Spectra s1 vs s2 vs s9

Spectra s1 vs s2 vs s9

Which is the best of Spectra S1 vs S2 vs S9?

The Spectra brand produces a variety of breast pumps, allowing you to choose whatever works best for you, whether you need to pump every day or need to pump once in a while. You are free to choose whichever pump works best for you, and this article will show you what you need to be aware of before you make your choice. In this post, you will get a comprehensive comparison of Spectra s1 vs s2 vs s9.

Which of the S1, S2, and S9 will work best for me?

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You do not need to worry your head with figuring out which of these beauties to go for, and there are still a whole lot of other hurdles surrounding the arrival of a new child, explaining the pros and cons of all these products to make it easier to pick what’s best for you is why we are here.

The Spectra brand has a variety of breast pump types, but the best so far are the:

Spectra S1 plus
Spectra S2 plus
Spectra S9

What are the major similarities between the S1, S2, and S9?


Closed system

These three wonderful Spectra products operate a closed type of system, enabling them to be easily resellable. Its closed system also ensures a separation between the collection kit and the tube system; this feature ensures that the milk is not contaminated by mold or any other thing.


The Spectra pumps are almost as efficient as the standard hospital pumps. When a pump is referred to as hospital-grade- a term most brands use to advertise their products- it means that the pump has a very strong capacity compared to others, just like the hospital pumps; in the case of the Spectra pump, this claim is quite true.
Personalized settings: All three pumps offer you a chance to adjust their pumping speed and power to satisfy your preferences.

Suction strength

The Spectra pumps all have very high suction strengths, the strongest being the S1 and S2. They have a powerful motor with a strength of about 250mmHg, it pumps quickly, and a sufficient amount of milk is made available every session. The S9 model is not as strong, but it’s still stronger than most other breast pumps with a pump strength of about 260mmHg.


The S1 and S2 pumps work by emitting almost no sound; they are the best pumps to use during nap times or even in the quiet of an office; if used quietly, no one would be any wiser of what was taking place. The S9, however, makes some noise; though it is not as loud as other breast pumps, it is louder than the Spectra S1 and S2.

Massage mode

These Spectra pumps come with a feature that encourages the flow of milk, a process known as a letdown. It is a process that occurs when your body responds to your baby’s needs and starts letting out milk. This makes pumping an easy experience for the mothers.

What are the major differences between S1, S2, and S9?


Battery life

The S1 pump and S9 pump come with rechargeable batteries, making it easy to use anywhere and anytime; all it needs is a charged battery, then you are good to go. The S2 pumps, on the other hand, need to be plugged in a while in use; it doesn’t use any batteries.


The S1 and S9 are much more costly than their counterpart because of their extra battery power; if you are not worried about portability, then it is advised to go for the S2 pumps; it has a higher suction than the first too, which gives it an added advantage.

Night light

The S2 and S1 pumps come with a built-in nightlight with various levels, which can be useful for the mothers when pumping at night; the S9, on the other hand, lacks this useful feature; it has another unique feature, however, the backlight display.


Spectra S1: Pros and Cons

Spectra s1 vs s2 vs s9

Pros of Spectra S1

  • Quiet: the Spectra S1 operates around 45 decibels which makes it easy to use in any setting
  • Backflow protector: it contains a protector which protects the baby’s milk from infectious bacteria
  • Portability: Spectra pumps are easy to use and carry around for mothers.

Cons of Spectra S1

  • Expensive: the Spectra S1 has a lot of extra accessories, which makes it unsuitable for mothers with low budgets.
  • Restrictive: The Spectra S1 has a flange of only two sizes, making it hard for people with breasts bigger than the flanges not to use them.

How to use spectra s1


YouTube video



Spectra S2: Pros and Cons

Spectra s1 vs s2 vs s9

Pros of Spectra S2

  • Affordability: the S2 pumps are more affordable than the S1 pumps; they will work well for those with a budget that is not too high.
  • Double pumps: the Spectra S2 can power the double breast pumps efficiently.
  • Portable: it is more portable than the S1 pumps and very lightweight.

