5 Baby Activity Gym Hacks - Keep your baby engaged longer

5 Baby Activity Gym Hacks

These baby gym hacks are the perfect activities for babies in a nursery setting. Sometimes Indoor Activities for Babies can be tricky as you run out of ideas, but these simple ideas will keep your baby entertained for hours. Great activities for babies 0 – 6 months or even older babies!  

According to my best friend, Google, yes babies can get bored.

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Our condo is small, so we don’t have a ton of baby stuff – we have an activity (play) gym, a swing and some toys, but I can’t really add a ton more toys or mix things up by going room to room like other blogs suggest.

Living/kitchen, den, bedroom and bathroom – 665 square feet.

That’s all I have to work with.  Oh the joys of condo living.  Its definitely strengthening my creativity!

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The other day I made a tummy time activity using a resealable plastic bag with some ketchup and mustard inside that baby could smoosh around.  I got at least 10 minutes from that one!

Besides forcing me to be more creative, I find myself spending a lot of time outdoors with Brooklyn.  We both get stir crazy without our daily walks and that helps me fit in some exercise and allows my baby to see so many different and new things each day.

But with the winter approaching I have been playing around with the activity gym (play mat, play gym) to extend the fun factor and keep Brooklyn engaged in different ways.

Here are the 5 hacks I use to continue to stimulate my little one without breaking the bank or adding in a lot more “stuff”.

Disclaimer: All of the below require baby to be supervised at all times

This post contains affiliate links. For my full disclosure policy click here.

1.  Move the toys around in different orders.

So simple, but it works! Also, If you are able to take off the bar and flip it that’s an easy one too. It gives each hand a different toy to grab onto without adding anything.

2.  Prop books or art cards on the sides.

baby gym activity hacks art cards
Baby Gym activity hacks

Nothing says a play gym can only be about what’s hanging above your babe. I use my play gym mat for tummy time, so adding visual stimulation down low at eye level to encourage baby to stay on her tummy longer is great. Brooklyn LOVES these art cards by Wee Gallery.

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3.  Add a small mobile in the center.

baby gym activity hacks art cards

I can’t say enough about this little mobile it has high contrast cards that face down, it’s super light and budget friendly – it snaps on and off easily to the activity gym bar. I remove the mirror the gym came with and replace it with the mobile some days. It also comes along on the stroller for walks.

4.  Lay down different textured blankets.

textured blanket for baby gym

We received a few different types of blankets when Brooklyn was born. A beautiful hand-made quilt from Great Grandma with different textures on each square.  A super soft “furry” textured blanket from hubby’s work and I crocheted a blanket before she was born with super soft yarn.  Every day I put down a different blanket so she can feel the different textures.

5.  Add a bath poof or two.

bath poof baby activity gym

I grabbed a few colorful bath poofs from the dollar store and tied them to the playmat. I found a few smaller size ones and found a bright yellow one with a stuffed ducky head. This adds a new texture for her to touch and new colors to learn.

In case you were wondering:

I have this Fisher-Price gym.

Brooklyn loves kicking the piano keys! It didn’t break the bank either compared to some other gyms and the piano part can be used when she starts to sit, extending the life even more of our activity gym.


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