Week Thirty One Of Pregnancy

Week 31 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your baby is the size of a leek

Over three pounds and about 16 inches long (about the length of a bunch of leeks), baby is basically the length he will be at birth. Expect him to add on about 4 to 5 pounds in the remaining weeks until delivery though.

At this stage, nerve connections are being formed and all his five senses are kicking in pretty well. He’s actually familiar with your scent now and associates it with safety and love- a connection he should feel for the rest of his life!

To pass the time of day, he is sucking his fingers, peddling, scrunching up his face, swallowing and hiccuping like nobody’s business. He has a fairly regular rest- activity pattern now with longer periods of rest where he is quiet and still. Then, he is busy exploring his dark and cramped world – your womb. That’s why you may suddenly find an elbow or foot poking out before he changes position!

Week 31 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes

Start thinking about those beautiful moments with baby nestled in your arms because it is not so far away after all. We know you are going to love Mommyhood but that does not mean you should not spoil yourself now, when you have the chance. Call the girlfriends over for some old fashioned girly chats, book a spa treatment for pregnant Moms and let others take over where you can, so you can relax.

Birth/delivery Anxiety?

Anxiety about the delivery is common and this is helped by talking to your midwife, physician or girlfriends who have recently had babies (or sometimes not, if you would rather avoid hearing horror stories that often get around). Try to not let your mind run away with you and remember that every birth is different.

Try this: Write down any questions you may be experiencing worry or concerns over and ask about them at your birthing class. Your midwife/physician will also be able to alleviate your concerns when you chat about your burning questions.

And remember, the caregiver you have chosen will largely influence your birthing outcome. They will be there to support and care for you and your baby during this experience, so if something doesn’t feel right, you have the right to make a change.

Still feeling breathless? While it’s uncomfortable for you, your baby is getting her oxygen through the placenta so don’t worry about her. Not too long until she moves down and gives you a bit more room to breathe!

Any sudden swelling or pain in the facial area, or vision changes and bad headaches may indicate preeclampsia which needs to be brought to your physician’s attention immediately.

Trouble sleeping at night may be helped by spending some time winding down about half an hour before bedtime by reading a book or listening to music. Yoga and meditation are great for you and your baby and since they improve circulation and oxygen movement, you will feel much more refreshed after wards too.

“ I listened to hypno-birthing audio’s in bed as I fell asleep. While I didn’t end up using them during labor, they helped me to fall asleep and relax so I guess they served their purpose in some way. ” Heather

Week 31 Of Your Next Steps!

  • Talk about cord blood banking with your partner and discuss it with your physician. If you plan on banking it, let your physician and midwife know so that they can organise the necessary steps during delivery.
  • Some Moms-to-be experience Braxton- Hicks contractions now, which feel like a tightening of your tummy muscles. Think of them as practice contractions but if there is any pain associated with these, call your physician immediately.
  • Have you organised your maternity leave with your employer? There can be a decent amount of paperwork to sort out in this area and every employer may offer different options. By this stage, you should at least have an agreement about what it will be.

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