Week Sixteen Of Pregnancy


Week 16 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your baby is the size of an avocado

This week, you can expect your baby to weigh a good 3 to 4 ounces and be similar in size to an avocado. The backbone is now rapidly developing with the tiny muscles becoming stronger. The facial muscles are also starting to work and she might have become capable of at least a couple of squints and frowns.

Now here’s the exciting bit: The little bones in the ears of the baby are in place by week 16. What does this mean? Well, congratulations, baby can actually hear you now! So you can go ahead and talk or sing to your little one! In fact, there are studies to show that babies who are sung to while they are still in the womb are capable of identifying that same tune after they are born.

Many women can feel some of baby’s movements at this stage – it may feel like something similar to wind/gass or a butterfly’s wings inside your tummy. The kicks, punches and elbowing will come later!

Week Sixteen Of Pregnancy

Week 16 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes

Now that you’re in week 16, it is time to get excited and plan the brilliant journey that stands before you. It’s not long before your next scan, where you’ll get to see baby moving around on screen and for those not keen on waiting – find out the gender!

By week 16, your pelvic area might begin to feel quite firm and heavy. Don’t worry as this is quite normal and the reason behind it is that your uterus has quite a bit of amniotic fluid (almost equal to a cup).

Also, there is the additional weight being put on your uterus by your body (owing to the extra fluid and blood volume, enlarging breasts and the support systems of the baby).

An interesting fact about week 16 is that some women notice an increase in their libido. But this is not true for all moms-to-be. The great news is that if you fall into this category, sex while pregnant is completely safe for you and the baby unless your health care provider advises against it for medical reasons.

Routine Pregnancy Tests

You have your next antenatal appointment coming up soon. In addition to this, you will also need to undergo simple routine checkups such as blood tests, urine tests, blood pressure etc just to make sure everything is progressing healthily. Notable issues that your healthcare provider will be on the lookout for in this trimester is the onset of gestational diabetes and iron deficiency. If the tests show these common pregnancy issues relate to you, they will advise about further action.

“the first time I felt my baby move at 16 weeks was magical.Even though it did feel like wind, there was a distinct difference and there was no mistaking it was my baby!“  Sophia

Week Sixteen Of Pregnancy

Week 16 Of Your Next Steps!

  • Medical experts recommend that a woman needs greater calories when she is expecting. This means an additional 340 calories per day for the 2nd trimester. The calories increase to 450 in the 3rd trimester. However it’s important to focus on quality over quantity. 350 calories of doughnuts Vs 350 calories of wholegrain crackers with cheese and avocado is very different when it comes yours and your baby’s health.
  • Some women feel that they are gaining too much weight too early in the pregnancy. But it isn’t safe to drastically cut down on your calories or skip meals when you’re expecting. If you’re struggling in this area, your healthcare provider may refer you to a dietician to get a healthy diet plan which focuses on nutritious food that will make you feel great and encourage a healthy pregnancy.
  • Try these tips to help you eat right during pregnancy:
    -Start the day with a protein rich and balanced breakfast like scrambled or poached eggs with avocado and wholegrain toast.
    -Keep healthy snacks on hand like fruit and nut bars so you’re not caught out when on the go.
    -Eating regularly and avoid skipping meals will help you the most.
    -Fill up on water for hydration and also prevent unnecessary food cravings.
    -Don’t beat yourself up if you feel like a treat – everything in moderation still rings true while you’re pregnant.
    -Do speak to your health care provider about shakes and supplements if you have any questions because there’s a dangerous culture on social media in todays society where influencers recommend products that really may not be suitable for this stage.

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