Week Seven Of Pregnancy


Week 7 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your Baby is the Size of a Blueberry

This week, the head of the baby is approximately one-third the size of the full embryo. There is a rapid development of the face and brain of the baby. The formation of the eye lids and nostrils begins to take place. The hands of the baby also start forming and its arm buds begin to take on a paddle-like shape. Organs such as the pancreas and appendix are now in place.

Technically, the baby is still an embryo. It has something that looks like a small tail (actually an extension of its tailbone) which starts disappearing in a few weeks time. The size of the baby has almost doubled from the previous week now and you could think of the size as something similar to a blueberry.

Other notable developments entail a loop-like structure in the growing intestines of your baby, bulging into the umbilical cord. This has visible blood vessels that transport nutrition and oxygen to and from the baby.

Week 7 Of Pregnancy
Medically accurate illustration of a human Embryo at Week 7

Week Seven Of Pregnancy

Week 7 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes!

While your baby may be the same size as a blueberry, your breasts might look like melons! Enlarged breasts are a noticeable physical symptom in the 7th week of pregnancy. In fact, some women have reported growing one full cup-size by the time they are 7 weeks pregnant.

There is also building up of fat in the breasts with increased flow of blood to the area as well as thickening of the mucus on the cervix. This forms a sort of plug which helps keep the uterus sealed until the time of birth.

Nausea and Food Cravings

This week, you might experience a lot of food aversions.

They are both common and highly confusing. A lot of women notice that some of their all-time favorite foods have suddenly started to make them puke or random food cravings pop into mind and nothing else will suffice. Adding to the discomfort is the fact that your uterus has grown and become nearly double the size of what it was in the earlier weeks. This makes eating a difficult task at times, but hang in there, for most women you feel a lot better when the second trimester kicks in.

I was constantly sending my husband on trips for all sorts weird food requests. It wasn’t so much a craving, but more so the thought of eating anything BUT that food, made me feel sick.   Davina

Week 7 Of Pregnancy

Week 7 Of Your Next Steps!

  • Begin preparing for your prenatal appointments if you haven’t looked into this already. Timely prenatal care will help you and your baby to get off on a healthy start (plus, who doesn’t want to get the first dating ultrasound and see baby on screen!).
  • It will be helpful to make a list of important questions that you might want to ask your doctor at the first prenatal appointment.
  • While it’s probably still too early yet to consider buying any maternity wear, you may want to consider purchasing a belly band to get more wear out of your existing pants. These days, we are spoiled for choice as there a number of fashionable maternity clothes online stores, so when the time comes you can still rock your baby bump in style and comfort.

The only maternity clothing items I bought my whole pregnancy were jeans. Everything else I just bought in a larger size and that worked for me  Lucy

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