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17 Must Haves for New Moms After Delivery – That no one tells you about!

After having baby number two I realized that there were some essential newborn items and postpartum items that I had ready that I only knew about because of my baby one experience. 

They were small, budget friendly items that made my life so much easier those first few weeks. 

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They were must-haves for new moms after delivery – but I realized no one really talks about them!

So what about you and other new moms?

Could I help and share my little nuggets of wisdom?

My goal at Mom in the Six is to expand “my village” and share great products or activities that can benefit other moms. So, read below for my list of newborn and postpartum items that no one tells you about – until now!

Why this list of Must Haves for New Moms After Delivery is Different

The majority of newborn essentials lists include the big items: crib, bassinet, change table etc.

This list covers the small, but impactful items that will help you recover and make those first few weeks with baby easier.  

The items doctors should recommend or that will make changing baby easier (no matter where you change their diaper) or will help you feel better during recovery.

17 Must haves for new moms after delivery – that no one tells you about!

What Doctors Should Tell You, But Sometimes Don’t

I really noticed this with baby number two.

I’m not sure if doctors assumed I knew everything because I had done it once before or if it was just a miss, but I think that is a risky practice. 

These small items can be picked up at a pharmacy or ordered online from Amazon (some can be a bit embarrassing and having them delivered may be more up your alley).

Please consult with your doctor on the below before taking anything – every birth and mama are different. 

This post may contain affiliate links. For my full disclosure policy click here.

Vitamin D Drops

Breastfeeding mama’s should include vitamin D drops in their routine. 

Both AAP and Health Canada recommend that all breastfed, healthy term babies receive a daily vitamin D supplement of 400 IU.

Vitamin D is sold as drops that you can place directly in your baby’s mouth.

Tip: keep the drops in the same place, near where you breastfeed the most, to ensure you don’t forget and set a reminder on your phone.

Multi Vitamins/Prenatal Vitamins

Although they are called prenatal, it’s often recommended that you continue taking them as long as you are breastfeeding. 

Ask your doctor if you should continue and make sure you have enough for after birth.

There are also Postnatal vitamins that contain vitamins and minerals to support Lactation.

Tylenol & Advil

These are for you after birth, you should receive a small amount at the hospital to manage pain, but be sure to have a stockpile of both at home.  

My doctor recommended alternating every four hours between Advil and Tylenol – consult with your physician on dosage and safety.

Stool Softener

Yes, motherhood in the first few weeks is this glamorous!  

You don’t want to strain when going to the washroom so these little pills can help keep things moving down there.

After Care For Mom

These are the things YOU will need right after birth.  

If you have a vaginal delivery then these are must-haves.  It’s gonna be a bit messy for a while – sorry.

Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads

Load up on the biggest, thickest pads you can find.  There will be bleeding for days afterwards and you will need them. 

Tip: pack some in your hospital bag too, hospitals tend to save money by only giving you a pad or two. 

Bring your own so you don’t MacGyver them out of medical papers (true story I had to do that)

Cleansing Bottle

I was given one of these babies at the hospital to bring home.  

Basically it’s a squirt bottle you fill with water to clean yourself (if you have stitches).  

If you have more than one bathroom in the house it’s worth getting a few more so you can use any bathroom.

Sitz Bath

There are lots of reasons to take a sitz bath for postpartum recovery.

I used it religiously with baby #1 and it helped relieve the pain and uncomfortable stuff that was happening “down there”. 

Again, get the all clear from your doctor first!

Nipple Cream

Ow.  As baby first starts latching and your nipples get used to all the pulling and tugging you will probably want some cream to help soothe them. 

These two are my go-to’s:

1. Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream

2. Medela Tender Care Lanolin Nipple Cream

Newborn Baby Must Have’s

Ok, I’m finally getting to the baby stuff – but you really do need to take care of yourself too!

Infant Inserts

Some car seats and carriers have the ability to add an infant insert to help little ones fit better. 

For example: 

Car seat: Insert for car seats

Carrier: Ergo Baby Carrier Infant Insert

Check and see if yours came with it.  I know my ergo baby carrier didn’t.  

They only go up to a certain weight, but when your little is sooo little you want to make sure they fit properly and straps are where they are supposed to be.

Newborn Sleepers With ZIPPERS

I have a whole post on newborn clothes tips, here I will share the #1 tip. 

Buy sleepers with zippers, not snaps!

Zippers make changing SO MUCH EASIER.

Seriously at 3 am you don’t want to mess with snaps and little legs.  You want in and out and one quick zip. 



I hate swaddling.  


Sleep sacks are so much easier.  They are so simple. They have Velcro or Zippers. They are dummy proof (ie. I can do it).

My New Favorite Sleep Sack Ever is by Love to Dream – both of my babies HATED having their arms down and swaddled.

Instead of sleeping they struggled until ultimately they got their little arms free. Why? Because babies naturally want to sleep arms up.

This sleeper allows their little arms to be up by their heads, but also keep them tucked in so they don’t startle themselves awake.

Disposable Underpads

I only found these for my second baby and it was life changing.

What? Yes medical papers. 

I split a pack with a friend who was ordering her second pack and used them to change both of my babies when they were little and leaks are inevitable.

Medical papers are literally what they probably put under you as you recovered in the hospital.  

They are also awesome for changing in public, you can dispose of them after putting them on the questionable change tables.

Either use them alone or as a barrier between your change pad and the changing table.

You can also use them to entertain your newborn.

Nail Files

Newborns usually come out with long fingernails and they risk scratching themselves.

You can read about all the options and prevention you can do, but as a first option I like these emery boards because the thought of cutting a newborn’s delicate nails gives me the heebie jeebies. 

Baby Nasal Aspirator

Depending on the season your baby is born, colds may be something you need to deal with early on.

This is literally a snot sucker for your baby because they can’t blow their nose.

Disgusted? Just wait, it will soon become a small joy clearing up their nose.

Miscellaneous New Mom Must Have’s

Baby Laundry Stain Remover

Just a few other little things that don’t fit in the categories above that will come in handy.

Poops, spit up, etc – grab a gentle baby version. This one is natural and safe for baby items.

Snacks You Can Eat One Handed

You will get “stuck” with a newborn sleeping on you for hours and you will want a handy snack. 

Pick up some granola bars or protein bars to keep your energy up and tummy happy. See it on Amazon

Bonus:  Amazon Family Subscription

One last thing, once you get in the groove of what your new family needs you may want to consider signing up for an Amazon Family subscription.

You can save up to 20% on diapers and other common household items when you sign up to have them automatically delivered to your house.

Not a necessity, but we found it handy. See it on Amazon

Newborn Essentials No One Tells You About – Until Now!

Newborns are the absolute sweetest, but they come with their own unique needs and challenges. 

You will also be recovering and there are some items that can help you feel better that you should have at home and ready to go.

Those first few weeks are a wonderful blur – enjoy the quiet moments. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re spoiling them by giving too many cuddles.

All the best!

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