best protein powder while pregnant

Best Protein Powder while pregnant

Feeding is an essential part of pregnancy. To lay emphasis on its importance, prenatal clinics hold special sessions for expectant mothers on what to eat and what not to eat. A pregnant woman requires all of the necessary nutrients in a proportion different from the everyday person. The amount each person consumes within that range depends on her body mass.

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However, due to the swings in body physiology that comes with pregnancy, a woman may not be able to meet the required quota just by depending on the conventional sources of protein available to her. This is where Protein Powders come in. Protein powders are supplements – derived either from plants or animals – that provide all the nutritional benefits of protein to the body.

It is important to note that there are special products of protein powders for pregnant women. However, not all these products are safe for consumption. The protein supplement market suffers the same inconsistencies that most modern synthetic food markets suffer.

Some products may cause dangerous side effects to the baby and the mother. It is necessary that – as a pregnant mother – you are aware of which products to buy or not to buy.


You may be curious as to why you really may need protein powders as a pregnant woman. Let’s consider first; some of the nutritional benefits of using protein for a pregnant mother and second, some benefits specific to these protein powders.

1. The powders perform the same nutritional function as proteins – Protein powders are made from plant based or animal based natural proteins. Therefore, they serve all the purposes a protein meal would serve. Essentially, they help to strengthen the woman’s tissue and muscles, they also replace worn-out tissues and muscles. Protein powders also perform the indirect function of increasing body blood volume. Consequently, they help the body to adequately distribute nutrients between the mother and her fetus.

2. Protein powders suffice when a pregnant woman lacks appetite – It is not uncommon to see pregnant women develop a sudden aversion to food. They may suddenly get nauseous when they see food or anything associated with cooking. In such cases, protein powders are there to the rescue! A pregnant woman may get all the necessary protein constituents she needs for herself and her baby in protein powders without necessarily eating normal food.

3. You still get protein despite your health condition – Some women may not be in the (mental and physical) state to prepare their meals at one time or the other during the period of their pregnancy. Regardless of that, they can still get access to the required protein quota per day by using ready-made protein powders.

Things to consider when getting a protein powder for a pregnant woman

As mentioned earlier, supplements may be dangerous. Some pregnant women may fall into the trap of gradually consuming synthetic poisons from protein powders.  To avoid this for yourself (and the pregnant people you know), here are some of the things you should consider before getting a protein powder;

1. Is it approved by your Nation’s drug regulatory body? – The most generic way to confirm the safety of your protein powder would be to check and confirm if it is approved by your nation’s drug regulatory body. Insane climes, that is enough guarantee of the safety of a product. However, as a pregnant woman, that is too generic. You may need to go steps further.

2. Is the protein powder pure or does it have additives? – A pregnant woman has to be extra careful of the things she consumes. You have to check if the protein powder has additives like herbs, saccharin (or any form of artificial sweetener), fortified supplements and so on. In the case where the powder has, it is best not to purchase it. You cannot ascertain the effects of these things on you or your unborn baby.

3. Generally, animal based protein supplements are complete; they have all the essential amino acids unlike their plant based counterparts. You can check for this when you intend to get your protein powder. You should note that some plant based protein powders add the missing amino acids into their products. In any case, be careful to ascertain that you want to get the one best for you.

Best Protein powder safe for Pregnancy (Fortified Nutrition while pregnant)

Let’s see some of the best and safest protein powder products you can get around in the market today;

1. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah!

This protein powder checks all the boxes of safety we discussed above. It is made up of only organic hemp protein powder.  It is a certified non-GMO product. It has 15 grams of plant based organic protein, 8 grams of fiber and 2grams of omega 3and 6. It is 1.98 pounds weight. It is not sweetened and it is best served four tablespoons at once

2. Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein

This protein powder product is made from 100% unfiltered whey protein. It is unflavored with an average weight of 2 pounds. Whey protein – being the major ingredient is a primary source of essential amino acids like isoleucine, leucine and valin. It is generally credited with supporting muscle and tissue building. It is served in a single scoop of about 23 grams. It has garnered positive reviews and it is highly rated among pregnant women who had used it.

Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein


3. Double Bonded Protein 

This unlike the two above – is an animal based protein product. It is made from a rich combination of whey protein from goat milk and protein. It is blended with a sweet dark chocolate flavor to increase the body reception to its flavour.

It contains all the essential amino acids and there are about 20 grams of protein in a product. It should be noted that it is not advisable for infants (not fetuses or pregnant women) due to the xanthum content. This protein average weighs 2 pounds

best pregnancy safe protein powders

4. NOW Sports Nutrition Brown rice protein

You may want to consider this product if you are allergic to gluten. It is made free from any gluten containing food like soy, wheat, milk etcetera. It is also unflavored and it has an average weight of 2pounds.

It has been rated and certified by the GMP. It provides protein supplements from an uncommon source (brown rice). It is one of the safest protein powder products you can get out there today!

Best Pregnancy Safe Protein Powders



Like any other food or food supplement, the protein powders can also be too much for you. It is important that you remember to consume within the range of the daily recommended quota for a pregnant woman. You really don’t want to endanger yourself and your baby from over-consumption do you?

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