Week Thirty Four Of Pregnancy

Week 34 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your baby is the size of a cantaloupe

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About five pounds in weight and 18 inches long (similar to the size of a cantaloupe), your little love is quite ready to face the world now. He has filled out quite nicely with the result that the wrinkled skin is no longer evident. But he will continue to put on fat until delivery.

Still practicing breathing, his eyes are open during his wakeful periods and closed when he is taking naps. He is also blinking and his pupils react to bright light and darkness. Little fingernails are all in place ready for you to trim and his lungs are almost fully operational, ready to take in that first gulp of oxygen, earth side.

He has a set pattern of movement now- with scheduled waking and sleeping times and these should be continuing right until the big day too. However, expect to feel the movements more uncomfortably now because he is decidedly getting too big for his ‘room’.

He can hear you rather well now, so talking, crooning, reading stories or just plain chit- chatting with your little one is a great way to build a connection with him.

Week 34 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes

If you are feeling a bit confused and easily forget things at this point, don’t think too much about it because your baby is making up for you with some rapid brain development! Enjoy what’s left of your pregnancy in cruise control, waiting for the big day.

Know that any emotional bouts are also normal too as you go through some massive highs of excitement to meet your newborn mixed with some intense trepidation, fear and anxiety about your idea of motherhood and birth.

Frequent bathroom visits are probably a common occurrence in your life now and so is feeling uncomfortable no matter how you sit or sleep. Don’t worry, just a few weeks more and you will no longer have to work around that enormous belly.

Tingling and numbness in the hands, fingers and wrists is common but any swelling and pain need to be seen to immediately because this could be an indication of pre-eclampsia, which can come on suddenly. Headaches and vision issues also support this condition so mention these if you are suffering from them too.

Try this: even if you hardly feel glamorous or glowing, take some pregnancy pics of your bump to remember this stage in your life. If a professional photographer is not your thing, getting your partner to take some in a nice setting with some good lighting can be just as beautiful.

Week 34 Of Your Next Steps!

  • Start preparing yourself for the delivery now by asking your midwife or physician what to expect. If you are going to child birth classes, you can talk to other parents there or your teacher about pain relief techniques and child birth positions.
    Here’s some questions you might find helpful to discuss:
    – What are the options for pain relief?
    – What are the risks associated with pain relief for me and my baby?
    – What options are there for non-medicated pain management?
    – What birthing positions are best for me and baby?
    – At what stage should I be going to hospital when I’m in labor?
    – If you’re having a planned cesarean you might like to ask if your hospital allows skin to skin directly after birth and if your baby can stay with you in recovery. Hospital policy differs from place to place so some places may encourage this, while others will not allow it.
    – who will be allowed in the delivery room with you, wether a vaginal or cesarean delivery?
  • It’s helpful to become familiar with the signs of early labor so you can tell when you are having actual contractions that will lead to delivery and how not to confuse it with the ‘practice’ or Braxton Hicks contractions.
  • Continue to go for gentle swims and walks ‘as and when’ you feel able, because staying mobile is absolutely great for you and your baby, pending you have no medical issues that would prevent you from doing so. Rug up or find an indoor heated pool if it’s too cold outside.