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19 Weird Things Toddlers Do – That Are Actually Normal

Last updated on November 19th, 2022 at 12:16 am

As an adult, you must be taking yourself as a very civilized person. But do you know that a few years ago, you were not so civilized and did a lot of weird things? If you could see yourself in your past, you will laugh out loud and wouldn’t believe that it is you. There are sooo many weird things toddlers do, that are actually normal.

Similarly, toddlers do a lot of weird things, that you wouldn’t believe to happen. Sometimes, your child will give you a shock, and sometimes you will get a blast of sweetness in your eyes and ears. Interesting?

Parenting is full of challenges, I know! But it’s full of fun too.

So, what are those things. As a parent, you should get ready for them. It will save you a lot of shocks.

Weird thing Toddlers do:

Read Along, so you know that you are not alone in this journey.

1- Talking to themselves:

I was actually freaked out when I saw my daughter in front of the mirror talking to herself. OMG! It was strange, she was talking to herself just like an adult talks to another adult. Telling herself stories and explaining the situation just like an adult would do.

At first, I thought that I should ignore it, but when I saw her doing this, again and again, I freaked out and thought to contact a child psychologist (no judgments please, any mother would think so) but I advised myself to calm down.

I realized that there are a lot of weird things kids do, may be this one is also a part of that “Weird things list”.

I researched a bit. and Thank God! Talking to their own selves is also natural for kids. Weird but natural!

(If you are experiencing the same with your kid but you are not satisfied with the statement that “this is a weird but normal activity of the children” then you definitely should follow your mom’s gut and do what your instincts say).

2- Talking to Non-Living things:

The second weird thing that kids do, that also goes hand in hand with the first one, is talking to non-living things like dolls, toys, teddy or even plants.

One day, when I got angry with my daughter, I saw her going to her room, I followed her and found her sitting in front of a doll. She said, “Mama is not talking to me, that’s why I came here to you.”

I felt weird to saw her talking to a doll but I realized that this is actually cute. I went to her and hugged her, but I can’t forget that scene. How she was complaining to her doll, was so cute.

3- Hiding things in non-hidden places:

A weird but sweet thing kids do! Hiding things in places that are not actually hidden. Even if they will hide the thing in a hidden place, they will tell you.

One day, when my husband and I were busy talking. I think, she felt ignored. She took the cell phones of both of us and hid them under the bed and shouted, “Mommy Daddy! I’ve hidden your phones under the bed and you won’t find them.” literally?

You know what! she was actually very excited about what she had just done. and another thing that is even weirder is, I totally forgot what she has told me. Later on, I was finding my cell phone all over the home. eesh! Mommy’s brain.

The other fact is, if you will find that thing, there is a strong risk of bursting eardrums with a huge wave of sound, which will actually be a sound of “cry”.

4- Hiding in small places:

Toddlers love to hide in small places, just like rats or ants would do. Like behind the curtain, in the space between the sofa and the wall.

They love everything small, a small bed, a small chair, a small plate, or anything small. They like small places too, so they usually hide over there.

Sometimes, it becomes frustrating. Even the parent can become worried if she can’t find the baby for more than a few minutes.

So, make sure you have fewer small spaces around the house.

Maybe, get the small things or huts to hide in, to make the things fun and a little easier for parents.

5- Making weird sounds:

The weird sounds may be the sounds of toddlers trying to sing or trying to repeat any words they could not pronounce properly. But there are chances that they are making the sounds just for fun.

Making weird faces or sounds may not be the interest of elders but it becomes a lot more interesting for kids.

Sometimes, these sounds become annoying. In this case, don’t try to stop them directly. Like, don’t ask them to stop. You may encounter a more intense scenario.

Try to distract, so they forget about what kind of fun they were having, a while ago.

6- Removing stickers from everything:

This is the most annoying thing, my daughter does. She removes all kinds of stickers from all kinds of things and she makes them a “band-aid”.

Whenever she finds a sticker on something, she removes it and comes to me singing, “come here baby it’s okay, I know it hurts, wipes your tears away, bandage and a kiss just right will make your boo-boo feel alright.” Thanks to the super Jojo, I get a bonus kiss from my daughter.

But things become annoying when she starts removing important stickers, or the stickers from someone else’s gadgets. I’m still figuring out, that how to stop this.

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7- More interested in electronics than toys:

This weird thing is more common for toddlers around 18 months of age. You can say from 1 year to 2 years of age.

I wonder, why researchers are putting so much effort into finding the interest areas of kids of a certain age and inventing a perfect toy to keep them engaged when a simple TV remote can do this favor.

Sounds familiar?

Kids will show a huge “interest” in toys when passing by a toy shelf in the market. but their interest will go down quickly after 10-15 minutes of buying them that toy.

They will eventually return to the TV remote or Mama’s cell phone.

8- Wearing larger shoes:

Does this happen? Do you also see your toddler wearing your shoe and making sounds of “tuk-tuk” all over the house? or is it just me?

My daughter loves to wear my shoes, and sometimes her daddy’s shoes.

