Best Electric Pump for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the fundamental parts of child care. By medical standards, a lot of dieting cautions and procedures are adopted to ensure an optimal period of lactation and baby feeding.

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However, not everyone has it smooth. Some mothers have issues producing milk or maintaining production due to one reason or the other.  In some others, circumstances may create distance gulfs between the mother and the baby.

If you are one of these women, it important to remember that it is not the end of the world. Humans have been able to develop another means of aiding lactation – aside the constant use of drugs and hormone stimulating substances. One of such is breast pumps.

Breast pumps not only help in creating suction and stimulating lactation, it is also designed to solve distance and time barrier by storing breast milk.

What is a breast a pump?

A breast pump is a device designed to help extract milk from the breast of a lactating mother. The way they are structured, they have some sort of container to collect and store the breast milk over a predetermined time span. The fundamental principle of their operation is the same as when a baby sucks. They are made to leverage on both mechanical force and nerve stimulation to extract milk from a lactating mother. They are made up of electric pumps to generate the necessary suction for milk extraction.

Why Breast Pump may be necessary

There are various reasons why mothers may need to get electric breast pumps. These reasons vary in intensity. Let’s consider some of those reasons below;

1. Latching and sucking problem – Babies may find it unable to latch on to and suck from their mother’s breast due to a wide range of reasons. This consequently hampers their feeding rate – either mildly or severely, depending on the severity of the underlying condition. Latching and sucking issues may arise from a physiological or physical deficiency in babies or their mothers. In babies, here are some examples of the conditions that may hamper their feeding;

  • Cleft lip
  • Tongue tie
  • Common illnesses like cough and cold.

In mothers, here are some of the examples of body conditions that may hamper their babies’  feeding;

  • Mastitis
  • Breast enlargement
  • Flattened nipples

2. Triplets, Twins, Quadruplets – when a mother has multiple birth, she may face difficulty in getting all of them an equal and optimal share of the breast milk. In this case, an electric breast pump is the machine for the rescue. It allows a mother conveniently feed all her children optimally.

3. It is a life saver when you want to wean your baby – The process of weaning a baby is gradual. After a couple of months of exposure, a mother may want to limit a baby’s access to direct breastfeeding. Breast pumps are the perfect mechanicals for the job. A mother can continue feeding her baby breast milk not directly from her breast to initiate a gradual detachment.

4. A mother may need some time for herself – Most times, mothers are tired from child care induced stress. Breast pumps are perfect for resting and feeding your baby at the same time.

What are the best breast electric pumps you could get today?

There are different types of breast pumps by different makers. Some are however more suitable and comfortable to use than the others. Let’s consider some of the best electric best pumps you can find below;

1.  Bella Baby double Electric Breast Pump

This electric pump is the one of the most highly rated electric pumps in today’s digital market. This breast pump a closed system with high quality screen adapted for touch. Here are some of the excellent features of the electric pump

  • It has 2 pieces of milk bag adapters and 10 pieces of storage bag
  • It has 9 levels of suction and 4 different feeding modes. This is designed to massage the breast and carefully extract milk as painlessly as possible
  • It is very portable. It also has a battery with a long life span; its battery capacity is about 2200maH. Its battery it’s built from the safe lithium ion.

It is one of the best choices to consider when you consider breast comfort.

Best Electric Pump for Breastfeeding

2.  Medela Pump In style Advanced on-the-go tote

If you intend to move your electric breast pump around, the best choice you are looking for is the Medela pump in style product. It is designed in a bag; it is therefore easy to move around. Here are some of the cool features of this electric breast pump;

  • It is designed with an oversight mechanism – the overflow protection structure. This is structured to prevent wastage of the mother’s breast milk
  • The strength of the machine is 120VAC; it has a 60 hertz powerful transformer for faster suction
  • It has an inbuilt breast pump tote – 150 millimeter bottles, cooler bags and ice packs.
  • It has a double pumping kit with 2 connectors and 2 valve membranes.
  • It has a dual adaptor with power voltages of 110/240v

Best Electric Pump for Breastfeeding

3.  Spectra S1 Plus Electric Pump 

This electric breast pump is reviewed by many mothers to be the most efficient and natural breast pump available. It has suction tubes that are designed to generate the same effect as a baby sucking at a mother’s nipple. It is also lightweight and easy to move around. Let’s see some of the wonderful features that set this product apart;

  • It has a single and a double pump system to accommodate one or two babies
  • It has a backflow protector that acts as some sort of valve between the milk and the pump motor. This prevents spills, backflow and milk exposure.
  • It has detachable power cords
  • It has a suction pipe with a maximum force of 270mmHg.
  • It has a timer that helps mothers time their lactation process and their baby’s feeding period.

This electric pump is known to be very quiet and easy to transport

Best Electric Pump for Breastfeeding


4.  Evenflo Deluxe Advanced Electric pump

This is one of the best yet most affordable electric breast pumps that are available today. It is lightweight and easy to carry around. It also has high suction power and it is relatively easy to use. It is also noiseless. When it comes to convenience, it is one of the best products available

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As a mother, it is important you consider some important things like your budget and your breast size before purchasing a breast pump. However, breast pumps are one of the coolest products when it comes to making your parenting journey easier.