Disney Plus Movies for Toddlers

Disney Plus Movies for Toddlers

Toddlers are still very much attracted to things of fantastical nature. But, of course, they are in that phase of their lives where they have to imagine a lot. As a result, toddlers often ask very ideological questions or questions on some occurrence that adults would consider impossible. You must have experienced this before as a parent.

This world of imagination is what Disney explores. They make movies on fantasy, magic, heroes, pretty much everything that would engage a toddler’s imagination. You, therefore, don’t need to be surprised if they consider adult movies boring.

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Now, as a parent, you want to get Disney movies for your toddlers, and you don’t know which one to get? Here are some of the must-watch Disney movies for your toddlers. If you have gotten any of these for your child, tick it off and move to the next one. The list of those movies is pretty long.

The must-watch Disney Plus Movies for Toddlers

1.   Peter Pan

Disney Plus Movies for Toddlers

Peter Pan is a classic fairy-themed fantasy. The characters of this movie are animated characters that carry on the essence of childhood. In Peter Pan, your toddler gets to learn songs, morals, and a whole lot of other things. It is a very wonderful movie to get for a toddler that loves fairies.

2.   Mulan

Disney Plus Movies for Toddlers

Mulan is another interesting Disney Character. It is the story of a Disney princess that takes on the hard way of a warrior instead of the Shiny princess life of castles and dolls. Princess Mulan happens to be very brave and open-minded. Her character has a lot of messages to teach young children. It is fun, engaging, and a must-watch for toddlers.

3.   The Toy Story

Disney Plus Movies for Toddlers

The Toy story is another classic must see the movie for toddlers. It is an unusual story of the life of toys. It tells of cooperation and unity, bravery, justice, and overcoming challenges.  Despite being a very old story, the toy story is still relevant to teach toddlers all about friendship and selflessness. You should get one for your kid.

4.   Sleeping Beauty

Disney Plus Movies for Toddlers

This is the story of good and evil, of dark and lightness. It is the story of the Princess Aurora that was cursed at her birth. The movie teaches kids the essence of bravery and good deeds. Aurora was saved from the curse by a brave young prince and her fairy little friends. It also teaches kindness and understanding. It is an overall fun watch for toddlers.

5.   Beauty and The Beast

This story has been one of the best kid movies since time immemorial. The movie tells of an interesting story of a Prince turned beast and a loving book girl named Beauty. It explores magic, fantasy, kindness, and understanding. In the movie, beauty falls in love with the misunderstood beast, and through their collective power, they were able to turn back the hand of the curse. It teaches kids the power of love and doing things together. You should get one for your toddlers if they have not seen it.

6.  Moana

Moana is one of the popular new generation Disney movies. Her character is the very epitome of kindness. In addition, the movie Moana contains powerful messages on friendship, family, and cultural heritage. Some people see the movie as the most simplified way of passing the essential parts of the above message to children.

However, aside from the message and the strength of the character, the whole plot is filled with humor for kids. Therefore, it is fun to watch.

7.   Frozen

Frozen is another must watch Disney classic Princess Movies. Instead of being a spoilt, scared princess, the main character defied the stereotype. She channelled her innate magical powers to save the ones that need saving. The storyline points out the importance of family, bonds, friendship, courage, and responsibility. Although it is a fun watch for both kids and adults, your toddlers should try it.

8.   Aladdin

Disney Plus Movies for Toddlers

This is arguably the most popular genie story that has been made. Aladdin, the main character, met with the genie Alibaba out of pure luck and fate. He later saved a whole town by defending it from an evil sorcerer who wanted to misuse the genie’s power. Aladdin taught about the power of friendship, humanity, gratitude, and contentment. It is a must watch for toddlers that like to make wishes.

9.   Coco

Disney Plus Movies for Toddlers

Coco is a movie that explicitly explores the Spanish culture and music in a way that is even fun for adults to watch. In coco, the main character learns about his grandfather and great grand-dad, their exploits when he went to the land of the dead.

He also learns about his family legacy and the story behind his grandmother’s unhappiness. In addition, the movie explores and extols the value of music, family bond, honor, remembrance, and honesty. Coco is a 10/10 watch for every toddler.

10.   Raya and The Last Dragon

Disney Plus Movies for Toddlers

Like every popular Disney movie, Raya is a brave princess who eventually saves her people.  The movie draws inspiration from South East Asia and its folklores. It teaches chastity, bravery, teamwork, and obedience. It also kids to considerate and rational. It is a must watch for children that love a bit of action.

11.  The Lion King

Disney Plus Movies for Toddlers

This is probably the most popular Disney story of all time. This movie has enjoyed a worldwide appeal in both the children and the adult world. This is due to the power of the message and the distinctiveness of the characters in the movie. The Lion King teaches friendship, fair play, kindness, family love, courage, and even parenting for those that paid attention. The movie is engaging enough to keep toddlers watching it over and over. It is a must watch.

12.  Finding Nemo

Disney Plus Movies for Toddlers

Finding Nemo can pretty much be enjoyed by adults as well. This Disney movie teaches about the power of friendship and family. Unlike most kid movies where all is rosy and smooth, Finding Nemo is a pointer to obstacles and instrumentality in personal development. It is a must-watch for your family.



These Disney movies do not only teach good values, but they are also interesting, and they provide the avenue for your toddlers to be lost in whatever fantasy they have. As a parent, you should ensure your kids don’t just watch these series for fun, learn from them and imbibe the good values in the movies.