After having baby number two I realized that there were some essential newborn items and postpartum items that I had ready that I only knew about because of my baby one experience. 

They were small, budget friendly items that made my life so much easier those first few weeks. 

They were must-haves for new moms after delivery – but I realized no one really talks about them!

So what about you and other new moms?

Could I help and share my little nuggets of wisdom?

My goal at Mom in the Six is to expand “my village” and share great products or activities that can benefit other moms. So, read below for my list of newborn and postpartum items that no one tells you about – until now!


Why this list of Must Haves for New Moms After Delivery is Different

The majority of newborn essentials lists include the big items: crib, bassinet, change table etc…

This list covers the small, but impactful items that will help you recover and make those first few weeks with baby easier.  

The items doctors should recommend or that will make changing baby easier (no matter where you change their diaper) or will help you feel better during recovery.

17 Must haves for new moms after delivery - that no one tells you about!

What Doctors Should Tell You, But Sometimes Don’t

I really noticed this with baby number two.

I’m not sure if doctors assumed I knew everything because I had done it once before or if it was just a miss, but I think that is a risky practice. 

These small items can be picked up at a pharmacy or ordered online from Amazon (some can be a bit embarrassing and having them delivered may be more up your alley).

Please consult with your doctor on the below before taking anything - every birth and mama are different. 

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After Care For Mom

These are the things YOU will need right after birth.  

If you have a vaginal delivery then these are must-haves.  It’s gonna be a bit messy for a while - sorry.

Newborn Baby Must Have's

Ok, I’m finally getting to the baby stuff - but you really do need to take care of yourself too!

Miscellaneous New Mom Must Have's

Just a few other little things that don't fit in the categories above that will come in handy.

Newborn Essentials No One Tells You About – Until Now!

Newborns are the absolute sweetest, but they come with their own unique needs and challenges. 

You will also be recovering and there are some items that can help you feel better that you should have at home and ready to go.

Those first few weeks are a wonderful blur – enjoy the quiet moments. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re spoiling them by giving too many cuddles.

All the best!

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