Affordable Back to School Ideas

28 Fun and Creative Back to School Crafts and Activities for Kids of All Ages: Start the School Year Off Right!

I cannot believe summer is winding down. I know transitioning back to school can be challenging for kiddos and parents alike!

So today, I wanted to share some of my favorite back to school crafts and activities that will make heading back feel a little easier and a lot more fun.

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In this post, I’ll give step-by-step craft tutorials, first day of school photo ideas, classroom gift inspo, and more tips to set your kids up for success. You’ll find activities for kids of all ages – preschool through high school!

My hope is you and your kiddos feel excited, not anxious, about the new school year. Let’s make some magical back to school memories together!

Back To School Crafts

Back to school time can feel daunting for kiddos with all the changes ahead. That’s why I love using crafting to pump up excitement, ease anxiety, and turn the back to school rush into a creative adventure!

Candy Pencils

How to Make Candy Pencils | Perfect for a Back to School Treat or Party | Directions on

@ Hoosier Homemade

Back to School Photo Frame

back to school crafts

@ iHeartCraftyThings

Pipe Cleaner Pencil Topper

back to school crafts, pipe cleaner birds


3D Paper Apple Book Craft

apple picture book


Back to School Clipart

Back to School Backpack

back to school clipart


We’re Going Back to School

We're going back to school clip art


School Stuff

School supplies clip art


Back to School Border

Back to school border


Back to School Clipart

back to school clip art, school supplies


Back to School Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are such a fun way to get kids excited for back to school! With so many cute pages available, you can print off unique designs for each grade level.

Have an incoming preschooler? Pick pages with school buses, ABCs, and classroom scenes. Your kindergartener or elementary school kid will love coloring brand new outfits, supplies, and “first day of school” signs. Middle and high schoolers will appreciate trendy planners, locker decor, and motivational quotes.

School Supplies

back to school coloring pages - school supplies


First Day of School Coloring

first day of school coloring page


Back to School Bag

back to school coloring pages - backpack with supplies


Back To School Word Search

Easy Back to School Word Search

Easy back to school word search


Medium Back to School Word Search

Medium difficulty back to school word search


Hard Back to School Word Search

Hard difficulty back to school word search

Back To School Cookies

What better way to sweeten the back to school transition than decorating cookies together? Let those creative juices flow as you mix up some sugar cookie dough or slice and bake rolls.

Pull out the sprinkles, icing and toppers so your kiddos can design cookies that look like school buses, apples, lockers – you name it! They can spell out their grade level or teacher’s name. Mini chocolate chips make great school supplies.

Cookie decorating is a delicious way to get your kids feeling “school spirited.” Display their edible art to keep the excitement going. And don’t forget to package some up as first day of school gifts for teachers!

Back to School Sugar Cookies

Back to school cookies | Apple, pencil and note book decorated cookie


Taste of Home

Taste of Home has a whole list dedicated to different cookies. While they don’t have the icing like the ones above, they are some delicious looking cookies!

Delicious back to school cookies

Back to School Sugar Cookies

Decorated back to school sugar cookies


How to Pack a School Lunch

As much as I want to send my kiddos off with nutritious fuel for their day, trying to throw together lunches amidst the morning madness is no fun. Especially when those picky eaters start rejecting what I pack!

HUGE tip. Get them to help you pack it and they are so much more likely to devour it! Use this guide to help get a balanced meal.

How to pack a school lunch guide

@ While he Was Napping

Back to School Lunch Ideas

I know packing nutritious lunches they’ll actually eat can be tricky. But sending them off with a delicious, balanced meal helps set them up for a successful day.

Think easy but fun lunchbox notes, bento box inspiration, grab ‘n go snacks, and yummy make-ahead meals.

You’ll discover ideas that make lunch packing a breeze, even amidst the morning rush. I’m all about nourishing our kiddos while saving busy mamas time and sanity! You’ve got this. Now let’s get your school lunch game on point

Taste of Home Lunch Ideas

Taste of Home is coming in again with a great list of tasty back to school lunches. These peanut butter apple sammies look delicious!

Back to school lunch ideas

Back to School Bento Boxes

Bento box back to school lunch ideas


Back to School Meal Prep

Back to school lunch ideas | Meal Prep


How to Organize a Backpack

How to organize a backpack

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Back to School Printables

Here’s an easy back to school craft that requires just paper, printer ink, and creativity – printables!

Between school forms, class schedules, calendars, and worksheets, our printers are already working overtime. So take a break and print some just-for-fun back to school printables!

I’ll share links to my fave printable activities, decorations, and games that get kids pumped up for the new year. We’re talking cute locker nameplates, quiz games, motivational wall art, coordinating folders – anything you can dream up.

I love that custom printables allow kids to flex their creativity while getting organized. Display them around the house so their hard work is on display! Don’t forget to print yourself a personalized school year planner. Let those printers keep buzzing with crafts that make back to school a breeze.

Canva Name Tag Templates

If you’ve never used Canva before, prepare to have your mind blown! This is such an easy tool to design all kinds of projects. From name tags to power points, you can do it all! And most of it is free!

Locker name plate printables

First Day of School Chalk Board

first Day of School Free Printables

@ Yellow Bliss Road 

Disney Lunch Notes

Disney lunchbox note printable


First Day of School Printables 

first day of school printables by grade


School Memories Printables

School memories printables


I hope you’ve found some inspiration to help ease your little ones back into school!