These Halloween games for kindergarten aged kids can be done in the classroom or outside.  Great for parties at home or school.  

I love Halloween!  It’s such a unique holiday that all ages, toddler to adults, love to celebrate.

This year I have a 4 year old (kindergarten student) and 2 year old (Toddler Room at Preschool) at home for Halloween and asked a few of my fellow mom bloggers for ideas on how to celebrate and they did not disappoint!  

Some of these will only appeal to my daughter at four, but I think so many can be slightly tweaked for my younger son.

Before we get to the games, consider picking up some fun Halloween themed game prizes for kids.

Halloween game prizes for kids

  1. Glow sticks (adding glow sticks to a bath for a “spooky” bath is so fun at the end of the night)
  2. Candy (of course!). If you’re hosting a party and want to keep the sugar down try these sugar free lollipops (Clean Teeth Lollipops)
  3. Clementines with Jack O’Lantern Faces
  4. Masks (dress up is so fun – here is a set of 24 animal (aka not scary) masks).
  5. Swishy Halloween Toys (Check them out on Amazon)

15 Halloween Games for Kindergarten Aged Kids

These Halloween Games for Kingergarten can be played indoors or outdoors - are great for the classroom, home or a kid party.  Great for kids 3 and up.