Week Twenty Two Of Pregnancy

Week 22 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your baby is the size of a papaya

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At about 11 inches long and just about a pound heavy, you can think of your little one as similar in size to a papaya fruit.

Her sense organs are developing at a fast rate and this week, in particular her sense of touch will get really good. She is still testing her grabbing and clutching skills by using your umbilical cord for practice.

She may actually have quite the schedule now so expect to sense some high activity periods interspersed with some quiet periods when she is sleeping soundly. And no, unfortunately these do not match yours all the time so you may be kept awake at night by your little party animal as the months progress!

Hormones are being produced by the pancreas and baby’s lungs are developing fast at this stage.

Baby’s gums are ready now and all set for her teeth to come out months after the birth. She can differentiate between light and dark but her eyes are still fused shut. Her eye color is not determinable yet because the eyes still lack pigment. Don’t forget, your baby is hearing you speak, sing or laugh and she can even hear your heartbeat.

week 22 pregnancy
3d rendered medically accurate image of a week 22 fetus

Week 22 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes

Dizzy spells are common during this stage and they happen because your blood pressure is lower now. You may be feeling light headed when you suddenly stand or turn around so avoid doing quick movements and you should be fine.

One great thing you notice about now is that your hair seems to be growing thicker and more lustrous than ever before. If you notice carefully, you will see that your nails are growing faster too.

Unwanted hair in strange places may be another thing you notice, but don’t worry, as with the extra hair growing on your head this unwanted hair will also fall out after pregnancy.

Puffy feet are a common symptom at this stage and for those who wear contacts, discomfort with vision may be a surprising addition to the list of complaints. While puffy feet will disappear after pregnancy ends, it’s not uncommon for your shoe size to actually go up by half a size to a size and stay that way!

” I was lucky enough to not get any swelling in my feet during pregnancy. But my feet definitely grew half a size! ” Grace

Week 22 Of Your Next Steps!

  • If you are trying to get rid of unwanted body hair, stick to safe methods like shaving or waxing. Avoid bleaches and depilatories that can have chemicals seeping into your body through your skin. Laser hair removal is best left until pregnancy is over seeing as there is no thorough testing on the safety of this hair removal method during pregnancy.
  • Talk to the baby often, sing to her or read stories to her. You can even start a night-time ritual of bed stories right away if you’re super keen. While your baby may not understand what you are saying she can certainly feel your love. In fact, you may find that after birth, the baby calms down instantly when you read the same stories to her.
  • If you are finding your puffy ankles and feet a problem, take time to put your feet up in between work hours. Staying lightly active overall and well hydrated is important as it can help combat these issues as well.