Educational Toys for Babies under 12 months

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As a parent of toddlers under 12 months, you need something to engage them at periods when you would get busy. So naturally, toys are the answer; toys have been a way to keep babies happy and occupied. However, irrespective of age, you can take your toy level a tad further; you can buy toys that will engage your baby mentally and develop their intellect. In this post, we will highlight the top 10 best Educational Toys for Babies under 12 months

It is key to reiterate the importance of the immediate environment in shaping what a baby grows into. It is true; Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Therefore, to create a functional and knowledgeable kid, you need to catch them young. The best way to teach the kid would be to use the things he interacts with every day. Yes right? Toys do come to mind as being on top of the list.

Why you may want to get Educational Toys for Babies under 12 months

Perhaps, you are still skeptical of the expedience of educational toys (particularly for babies below 12 months of age). Maybe you need evidence beyond the surface value of engagement and fun. Here are some of the few reasons why you may need to buy educational toys for babies less than 12 months;

1. Educational toys help sharpen the baby’s sensory functions

The first set of months of growth is for babies’ brains to get acclimatized to the environment. When it comes to stimulating this phase of their growth, educational toys have proven to be necessary. They help the baby achieve overall balance, eye to hand coordination, and general reaction to the stimulus

2.  Toys are good ways to foster interaction

Toys help foster babies’ socialization. Educational toys are great ways to get babies to interact with the environment and other people.
The babies are introduced to critical thinking and problem solving early – With educational toys, a baby learns the concept of consequences, critical thinking, and independence very early. These qualities are important if the baby is going to grow up into a balanced human


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Best Educational Toys for babies under 12  months – Buying Guide and recommendations

To make this easy for you, let’s consider some of the best education you could get for babies under 12 months;


1.  OWNONE 1 Baby Soft Blocks

Educational Toys for Babies under 12 months

These sets of blocks are multi-colored soft and plastic blocks designed to enable coordination skills in babies less than 12 months. The blocks are designed to be soft so that they will not harm themselves when babies chew on them. On the blocks are different patterns representing pictures, images, and geometry.

It is a wonderful means of teaching babies while they have fun. Finally, you do not need to worry about health implications; the body of the blocks is made from non-toxic food-grade silicone.

2. BACCOW Baby Toys

Educational Toys for Babies under 12 months

This toy set is designed to intimate babies with intricate music and get them to sharpen their sensory functions. The toy is an animal book with music from a violin to get the baby accustomed to pleasant sounds. It also has numbers, shapes, colors, and symbols for babies to learn.

The toy is unique for its solid feet stand that serves the function of aiding babies in walking. The standard size is 9.7*8.7*9.1. Finally, the design material is non-toxic and smooth, so you don’t need to worry about safety.

2. STEAM Life Educational Baby Musical Toys

Educational Toys for Babies under 12 months

This toy set is designed for babies within 3-6 months specifically. It is designed to sharpen their motor functions by incorporating pictures with musical sounds. It is designed like a piano with a symbolic animal. Each key on the board has an animal picture on it. That way, the baby has less difficulty learning to recognize these in real life.

3. BEST LEARNING Learning Cube

This cube set is designed for babies that are 6 months above. It familiarizes babies with numbers, alphabets, symbols, colors, and music. It is a six-sided cube with each side designed to respond to touch by lightening up. The led design is colorful and catchy. When this cube lightens up, there is an accompanying musical sound powered by the 3AAA alkaline batteries. Its design is safety compliant, and it is judged to be one of the best toys for babies less than 12 months.

4. BEST LEARNING My Spin & Learn Steering Wheel


Educational Toys for Babies under 12 months

This is one of the best toys you could get if you really need to engage your babies. Each point of the four-sided wheel is designed with faces and music to teach these babies emotions and emotion control. The battery – AAA alkaline battery – is just as safe as the design material itself.

5.  VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone


Educational Toys for Babies under 12 months

Mothers have observed a recent early attraction of babies towards phones. Vtech baby’s phone leverage on this to engage babies and teach. The phone’s design is a touch screen with letters of the alphabet, basic numbers, and accompanying music. It lightens up upon contact due to the AAA alkaline batteries that power it.

6. Early Learning Centre, shape sorter


Educational Toys for Babies under 12 months

This toy is designed to expose babies less than 12 months to geometry and shapes. It has a fundamental 6 in 1 design; Is an activity cube with each side of the 6 faces dedicated to one of the six fundamentals mentioned above. It has smooth edges and led lights always to hook the baby’s attention.

7. Baby Blocks & Balls 

This set is the perfect combination of symmetry and color. It is designed for from 6 months above to interact with shapes, balls, and lovely animal friends (Lion, Horse, Monkey, and Hippo). It is made up of 4 pieces. The blocks are squeezable, chewable, and stackable ideal for any activity, with a very perfect box. It is soft and chewable just in case babies attempt to do so.

8.  AGREATLIFE Rainmaker Baby Toys 

This toy set is designed to intimate babies with the opposing sides of the weather. It sharpens the babies’ motor skills and sensory functions. Is a durable and beautifully structured body. It essentially provides soothing music along with the sound of rain after shaking it.

9. Baby Blocks Toys, Soft Montessori Sensory Stacking Egg


Educational Toys for Babies under 12 months

This set of toys brings a new dimension to the block design. It is a unique toy design made to teach babies emotions, numbers, and the alphabet. They are made of food-grade silicone for babies less than 12 months.

It is chewable, flexible, and safe. The design is smooth and compact to prevent choking hazards in the event of the unexpected. These stacking eggs are the perfect gift for babies of 6 months and thereabout.

10. Omi The Elephant Meditation Toy

STOP. BREATHE. RESET – cuddly mindfulness elephant enhance deep breathing in children, emotional stability, and positive skills

It promotes good emotions in children through mindfulness and meditation. It makes children practice mindfulness and this helps to support their brain function and development for better coordination and positive mood.


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As you may have already noticed, the above sets of toys prioritize safety, softness, learning, and engagement over sophistication. What your babies need at the moment is not to look super cool with the cop cars; it is rather to learn to interact with their environment in a manner as safe as possible. Therefore, you should see to your choice of toys and make sure they conform.

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