Valentine's Day Craft for kids made from sewing felt and string

Kids Valentine’s Day Heart Pouch (A Fun Dollar Tree Craft)

This simple Kids Valentine’s Day Craft is affordable (all the supplies are from Dollar Tree) and really cute!

It is a great way to make personal valentines gifts for school and teachers gifts.

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Your children can practice their lacing skills and can help place the stickers.

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Valentine’s Day Heart Pouch

I am extra excited about Valentines Day this year and have been making Valentines craft already. It started with a gnome and now I’ve been playing around with Valentines for my daughter’s class.

Valentines Day Heart Pouches

Dollar Tree has been my go to craft store lately, they just have so much stuff and I can make enough for friends and family. I grabbed a bunch of Valentine’s stuff on my last trip and thought these hearts could be made into something and here is what I came up with!

Place little treats inside and you have a really sweet treat. They’re big enough to fit a lollipop or mini pack of candy. You can also place pencils, erasers or stickers if you want to stay away from sugar.

Kids Valentines Heart Pouch (A Fun Dollar Tree Craft)


Sometimes its hard to find the items online so I’ve also included some Amazon links below.

How To Make Valentine Heart Pouches

1.  Select 2 felt hearts.  You can keep them the same color or mix and match.

2.  Cut a 20″pieces of ribbon or twine

Kids Valentine Heart Craft

3.  Fold the ribbon/twine in half (this keeps it even) and start at the bottom of the hearts.  Weave the ribbon/twine in and out of the mini hearts on the side all the way to the top, leaving a space open at the top.  Tie a knot at the top. 

Toddler valentine craft

4.  Apply the felt sticks to decorate

kids heart craft

I liked the look of having some be twine and some ribbon, but you can choose whichever you have on hand. 

These little hearts will also travel well, so send a few to loved ones in the mail for a nice surprise.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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