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Favorite Things – Wee Baby Stella ® Doll

I bought this for my daughter when she was really young.  I went to a warehouse sale and was lucky enough to find Wee Baby Stella® on sale.  

Her first “play” with the doll was pulling off her pacifier and trying to put it back on.  

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Now that she is older she likes taking off her pajamas and still pulling off and now putting on (like an expert) her pacifier and bottle.  

This very sweet doll is a great size for little ones to toddlers. 

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Peach 12" Soft Baby Doll

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Wee Baby Stella® – The same great features and adorable appearance of Manhattan Toy Company’s award winning Baby Stella® soft doll (15 inches) now comes in a “wee” bit smaller size (12 inches).

Wee Baby Stella® is a soft doll with removable clothing and magnetic mouth for her pacifier.

This ultra soft baby doll with cute, embroidered facial features, plump tummy and a soft tuft of fleece hair is meant to be held tightly, cuddled and cared for. Your little one will love putting on and taking off her accessories.

Soft and loveable, the accessories improve fine motor skills and the doll helps instill responsibility, nurturing and caring.

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Peach 12" Soft Baby Doll

The doll comes in a variety of colors and the collection features a full line of nurturing accessories, role-playing sets and doll outfits.

Featuring microencapsulation technology by Celessence – gently hug Wee Baby Stella to release her soothing scent on some versions.

Our favorites are:

Sleepytime Wee Baby Stella® – comes with a Baby Stella® doll, pajamas, a bottle, teddy bear and mini-book with a soothing lavender scent.

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Beige Sleepy Times Scent 12" Soft Baby Doll Set

Wee Baby Stella® Bathing Set – comes with a Baby Stella® doll, shampoo bottle, soft duck, bath sponge and puppy towel robe with Velcro-like closure. Soothing vanilla scent.

Manhattan Toy Stella Collection Soft Bath Playset with Accessories for 12" and 15" Soft Dolls

Wee Baby Stella® Feeding Set – comes with a Baby Stella® bottle, baby food, spoon, bowl and bib. Absolutely adorable!

Manhattan Toy Stella Collection Baby Doll Feeding Set for 12" and 15" Dolls

Wee Baby Fella – comes with a baby boy doll, pacifier and flannel pajamas.

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Fella 12" Boy Baby Doll


12 months and up


  • Improves fine motor skills, putting on and taking off the clothes, pacifier and other accessories helps fine tune these skills
  • Instills responsibility, nurturing and caring


  • Comes with lots of accessories for future gifts and play
  • Smaller for little hands
  • Soft and cuddly


  • Surface wash only (says the manufacturer, but I have put her in the washing machine without issue)

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Peach 12" Soft Baby Doll


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