1 year old party favors

The 15 coolest 1 year old party favors (adult and kid approved!)

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If you’re about to host a 1st birthday party for your special child and want to give out great party favors for gifts, this list is parent approved and kid friendly  Find below the best 1 year old party favors that are kid and parent approved.

Do you have to give party bags at a kids party?

No, there are no “rules” for baby/toddler birthday parties.

BUT they are a fun party idea that both kids and other parents enjoy receiving. If your budget allows, adding a goodie bag of party favors is a great addition.

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What can you give instead of a party bag?

A party bag is traditional, but if you want a unique party favor then consider these ideas

1. A book -Handing out a book to every child that is age appropriate and tied to the theme is a fun idea.

For example, at my daughter’s 1st birthday we had a unicorn theme and gave out touch and feel books out to all her friends.

That’s not my unicorn – by Fiona Watt

2. Pajamas – 1 year olds are still napping and get to wear the cutest pajamas. If you see a sale at Old Navy or Target grab a bunch and hand them out as guests are getting ready to leave.

3. Sensory Bin – Create your own sensory bin or pick up a small one from Etsy or Amazon. 1 year olds are ready to start exploring and little sensory bins are a unique and personalized parting gift.

This seller on Etsy makes small jars of sensory items that would make great gifts, just watch out for tiny pieces ““ this do require adult supervision.

Photo Credit: ABthruYZSensoryKits


The Ultimate List of Sensory Bins For 1 Year Olds (Taste Safe & Choking Hazard Free!)

Favor Bags to Match Your Theme

Customizing your treat bags to fit with the theme of the party is a fun way to keep the event going – even after guests have left.

For example, with the Teddy Bear Picnic 1 year olds birthday party theme the party favors included a copy of the Teddy Bear Picnic book.

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Favor

Things to consider: Avoid Food

When kids get older you can put in some candy, but at 1 years old keeping food out is a way to avoid allergies, choking hazards and sugar if parents aren’t offering that yet.

If you do want to give out something yummy, a clementine with a little Smiley face drawn on it is adorable and a nice simple snack.   Or an organic fruit pouch is a safe bet (link).

Avoid Messy & Loud Trinkets

1 year olds are messy and loud themselves, do the other parents a favor and avoid ‘annoying’ trinkets like whistles and messy things like slime.

Top 1 year old birthday party favor ideas

  1. Duplo

Lego makes some great sets for 1 year olds and up that make a great goodie bag gift. They are a bigger purchase so you could just give out one set each and be done!

Check out these sets:


Fire Truck


2. Bath toys

1 year olds are just getting into baths and a way to make it more fun is to have some toys.  

Amazon has some great ones:

  1. Bath bombs

For something trendy and different consider adding a toddler friendly bath bomb.  

After the colour and fizzing the 1 year olds will be left with a little toy.

My favorties are Sky Organics Bath Bombs.

  1. Coloring Books

Colouring books are a great favor and they can be customized or personalized to your theme.

Do a quick Amazon search to see if they have a book in your theme.    

Or Google your theme + coloring and see if there are any downloads available that you can print at home to give your guests themed sheets.

For example if you are doing a Woodland/Wild One theme these books would be a great party favor.

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personalized crayon goodie bags

  1. Unique crayons

You can add individual crayons to your goodie bags either related to your theme or you can include a letter crayon that matches each guest name.    

Check out these Etsy sellers:

Individual letters


Cars & trucks

  1. Temporary tattoos

Tattoos are a great, safe and fun addition to your loot bags. 1 year olds will love the novelty of it and they can last for a few days.

Check out these Melissa & Doug ones here.

You can give out whole sheets or cut out individual ones for all your guests.

  1. Hair scrunches

1 year olds are finally starting to get long enough hair to style it. Scrunches have made a comeback and are adorable additions to your favor bag.

Check out this collection with adorable patterns.

You can also add a hair bows

Seasonal items:

Including items that match the season are great practical goodie bags that parents will really appreciate

8.   Fall: mittens or hat  

Grab some mittens from the dollar store or on sale at old navy. One year ones are notorious for losing mittens at daycare so getting an extra pair or two will be appreciated and you know they will get used.    

9.   Summer: Sand toys – bucket and shovel

A bucket can be used as the party favour ‘bag’ and you can fill it up with more sand toys or your other favours.

10.   Spring: watering can, umbrella, rain boots

In spring you have lots of choices for 1 year old friendly items.   A watering can for spring flowers, an umbrella for rainy days or even rain boots can be filled with stickers and crayons with a cute bow.

11.   Winter: ornament craft

This bulk set of wooden cut outs and markers can be packaged into individual craft kits.

12.    Stickers

Stickers are loved by toddlers. Try to get ones that are raised to help little fingers lift them off the sheet and if they match the theme even cuter.

Check out these on Amazon

13. Bouncy Balls

Small bouncy balls are a great favour for 1 year olds. Simple, colourful and can be used in so many ways.

Check out this bulk order from Amazon.  

14. No-Spill fubbles

1 year olds love bubbles and want to start learning how to make them themselves.   These bubble containers are designed not to spill which are the perfect little hands bubbles.

Buy this bulk package to put in your favor bags.

15.   Magnets

Putting in some magnets in the favor bag are a fun safe toy for 1 year olds. Just make sure the magnet is one big piece that can’t come lose. My favorite brand is Melissa and Doug.   Buy a set and give each child a few different ones.

Melissa and Doug Magnets

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