Cons of Spectra S2

  • No built-in battery: the Spectra S2 pumps cannot be used without being plugged into a power outlet, limiting the ability to use them anywhere or anytime.
  • Low intensity: the Spectra S2 pump’s intensity is not as high as its counterparts, making it hard to run the double pump with it; it works faster for single pumps.

How to use spectra s2

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Spectra S9: Pros and Cons

Spectra s1 vs s2 vs s9

Pros of Spectra S9

  • Non Adjustable speed: unlike its counterparts, the S9 speed is auto-adjusted as you change its suction level; the higher its suction, the slower its speed.
  • Not as quiet: it is not extremely loud, but it makes more noise than its super quiet counterparts. It is quieter than the Medela free S9
  • Not as strong: the Spectra S9’s suction is quite strong, but it’s not as strong as the S1 and S2.

Cons of Spectra S9

  • Smallest size: It is the most compatible and portable breast pump ever; it weighs 239 grams. It is the perfect travel companion.
  • Strong suction: it has a very high suction but is still gentle; it mostly vibrates and feels like a baby suckle.


How to use spectra s9

YouTube video

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Who should get the Spectra S1, S2, and S9

The Spectra S1 pump is best for super active moms as it is portable and rechargeable, extremely quiet, and can be used in any setting.
The Spectra S2 will work extremely well for first-time moms who have a slightly low milk supply, as it is very gentle, especially for those new to the pumping experience.
The Spectra S9 is best for moms on the go, moms planning to pump at work or while traveling. It is not a heavy model pump.

What are the advantages of the S1, S2, and S9?

Gentle: The Spectra pumps are more gentle on the breasts than other pumps; looking through various customer reviews, many mothers testified to the Spectra pumps being easier on their nipples than the force exerted by other breast pumps.
No noise: The Spectra pumps work very noiselessly compared to some other breast pumps; they can even be used while on an important call with the receiver none the wiser. Their nose level is somewhere around 45 decibels, a noise level between a computer and a refrigerator.

What are the disadvantages of the S1, S2, and S9?

Longer pump time: The Spectra pump takes longer than some other pump products to pump adequate milk for the baby; this setback is compensated for because its speed and strength can be adjusted to suit the user’s personal preferences.
Expensive: The Spectra pumps are known to be quite expensive; your low budget might not cover its cost.
Not portable: The S1 and S2 pumps are quite bulky, they are not suitable for mobile use, and the S2 even needs to be always plugged in, limiting the use to specific places.

Common questions about the S1, S2, and S9

Can I charge the S1, S2, and S9 in the car? The Spectra pumps can be changed in the car using an adapter made after the 2nd month in February, preferably a 12v adapter.

How long do the pumps take to charge?

The Spectra pumps do not take long to charge; the S1 and S2 need about 2 to 3 hours of being plugged into work for about 3 hours.

Which bottles work with the S1, S2, and S9 pumps?

When used with bottle pump adapters, the Spectra pumps work well with most baby bottles, and some do not require an adapter to fit. Also, Spectra USA manufactures some special wide-neck bottles that are a perfect fit for the pumps.

Are the Spectra pumps a hospital-grade breast pump

Multiple users can use the Spectra pumps to be considered hospital-grade, although they are not as bulky as the hospital-grade breast pumps and are more portable. The Spectra pumps are hygienic for multiple uses.

Is there a difference between the modes of the S1, S2, and S9?

The Spectra pumps have two major modes, the expression mode, and the massage mode. Both modes simulate sucking for the production of milk. The major difference between the modes is the adjustable suction levels by the cycle speeds. It is measured in cycles per minute.

Are the included bottles with the Spectra BPA free?

The included bottles are BPA-free. Since the FDA placed a ban on BPA in the manufacturing of baby cups and bottles, spectra bottles have been made from BPA-free plastic.

Which bottles are compatible with the Spectra pump?

Bottles compatible with Spectra are MAM bottles, Avent bottles, Medela bottles with an adapter, Dr. Brown’s bottles with an adapter, and Kiinde bottles also with an adapter.


The S1, S2, and S9 all have amazingly high quality and perform their functions perfectly. They also can be recharged, making them easy to use anytime and anywhere with a minimal amount of noise. All you have to do is pick out the one that best suits your needs after weighing its respective pros and cons.