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10 Best Black and White Infant Toys – 2020 Edition

As a parent you can help your baby’s eyes ‘learn to see’ by showing them interesting and varied black and white infant toys.

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This list of the best 10 high contrast toys include stroller toys, tummy time favorites and story time recommendations.

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What’s the deal with Black and White Infant Toys?

According to Baush & Lomb, babies are born with the ability to see black, white and grey and will see red first.  

By 3 months babies will see all colors, but they will be attracted to high contrast, geometrical shapes.

Because babies are attracted to black and white toys at first, buying high contrast baby specific items can capture their little baby eyes interest!

The below are items or games designed to get a baby’s attention. 


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Top 10 Black and White Infant Toys

Most Recommended:

Wee Galaxy Art Cards

These come in a few versions, but we tested the original collection with great results.

Each pack comes with six double sided cards that feature black and white images with interesting geometrical shapes and patterns.  

Card Collections:



Woodland Creature

Baby Animals


Tip: these can be used at tummy time propped up on the floor or taped above the changing table.

Best for the Stroller:

Manhattan Toy Mobile 

This mobile is great for the stroller and car seat as it’s meant to be clipped above the baby.  You can also attach it to a play gym or above a crib.  

It folds easily and travels well. Best for little ones who can’t grab it as it is delicate.

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Longest Play Life


This stuffed, soft toy has a black and white side as well as a colorful side.

The black and white side will engage newborns and infants, while the colorful side will be a favorite of older babies.

Developmental features include rattles, squeakers, crinkle paper, grasping loops, and a hidden self-discovery mirror under the big red nose.

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Best Keepsake

Custom Black and White Lovey Blanket

Available in small lovey size or slightly larger baby size, this black and white blanket is customizable and can include your baby’s name. 

Lay the blanket down for tummy time or use while the baby is in the stroller.  

A great gift option or keepsake.

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Diaper Bag Must Have

Black and White Crinkle Toy

This hand-made crinkle toy features black and white fabric as well as ‘ribbies’. A comforting and fun toy for your baby.

Travels well and tucks into a diaper bag easily.

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Modern Choice

Stroller Chain

For a truly unique and modern gift, this stroller chain features a variety of wooden, crocheted and silicone beads.

Your baby can watch the beads as they gently move while the stroller is in motion.

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Triangle Play and Pat Activity Mat

The Wimmer-Ferguson 3-in-1 Triangle has a reversible, multisensory activity mat. 

One side is black and white and the other is colorful so it has a longer life.  Use it for tummy time or sitting practice.

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Budget Friendly

Crinkle Book

This little black and white book is designed for infants. Its light weight and makes a crinkle noise that babies enjoy.

The black and white pictures are paired with bright red for developing eyes.

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Perfect For Storytime

Look Look by Peter Linenthal

This book has been around for awhile and continues to be popular with new moms.  Black and white with flashes of red. 

Take your time reading it and let your baby have a chance to focus on each page.  

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DIY Option

Free Download

The Artisan Life has a free printable of black and white cards meant for infants’ activity gym.  There are also detailed instructions on how to create them at home. 

Visit Artisan Life

Free & Easy

Shadow Puppets 

Dim the lights, use a flashlight or your phone’s light to cast light over a wall and create shadows for your little one to see.

Conclusion: Best Black and White Toys For Infants

The above toys are designed for infants and young babies to help them develop their sense of sight.  

Use the toys during time time and walks to help them focus their eyes.  

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