendars can be customized to what your family member loves ““ you can mix candy and toys or for an adult coffee, tea or alcohol.  

The 21 Best Non Chocolate Advent Calendars

Our top favorite places to find non candy advent calendars are Amazon and Etsy. The reason? Amazon has a large selection of toy advent calendars and Etsy has a more personalized, hand-made selection.

Your kids will never miss the chocolate!

Toy Advent Calendars

This list is loaded with Lego®, Crayola® and other favorites like Paw Patrol® and Little People®.

Toy Advent calendars are a great option because the toys can be played with all season long and brought out the following year vs chocolate calendars which are eaten right away.Create Pinterest PinPHOTO CREDIT:

Fisher-Price Little People Advent Calendar

This Little People advent calendar is perfect for a first or second Christmas. Your little one may need some help opening the doors, but they will enjoy a new toy everyday.

The set includes 24 Fisher-Price Little People friends & holiday-themed accessoriesSee it on AmazonCreate Pinterest PinPHOTO CREDIT:

LEGO City Advent Calendar 

For the little builder in your family this Lego City Advent Calendar contains 234 pieces that your kid can build each day.

This version allows your child to build 24 different presents in this Christmas countdown Advent Calendar, including vehicles, minifigures and other seasonal items.

And yes….a Santa is included!

Lego has lots of other choices for Christmas Calendars

1. Lego Friends – ages 6+

2. Harry Potter – ages 7+

3. Star Wars – ages 6+See it on AmazonCreate Pinterest PinPHOTO CREDIT:

Crayola Christmas Countdown Calendar

This non-chocolate advent calendar is for the little artist in your family.

Crayola Art supplies & activities: Each numbered door on the Christmas Advent calendar reveals a Crayola product and corresponding activities.

A great gift for girls and boys, ages 3 & up.Continue ReadingCreate Pinterest PinPHOTO CREDIT:

Paw Patrol Advent Calendar

24 gifts to discover: make your child’s holidays special with the Paw Patrol Advent calendar!

Includes 6 figurines of the main puppy characters with sleds for them to ride.

A great gift for kids aged 3+Continue ReadingCreate Pinterest PinPHOTO CREDIT:

PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar – Santa’s Workshop

The Advent calendar “Santa’s Workshop,” with lots of exciting presents, contains twenty-four surprise items for each day leading up to Christmas.

The pieces can come out each year and be built again. Perfect for ages 4-10.

Here are a few more Playmobil sets:

1. Christmas Ball – ages 4+

2. Christmas in the Forest – ages 18 months+

3. Horse Farm – ages 4+Continue Reading

Personalized/Hand-Made Advent Calendars

If you plan early you can order a personalized or hand-made advent calendar. These allow you to put in whatever little treats you want and can be re-used each year.

A more eco-friendly and customizable option.

Load them up with little toys, treats and stickers.Create Pinterest PinPHOTO CREDIT:

Personalised Fill Your Own Wooden Wreath Advent Calendar Light Box

Made from wood with a natural finish and filled with sparkling twinkle lights, this is a truly wonderful wooden advent calendar to enjoy on the run up to Christmas!

This unique advent calendar features 24 numbered boxes around the box frame and is finished in the center with a carved winter wreath.

You can add your child’s name or a simple message like “Be Merry”. Add some batteries and it becomes a light box!See it on EtsyCreate Pinterest PinPHOTO CREDIT:

Fabric Advent Calendars

Using this Christmas advent calendar you fill the different advent bags with little gifts and your loved ones can open and enjoy them day by day. The countdown calendar is made of nice cotton and linen fabric.

This shop offers many different versions:

1. Girls

2. Boys

3. CatSee it on EtsyCreate Pinterest PinPHOTO CREDIT:

Quilted Advent Calendar, Town Houses

This hand-made calendar can become a cherished heirloom. The pockets of each house can be filled with the treats of your choosing.See it on EtsyCreate Pinterest PinPHOTO CREDIT:

Woodland Wonder, Reusable Heirloom Advent Decor Boxes

Woodland wonder animals decorate this unique handmade heirloom quality advent calendar.

Reusable year after year countdown to Christmas set of mini drawers will be a favorite decoration for years to come.See it on EtsyCreate Pinterest PinPHOTO CREDIT:

Personalized Merry Little Minty Christmas quilted Advent Calendar

Another fabric calendar, this one is a bit more trendy with their choices of fabric.

Adding your child’s name to it makes it even more special.See it on Etsy

What to Put In a Non-Chocolate Advent Calendar

Here are a few ideas if you decide to get a hand-made/personalized Advent Calendar:



Hair Accessories


Mini Figurines


Doll Accessories

Coupon for a day out (zoo, aquarium, etc)

Movie Tickets


Tea Bags


Mini Alcohol Bottles

Tickets (Movie or Concert)

Jewelry/Tie Clips/Cuff Links

Deck of Cards

The 21 Best Non Chocolate Advent Calendars

No matter the reason you are looking for a non chocolate advent calendar, the above ideas hopefully filled your needs.  I’d love to hear what you ultimately picked.  I already have my husband’s Lego calendar hidden away in the closet.  

Happy Shopping!

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