How many hours of sleep does a pregnant woman need

How many hours of sleep does a pregnant woman need

Undoubtedly, we all know that it is typically impossible for us as humans to go for days without sleeping. Although we can’t figure out what sleep does for us, we are aware of the fact that getting enough good sleep makes us feel ready for the day and the task ahead. And we want to learn in detail in this post How many hours of sleep a pregnant woman need.

Over the years, Scientists have been generating the benefits of sleep to humans and animals. According to a report, sleep plays a vital role in our body metabolism, learning, memory, and immune system.

It is well-rooted that sleep is very crucial for the proper function of our mental and physical health. Unfortunately, knowing this, we still have a large percentage of people that deprive themselves of good sleep, and these people are found sleeping and dozing during the day.

So many things request our time; this often wears us off any moment that can be used to rest or sleep. Almost making it impossible to do those. However, sleeping in very essential to our daily living

How Many Hours Should A Pregnant Woman Sleep?

For Every human, getting good enough sleep is very crucial for good health. Whichever age or stage of life one is. When a woman is pregnant, How many hours does she need? You might be thinking she needs to sleep more than expected because she now carries another human entirely. How many hours should a pregnant woman sleep?

For a pregnant woman, it is essential to get plenty of good sleep. We are breaking down how you’re likely to sleep each trimester as you get close to your delivery date.

Also, we would share some tips on how you would get over some regular sleeping issues women encounter in the course of pregnancy.


How many hours of sleep does a pregnant woman need


To answer the continual question that “How many hours should a pregnant woman sleep?

Generally, Doctors assign 8 to 10 hours per night. However, mothers who have gone through the pregnancy stage will confidently relate that it is nearly impossible to do this during pregnancy. This is because there are numerous issues that could disrupt a pregnant woman’s sleep, which will make it almost impossible to attain the expected nine to 10 hours of medical recommendation.

Doing your best to get up to 8 hours of sleep is one thing you can do for yourself. On the other hand, you might find yourself getting six to 7 hours of sleep. Don’t let this wear you off; make sure you get that 7 hours of sleep regularly, and you might find it increasing as time goes on. Getting discouraged might earn you sleepless nights.

Some of the strategies you will find in this piece will help you get rid of those problems that may arise in attaining the recommended sleep you should get as a pregnant woman.

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Sleep By Trimester

First Trimester

Usually, during the first trimester, your body tends to experience a couple of noticeable changes physically and mentally. Everyone around you tends to notice these changes as this comes along with the signs of pregnancy.
You might be thinking you’re doing nothing during your day.

This is definitely wrong because your entire body and system are actually working so far you’re awake. To avoid exhaustion, you have to give the body some sleep to recover from the unconscious strain.

As a first-time mother, you need to plan your sleep the way you plan your day. Sticking to these is one interesting strategy for attaining the sleep recommendation you wish to acquire.

Sometimes, during the day, you might feel like you need some rest. Do well to schedule a nap for yourself. Make sure your body gets familiar with going to bed at the same time every day. You might not be falling asleep as soon as you climb the bed sometimes, but you have to get your body used to this new routine.

Second Trimester

In the second trimester of your pregnancy, your body is now used to the unusual changes during the first trimester. As you are used to these changes, likely, your sleep duration will automatically increase. You will seem to be comfortable with spending longer durations in bed.

As your body is now used to these changes that occurred during the first trimester. You tend to feel more healthy and competent. You will be able to do things you can’t during your first three months.

However, do not let the ginger that the second trimester brought for you disrupt you from sticking to your sleep schedule. At this time, you should pay more attention to your precious sleeping habits and make sure nothing hinders them.

Most pregnant women at this stage, with the new feeling they get, will want to resume back to their daily routine and chores as they feel much better now. But you have to try to disrupt the urge to resume your daily routine and do your best to get as much sleep as your body requires.


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Third Trimester

The most tedious of the three stages. You are close to delivery. Pregnant women are always with questions like “How many hours should a pregnant woman that is close to delivery get to ensure safe delivery?

It, however, comes with a lot of difficulties and problems ranging from back pain to trying to be comfortable when your tiny lad kicks at odd hours. You feel your best during this stage, and you need to get a sleep up to the right to 10 hours which you might likely be unable to get due to the jam-packed struggles of this third trimester.

Sometimes during your good day, you might experience a sudden uncontrollable urge to sleep because of the insufficient sleep you had at night. Try to find a place for this unexpected rest in your schedule to avoid stress, mentally and physically.

No matter the amount of sleep you think you’re getting, always avoid stress at this stage of pregnancy. You have to worry less at this stage, and this adds to your stress unconsciously. Get as much sleep as you can, and you keep fit and stay healthy.


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Here are some exciting tips that can boost your sleeping habits and guarantee you a good night’s sleep.

Get a soft and comfortable Mattress

As a mother-to-be, getting a recommended sleep duration as before is never easy. But treating yourself by changing your mattress to a gentle and soothing one can be of great help. With this, you get to relax at night, sleep faster and get longer sleep.

When getting a comfortable and gentle mattress for yourself, do well not to forget your little star. A comfortable piece of bedroom furniture for the baby will automatically guarantee hitch-free nights for both you and your king when he arrives.

Stick to your sleep schedule

To figure out the duration of sleep that will make you good, strictly sticking to your sleep schedule can be very helpful. However, being consistent with your sleeping schedule can be very unrealistic; keeping this habit is excellent.

According to research, repeating an action for 22 days makes it your habit. Try to go to bed at the same time every night and get up from bed at the same time every morning. Doing this trains your whole body system, making it easier for you to attain your recommended sleep schedule.

However, after a long time of repeating this, your body seems not to control the sleep urge at night, which makes it almost impossible for you to climb your bed without falling asleep in minutes.

Therefore, being consistent with your sleep schedule makes you fall asleep faster and makes you sleep longer.

Cool The Heartburn

During your pregnancy, at some stages, you may suffer from heartburn.

This heartburn ( burning of the throat and chest) is capable of waking you up at midnight and therefore disrupting your good sleep schedule. It can also keep you awake, i.e., not being able to fall asleep at all.

Reducing and getting over this heartburn means you have to do away with spicy foods as much as you can. In addition, eating rich foods at dinner, which also causes heartburn, should be avoided.

Relax your heavy Legs

The (RLS) which is the Restless leg syndrome – an endearing drive to change the position of your legs is a very rampant problem for pregnant women. It is almost impossible to get rid of this, no matter the amount and potency of the medications.

However, to get relief, try engaging in all kinds of exercise you feel it’s good for you during the day. For example, if you feel very sleepy and tired most of the time, going for short walks can be very helpful. Make sure you also get some nutritious prenatal vitamins that contain iron and folate.


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