7 Simple (but Crafty!) Tricks to Get the Best Handprint Art

Welcome mamas, if your house looks like a museum of handprint art and you have made enough treasured memories to last for generations, then this blog post is not for you…yet!

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For everyone else who hasn’t mastered the perfect(ish) way to turn those little fingers into beautiful art without turning your walls into a Pollock painting ….I’m here with good news! (Drumroll, please.) After reading these 7 simple tricks I am sharing today, making handprint art with your little ones will feel like a breeze (and even outshine grandma’s attempt at finger painting!) So gather up that paint and paper, and get comfortable on the floor with your littles—it’s time to make some amazing things. Let’s get started!

This post main contain affiliate links. Click here for my full disclosure policy. 

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1. Start With Footprint Art

The younger your child, the harder handprints tend to be. Babies naturally clench their fists and trying to get paint on a clenched fist can be a feat!

So start with their feet and get them used to ‘Art time’.

2.   Use distractions

If you’re after a keepsake or gift rather than an art activity, then set up your child in their high chair with some favorite or new toys. Then quickly paint and stamp before they know it.

3.   Monkey see, monkey do

Paint your hand first and let your little one see you make your handprint first.    

Toddlers are little copycats and may happily paint their hands, and face, afterward.

4.   Make it fun

Sing a silly song. Tell them how pretty or cool their hands look. Use their favorite colors. You know what works best, have fun, and be silly!

Remember, they are young and it’s only handprint art! So what if it’s a little wonky!

5.   Keep trying

They may not love it at first, but eventually doing art with their hands will be comfortable and fun. Remember, no one ever completed their masterpiece on their first day. Start back at number 1 and try again.

6.   Have the right tools

Dress them up in a fun art smock like this one and they may be more into painting their hands.   Fun paintbrushes or paints could also help.

Check these out:

If all else fails,  

7.   Cheat

Some of my most treasured art from my daughter’s early years are ones that were “fixed” with a little help from my pinkie finger.   I think they are just as special, if not more.

Conclusion – Getting Great Handprint Art

Handprint art can be a fun and creative activity that the whole family can enjoy. And with these 7 simple tricks, you’ll be ready to create some works of art in no time! Take your time when doing handprints, it’s more enjoyable that way. Don’t forget to let your kids explore different colors and textures. A little prep work goes a long way! Make sure your materials are laid out and that you have plenty of cardboard on the floors! Stretching and wiping are also important steps in ensuring great handprint art without a mess.

Above all, have fun, and remember that patience is key! Smile!

Are you feeling ready to make some masterpieces? Have you ever tried any other tips not mentioned here? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get crafting!

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