This is sweet but not good for them, as it comes with a risk of falling down. So, I usually don’t let her wear larger shoes, I’m a strict mommy. (Still! she wears them, anyway).

9- Pretending to be someone else:

Have you ever tried to become your husband? Or tried to become a little baby? Kids do. I don’t know why toddlers love to pretend to become someone else. Sometimes, she becomes my mommy and sometimes she becomes a little cute baby wanting to sleep in mama’s lap.

My daughter becomes a bomb of sweetness when she pretends to be a little baby. All of a sudden, she can’t talk, can’t walk. Love it!

10- Pretend to talk on phone:

Pretending to be busy on an important phone call, with a TV remote in hand is actually sweet, but weird too.

Why would anyone spend time on the phone talking to no one? It’s not even sound fun, but kids do it anyway.

It becomes annoying when the kid, picks up your phone and talks to her imaginary friend. She doesn’t agree with the fact that these things belong to you and wouldn’t return your cell phone.

11- Pretend to be unconscious:

I wouldn’t say that this is a weird act, this is actually a scary act.

Thank God, my daughter has only done this a few times, like 2-3 times. What she did do? She laid down on bed pretending to be subconscious with open eyes, staring at the roof.

I was about to have a heart attack, but then she couldn’t stop her smile. I was like “what?” a 2-3-year-old can actually do this?

That answer is “yes, a 2-3 years old can give you more shocks than any other thing in the world.”

But here is my Free Advice, If your child pretends to become subconscious, do not encourage them in any way. Do not Laugh, Do not scold, Don’t give any expression. Let the child know that this was not anything noticeable. Just let it go and ignore the act.

Remember, if you fail to make them think, that this was something interesting in any way. Then get ready to face more incidents like this.

12- Banging head:

These little human beings are scary creatures. Aren’t they? You may encounter the scene of your child banging her head with something.

This is not always a sign of frustration. Kids can do this for fun too.

(Again, if you feel like this may not be normal, then I advise you to trust your mother’s instinct, and seek professional help.)

The banging head might be for a reason. Kids love to explore new things, including new feelings. The feeling of pain might be what they are interested in and trying to figure out the reason behind the pain.

But I’m not saying that you shouldn’t stop them. You should! It may hurt them.

13- Licking everything:

This weird act also goes hand in hand with the previous one. Children try to explore new things or feelings.

But the thing is that they don’t know what is the right way to explore without actually hurting them.

Toddlers will try to lick everything and you can’t always connect this wire to the “teething”. They will actually do this to feel the taste of each and everything.

They might be licking their fingers or any other thing, such as a TV remote.

If your child does this, I recommend keeping such things sanitized to reduce the risk of sickness.

14- Showing too much flexibility:

Kids are the way to flexible than adults. Their bones and muscles are softer as compared to you.

This might be the reason that you sometimes find your toddlers sitting or laying in a totally awkward position.

The postures an adult would use during a hard workout or a yoga class, these postures are usually the normal pattern of movement for kids.

But still, when the parent finds a child lying in an awkward position that would be unrealistic for an adult! Sounds weird.

15- Remembering deep details:

Kids tend to remember the deep details, that an adult wouldn’t even notice for a long time. Why? Maybe because their brains are much more focused than adults.

Adults used to think more about random things, and even so many things at the same time. They are more focused on completing their routine tasks or managing the situations.

While the kids have no major problems to solve. Their brains are free enough to focus on the actual scene they are encountering.

Kids will remember the colors, everyone around was wearing. They will remember the position of the furniture and much more deep details.

Weird? But interesting. I wish I could have a more focused and sharp brain, just like a baby.

16- Strong imagination:

When it comes to creativity and imagination, kids could beat Thomas Edison.

My daughter is so so so creative, that sometimes she leaves me shocked, how could she even notice that little detail.

Kids can find out the very little details and imagine them to be another thing, another similar thing, you can say.

Having an imaginary friend is a sign of the strength of kids’ brain power in terms of imagination and creativity.

17- Pronouncing a word upside down:

Children have the power to change the actual pronunciation of a word. I wonder how can they think of saying a wrong word when they understand the actual word.

Sometimes, I feel like, they don’t do it intentionally. It’s just, their imagination is much more strong than their vocabulary.

Children just try to recreate everything.

But sometimes, it becomes difficult to understand, what they are trying to say. Because of the wrong pronunciation of the word.

18- Sleeping anywhere:

This is a weird act, which is actually satisfying for a parent. At least, for me, this is so satisfying to see that the doll is sleeping on her own without crying out loud.

Kids can sleep anywhere, in any position, with the lights on. But only when you are having a lucky day.

19- Being Curious about the “Poo”:

This curiosity of the kids creates the most awkward situations for parents.

Asking weird questions about the poo is a normal thing for the child, and the fact is that you have to answer. No matter what, you’ll have to explain.

The kids are so interesting. Life is full of fun and weird things, after having my daughter. Sometimes it feels like, I’ve no more life of my own, and some days are like, “my life is actually started with my daughter.”

Who agrees?

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