Affordable Back to School Ideas

20+ Fun, Creative And Affordable Back to School Ideas

Is back to school a fun time for your kids? My daughter loves going back to school. She gets to see all her friends and meet new kids. I think it’s also easy to make it fun if your kids are a little anxious about it. So here are 20 affordable back to school ideas. To help make back to school more fun.

Do you have kids starting school soon? My daughter starts third grade in a couple of weeks. I’ve been focused on Back to School Organization, but it’s also important to think about the fun of school starting. Back to school should be fun and it’s my job as a mom to make it a happy experience because the more she likes school, the more she’ll like going to school. So let’s have some fun.

Lunch idea printable from @ While he Was Napping

back to school tip

How to Organize a Backpack from @Men Clean 

How to Make Candy Pencils | Perfect for a Back to School Treat or Party | Directions on

Candy Pencils from  over @ Hoosier Homemade

Back to school gift for less than $2 from @ Classroom Freebies Too 

first Day of School Free Printables

Back to school Chalkboard Printables @ Yellow Bliss Road 

First Day Funfetti Pancakes from @Lou Lou Girls

Back To School Cookies

Back to School Cookies @Lila Loa


Disney Lunch Notes @ Disney Family


20 Easy Bento Lunch Box ideas @Parenting 

School Memories Printable from @ My Sisters Suitcase

Back to School  Chart Printable @ The 36th Avenue

DIY Pencil Case Tutorial @ Crazy Little Projects

Back to School Lunch Ideas @ Smashed Peas and Carrots

Back to school cookie, Apple pops from @The 36th Avenue

Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes from @ Wine and Glue


Sparkly Honeycomb Notebooks @Disney Family 

Back to School Apple Pretzels @Make Bake Celebrate 



First Day of school Balloons and streamers @ Coffee Beans and Kisses

Back to School Printable interview K-12 @Tattertots and Jello

back to school awesome printables at tatertots and jello

Back to School Dinner Printable @ Tatertots and Jello

I’m working on putting together some more projects for affordable back to school ideas. I think it is important to plan ahead to have a successful year for our families. 

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