Push Present Ideas To Celebrate Birth

This guide provides push present ideas, as well as rules/guidelines for dads when picking the perfect push gift for new moms. Note: This post has been updated for 2023 Push Present Ideas

What is a Push Present?

Push presents (or “push gifts”) are a relatively new concept where the father gives his partner a present after birth to mark the milestone, as well as thank the new mom for going through the pain and suffering of labor and pregnancy.

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They commemorate literally “pushing” a baby into the world.

There doesn’t seem to be a known source of how push presents came to be – but they are typically a physical gift – usually jewelry – given to the mother after birth by the father.

However, push presents can be any thoughtful gift and can also be given by family or close friends.

Push Present Gift Ideas Jewelry Non-Jewelry

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Why Moms Deserve a Push Present

A recent study published in Science Advances discovered that the energy used by athletes competing in extreme events such as marathons is only slightly higher than the energy used during pregnancy.  Women really are superheroes!

Like many things parenting-related, everyone has an opinion! But that doesn’t mean you have to listen to them!  If you want a push present, ask for it! You could even show your husband exactly what you had in mind, they will appreciate the hints!

You do you.  

Carrying a baby is hard, giving birth is harder, if you want to look down at a ring later and say “I did it, I am strong” then by all means – sparkle away.

How Much Should I Spend on a Push Present?

There are no hard rules when it comes to budget for these gifts. Often for engagement rings there is a “3 month salary” guideline – Push presents should not be this expensive.

But, as with engagement rings, everyone’s situation is different and everyone’s tastes, preferences, etc are unique.

Consider your financial situation first.

Will purchasing this gift take anything away from the baby? 

Do NOT go in debt for a push gift. If something material will cause financial strain then read below on gifts that don’t cost anything or are budget-friendly.

When do I Give the Push Present?

Typically push presents are given in the hospital after birth once mom and baby are doing ok and there is some quiet time.

If the hospital doesn’t feel like the right place, fathers often give the gift once everyone is home.

Push Present Ideas 2023- Gift Guide

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  • $- Free to under $50
  • $$ – $50-$250
  • $$$ – $250-$1000
  • $$$$ – >$1000

Push Present Ideas: Jewelry $$-$$$$

Jewelry is the go to gift in this category.  You can go for a more expensive brand (think Tiffany) or you can find some really great push present ideas on Etsy that won’t break the bank (see below). 

The benefits of jewelry are:

  1. It can last a lifetime
  2. The piece can ultimately be passed down as an heirloom depending on the quality
  3. It can be worn daily

If She Likes Unique Jewelry

Etsy is a great site to find handmade, unique presents for mom.  These three beautiful pieces can be found there.

A graceful infinity symbolizes an unbreakable bond between mother and child. This necklace is available in Gold, Rose Gold or 100% Sterling Silver. See it on Etsy

If you know you are expecting a baby girl then this bracelet set is a present for both the new mom and your new daughter.  Each get a bracelet to wear to symbolize their bond. See it on Etsy

This minimalist necklace features your choice of 1-3 petite but thick sterling silver discs, hand stamped with initials and suspended from sterling silver box chain. See it on Etsy

If She Likes Sparkles

Pandora is a popular brand of jewelry known for their customizable charm bracelets, designer rings, necklaces, and watches.  If the mom-to-be already has a necklace or bracelet adding this charm would be a great addition.  If she doesn’t have one, this charm is a great way to start. See the charm on Amazon here See their iconic bracelet on Amazon here

This delicate ring can be customized to have the baby’s birth stone in it.  This handmade birthstone ring features a stone (measuring 3.5mm in diameter) perched next to a petite 1pt Canadian white diamond (2mm in diameter) See it on Etsy

If this is the Second Baby:

This beautiful rose gold necklace is actually three necklaces, one for mom and two for her daughters. Buy it here.

This necklace would be perfect for a second baby push present. The large ring can symbolize mom and the two smaller can symbolize her children. Buy it here.


Push Present Ideas – Non-Jewelry

1. A Trip – $$$

A simple weekend getaway when the baby is older can lead to lifelong memories. Just make sure the trip is as stress-free for mom as possible.  

If you are bringing the baby, bring help if you can, or organize someone to watch them for a few hours to really make the trip a break for her.  

  1. A Day at the Spa -$$

Every new mom can use a little time to themselves to re-energize and feel pampered. A facial, massage, and some nail care can go a long way.

  1. A Love Letter – $

A handwritten note is a lifetime keepsake you can re-read on your little one’s birthday each year.  Write it on nice stationary or frame it to make it special.

  1.  A Mom & Baby Photoshoot – $$

Moms are often behind the lens, so this is a great way to get her front and center and have something that can be framed and enjoyed for years to come.  Add in an appointment at the salon and make her feel extra special that day. 

Push Present Ideas for Dads

Family and friends may want to give the new dad a gift as well. (It is not expected that the new mom will reciprocate giving a gift to the father but she can too!).  Dad’s can be overlooked during this time even though they too are going through a life-changing event.

Click here for Push Present Ideas for Dads

Conclusion – Push Present Ideas 2022

Love them or hate them – push presents are now a thing. Ultimately, do what feels right for your growing family and have fun with it.

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