Easter Basket Toddler Gift Ideas

Toddler Girl Easter Basket Ideas

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If you have a special toddler girl in your life and you’re looking for toddler girl Easter basket ideas you have come to the right place. This list of eleven ideas does not contain any candy, but will entertain your little girl for ages.

What do toddler girls like?

2-3 year olds can be amused by the simplest things. Opening and shutting cupboards. Turning on and off a light. A doll and a blanket can keep them occupied for ages. So keep gifts simple.

Little girls also tend to be little copycats. They want to wear their parents shoes, help with the vacuuming and dusting, get dressed by themselves. Toys that are versions of what their parents have will be big hits.

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Toddler Girl Easter Basket Ideas

For the doll lover:

If your toddler girl loves taking care of her dolls then this adorable little bath doll will make bath time so much more fun.  This little doll comes with her own bathing suit, wash cloth, bath puff, yellow ducky, shampoo and lotion bottles. All in a little bath caddy your little girl can carry to the bath.

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Egg Shaped Play-Doh:

A great sensory gift is a pack of play-doh inside plastic eggs.  Play-Doh is great at this age, it’s simple, and can keep your little girl busy while you make dinner.  But is also a great family activity for rainy days.

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No-Spill Bubbles:

Toddlers are just starting to get the hang of bubbles and tend to spill or drop them accidentally.

Fubbles is a brand of bubbles specifically designed for little hands to prevent spills if you can find it. Otherwise Dollar Tree carries a similar toddler bubbles product.

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Scribble Scrubbies

These adorable pets from Crayola let your toddler girl draw on them and then give them a bath to take off all the marker. Bring them in the bath or set up a little bath station on your table or floor. They come in a variety of different pet combinations.

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Hide & Squeak Eggs

These little eggs provide two matching games match the face on the shell to the color of the egg and match the shape of the shell to the bottom of the carton.

Toddlers will love practicing their colors and shapes as well as hearing the eggs squeak when you press down on them.


If she’s a Paw Patrol Fan:

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Bath Finger Puppets

If she’s a Peppa Pig Fan

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Toddler Girl Easter Basket Ideas – Conclusion

The above gift ideas will be loved by your little girl and will be enjoyed long after the Easter treats are eaten.


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