Pampers Vs Huggies for newborns

Pampers Vs Huggies for newborns

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Pampers Vs. Huggies for newborns: Which diaper brand is best in 2022


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Diapers are necessary items that have to be used during the developmental stage of a newborn. They help to make sure the baby is clean, safe and kept tidy. As a parent, selecting a diaper for your infant is a significant step towards ensuring your baby’s safety.

When choosing a diaper, it is essential to consider some factors and features to ensure the comfortability of your baby, as it is the topmost priority. Based on this, we have done comprehensive research on the two widely used and best diapers brands for newborns and compared their features.

Pampers and Huggies are diapers of top-notch quality, and comparing to select the best brand for your newborn out of the two is what we have compiled below.

Diapers come in different sizes

The size of your baby will determine the diaper to use for them. You have to meet your baby’s needs as they are subject to change at any point in time.

As time goes on, the type of diaper you use may need to be swapped totally for another to make sure your baby is always comfortable.

Diapers are items that are not fixed as they require expensive, i.e., they are things that need to be bought continuously till your baby leaves the infant stage and progresses to the adolescent stage.



Type of Diapers

When you want to start using diapers for your newborn, you must choose the type of diaper you want them to use. These types of diapers have their features, advantages, and limitations when used for an infant. Usage of these diapers depends on your preferred choice, your style of living, and the budget planned for the diapers. There are three types, and they are:

1.   Disposable diapers

2.   Organic diapers

3.   Cloth diapers

Disposable Diapers

This type of diaper is the most widely used type of diaper used by many parents worldwide. It is trendy and known for the top-notch convenience it offers to infants.

It does not require a lot of funds as it is affordable and not very expensive. Getting an excellent quality type of this diaper is a medium that can aid you in preventing leaks and assist in adjusting the odor it may encounter.

It is ideal for an outdoor occasion, but it creates enormous waste as you can not reuse it after use. Accumulation of cost by buying this type of diapers will also rise rapidly due to the amount your baby would use until they exit the infant stage. It also comes with some absorbent polymers that tend to inflict rashes on the skin of your infant.

Organic Diapers

This type of diaper is a natural kind, and it is produced from plant-derived materials. It is a diaper that displays softness on the skin of your newborn. These diapers are devoid of harmful substances, and they are also hypoallergenic. They are very well known, but they cost higher than others.

Cloth Diapers

These kinds of diapers are also well known for the comfortability and convenience they offer to infants. You can reuse them after usage at first. Unlike disposables, they create less waste.

They are also a bit affordable, and the cost accumulation is not high. They are straightforward to use, and they come in different kinds of styles. In addition, they are devoid of harmful chemicals.

Pampers Vs Huggies for newborns

These two diapers – Huggies and Pampers – are nearly similar in cost and reliability, although the choice of preference is of the parents’ decision. They are also very similar in aiding control of odor and messes, comfortability, and making sure irritation is avoided.


Huggies is a brand of disposable diapers that is very common among parents when they want to use them for their newborns. This special diaper comes with an extensive diaper line to satisfy and meet all your infant’s needs at different developmental phases.

This kind of diaper is a very comfortable diaper for kids, but the level at which it absorbs is not very top-notch. It comes with a contoured and snug fit which helps to control the level of leaks and, at the same time, remain light.

It is preferably used during the day because it does not restrict your baby’s movement as it is capable of preventing leaks and messes.


Pampers is also a brand of disposable diapers used by many parents to start applying diapers for their babies. These pamper come in various dimensions to suit and satisfy the needs of the baby comfortably.

This kind of diaper is perfect during the night as it helps efficiently prevent leaks during the period when your baby is in a sleeping mode.

It also helps to ensure your baby is dry for a long time and prevents your baby from waking up wet at midnight. It is made of very soft materials to ensure comfortability and provide adequate coverage for long periods.

Comparison between Pampers and Huggies

Getting the best diaper between these two brands can be determined only by the features they have to offer. Although there are things that could occur to a baby, such as having a playful day, wet nights and dry nights, the quality of each diaper can be the solution to ensuring your baby remains clean and safe.

1. Cost

The price of diapers of these two brands is very similar. When bought, the price difference is little, and it has no bearing on the quality of these diapers.

2. Absorbency

This is a crucial determining factor that needs to be considered when buying diapers. Buying a diaper that would not last for long is not reasonable as this will increase the cost. The higher the ability of absorbency, the higher the ability of diapers to stop leaks. Most diapers are produced using a super absorbent polymer that can absorb about 800 times the weight it brings.

Both Pampers and Huggies will absorb the urine or waste of your baby well, but after enough research, pampers seem to have a better performance regarding this absorbency.
Huggies may not have the quality pampers have on this, but it is very effective as well.

3. Quality of material

Using a diaper that would be soothing to your baby’s skin, the quality of the material made with it has to be top-notch. The softness and durability of the diaper are essential, as well as its ability to control leaks.

The diapers from pampers are produced with a very soft material that babies would enjoy on their skin and the high back and wide legs, which gives the diaper more coverage. It also helps to control leaks. In addition, it comes with side tabs that are used to hold the diaper together.

The softness of Huggies diapers is of top-notch quality, but it reaches nowhere compared to that of Pampers. It is a bit thicker than the diapers of Pampers, although it is very durable and absorbent. It has a suitable waistband which makes it a snug fit despite it getting stretched.


Huggies and Pampers have different types of diapers that we would discuss here. Therefore, knowing what they offer is a critical determinant in this comparison.



1.  Little Snugglers

Pampers Vs Huggies for newborns

It is a Huggies diaper designed for newborns, with a leak lock design that can last up to 12hours plus a wetness indicator to show when a diaper needs to be changed. It comes in different sizes that can accommodate the weight of the baby. It offers a diaper with an umbilical cord cutout. It also helps to prevent the diaper from rubbing the area and curbing a possible irritation and infection. In the front of this diaper, there is a wetness indicator.

2.  Little Movers

Pampers Vs Huggies for newborns

This diaper was designed for babies in the early mobility process, i.e., moving around. It comes with a SnugFit waistband and a contoured design to adapt to the mobile state of the baby.

3.   Overnites

Pampers Vs Huggies for newborns

This kind of diaper is a very thick type due to the presence of extra layers of absorbency. These layers help make sure a good sleep, devoid of leaks for your baby at night, is guaranteed.

4.  Pull-Ups

This type of diaper helps to achieve dryness for your baby whenever they produce waste such as urine. However, it has some images on the face, and the wetter the diaper, the more the images fade off.


1.  Swaddlers

Pampers Vs Huggies for newborns

This type of diaper is mainly used for newborns right after birth. The weight of this diaper is around 1.5kg to 3kg. It is one of the softest diapers produced and has a wetness indicator in the face. It is very safe for babies’ skin that is so sensitive.

2.   Baby-Dry

Pampers Vs Huggies for newborns

This diaper is made for newborns as well as smaller toddlers. It comes with three layers of absorbency to ensure leaks are prevented. It is very breathable as your babies can wear it for about 12 hours. It is very comfortable, and it has some display images on the face.

3.  Cruisers

This type of diaper is designed to give babies the freedom to move easily and without discomfort. It makes sure flexibility and maximum mobility is achieved.

4.   Easy Ups

This diaper is designed for babies that are undergoing potty training. It comes with a wetness indicator as well and comes in various designs. It can be pulled up and down and turned off when you need to change a nappy.


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Both brands produce excellent diapers that would ensure the maximum comfort of a newborn. They both share distinct vital features, but you must remember that making your baby comfortable is your aim, and that can be achieved by following our guide.