Best Double Umbrella Stroller for Disney

Best Double Umbrella Stroller for Disney

Parents cannot deny the comfort that comes with having a good stroller for their toddlers, especially when you are headed to places like Disneyland with two cheeky toddlers or preschoolers.

These kids are always ready to go beyond their energy level and crash in the middle of the Disney occasion, hence the importance of having the best double umbrella stroller for Disney.

This guide contains a compilation of the best double umbrella stroller for Disney after careful research. Continue reading to find out what double umbrella stroller would work best for you and your children on your visit to Disneyland.

What are Double Umbrella Strollers?

The job of a double umbrella stroller is identical to that of a single stroller as they are both lightweight and fold easily, except that the double umbrella strollers are generally heavier than their sibling strollers.

A significant difference between the double umbrella strollers and the single-size strollers is that the double umbrella strollers lack some essential accessories that come with the complete single-size strollers.

Accessories like; versatile wheels that work on every terrain, extra storage spaces, and large umbrellas. Nonetheless, these double umbrella strollers are so portable that you don’t have to worry about them fitting into your trunk or worrying about how to catch a flight with them.

Benefits of Double Umbrella Strollers

  • They are lightweight despite their size
  • Double umbrella strollers are foldable, which makes them much more portable.
  • Saves you the stress of pushing two strollers around
  • They are versatile. Hence you will always find the one that best suits your situation.

Disneyland and Disney World Latest Stroller Rules

Since you are getting the best double umbrella stroller for Disney, it is essential to be abreast of the latest instructions Disney put in place concerning strollers for families. These rules were restrictions on stroller sizes to be allowed into Disney World and Disneyland.

On the 1st of May, Disneyland and Disneyworld stopped letting in strollers that exceed 31 inches in width and 52 inches in length, especially the large-sized strollers that can carry more than two kids. The popular Veer and Keenz stroller wagons that were formerly allowed have also been banned.

But this article helps you avoid the stress of thinking of the best double umbrella stroller for Disney vacations as every double umbrella stroller mentioned here is well with the Disney restrictions. And your family size and situation would not pose a problem because there is always one that will suit you and your family at Disney; you only have to read and choose according to your preferences.

The Best Double Umbrella Stroller for Disney: Buying Guide and Recommendations


1. Evenflo Aero 2 Ultra-Lightweight Double Stroller

Best Double Umbrella Stroller for Disney

Evenflo Minno double umbrella trolleys are equipped with an upholstered recliner for maximum comfort. Even if your child takes a nap, this stroller will work well. Not just that! It is more versatile than the regular double umbrella trolleys, and you don’t have to worry about an additional price tag to benefit from these features.

This lightweight and multi-functional stroller can be easily folded and stored safely. Although it is just a double umbrella stroller, it also has a built-in suspension that ensures your baby cruises happily. Suspension makes driving smooth, and ample storage space provides convenience for parents. This is your best choice if you travel a lot or you move about daily.

2.   BRITAX B-Lively Double Stroller 

Best Double Umbrella Stroller for Disney

Although Britax may not consider the Britax B-Lively Double Stroller as a double umbrella stroller, it is widely viewed as one due to the similar and even upgraded features it has compared to average double umbrella strollers.

This Britax double stroller is more expensive than many other umbrella strollers, but it is just as convenient and light as umbrella strollers. It is more valuable than most double umbrella strollers and great for traveling. It is also powerful as its framework is made of durable aluminum.

3.   UPPAbaby G-Link 2 Stroller- Jordan 

The G-Link 2 is an upgrade to a previous double umbrella stroller model. Among the enhancements, the latest model is less heavy, weighing 22 pounds, and it is also sturdier than the last, simpler to move through doorways. The umbrella is larger to help shield your kids from sunlight.

It has an under-seat extra space that can convey things worth up to 10 pounds of weight! The 2019 G-Link 2 model is only available in two styles, Jake and Jordan, which are respectively black and grey. This double umbrella stroller is your best pick if you are looking for something significant and more accessible.

4.   Peg Perego Book for Two Baby Stroller

Best Double Umbrella Stroller for Disney


This double umbrella stroller is the best choice for every fashionable parent. It is only 29 inches wide and easily passes through tight spaces while still providing side-by-side seats. The stroller is compact and lighter in weight, making it an ideal choice for travel. It has the advantages of an umbrella car and has all the functions of a travel system.
The brand has gained a remarkable reputation for its quality, and this double stroller offers the quality, toughness, and usefulness you anticipate.

5.  Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller

If you are looking for something very affordable but reasonable, this is one of the least expensive double strollers accessible. The kolcraft cloud plus is perfect for traveling and day trips. It is a fundamental umbrella stroller that works for short trips or travel.

This is an excellent choice if you need to purchase a double stroller that you won’t use forever. This would function admirably for preschoolers that have grown out of the requirement for a stroller but need a modest alternative for an outing.

6. Besrey Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler

The Besrey double stroller for Disney gives kids a lot of breathing space alongside a few extra helpful highlights every parent will gush over. With the Besrey double stroller Lightweight Double Stroller, you don’t have to worry about Disney’s stroller regulations because it meets them and has back-leaning seats and large umbrellas.

What’s impressive is that it is smaller and effectively folding, so you can explore nearby transportation with two children like the most relaxed parent.

7.   Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller

Best Double Umbrella Stroller for Disney

This double umbrella stroller is compatible with Disney’s requirements, so you don’t have to worry about the specifications and measurements.
The City Mini’sMini’s new GT2 model has the very best highlights of the first GT model.

A notable upgrade is the flexible leg region so your kid can rest her legs with comfort. It also has a fun peek-a-boo feature that has a magnetic closure. Another exciting feature is its all-wheel suspension and elastic tires, effective on all kinds of grounds.

8.   BUGABOO Donkey 2 Duo

Bugaboo stroller is another reputable stroller brand. Although this stroller is costly, it is worth the price. It is a convertible; can be used as a single stroller and a twin side-by-side sibling stroller. The Bugaboo stroller comes along with a side-by-side seat and bassinet.

Despite all of these accessories, it comfortably fits through doorways. It has adjustable handlebars that feel like an extension of your hands to help you push with comfort and suit your height. A very remarkable feature is its ability to convert into a two-wheel position for a comfortable ride through various forms of terrain or weather.

9.  The Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

The Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller is not just a completely different product from the single stroller version, and it has the most exciting features the single stroller has. This stroller is lightweight and weighs 34.2 which makes it great for jogging on every kind of terrain.

It has an in-built suspension and large rear rubber tires to make your child feel comfortable during a ride. On one of the handles is a great twist hand brake.

10.   Joovy Caboose Ultralight Sit-and-Stand Stroller

Best Double Umbrella Stroller for Disney


Joovy brand is very popular for their top-performing strollers, producing very portable and lightweight strollers that can be easily moved around. This unique model has a comfortable front seat where the younger child can stay and a rear-facing space for the older child to sit or stand.

The canopy is so large that it can shield both children from sunlight while in the stroller. This double stroller is an excellent choice for travels, and short trips can convey all ages of toddlers and young preschoolers. No matter the combined weight of both of your kids, you can still easily navigate the Joovy caboose ultralight graphite stroller.


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