Valentine Gnome – How to DIY (using mostly Dollar Tree items!)

Nordic gnomes have been growing in popularity these past few years and are becoming popular at holidays other than Christmas.

This step by step guide will show you how to make a DIY Valentine gnome for about $10 using dollar store and craft store supplies.

Nordic Gnomes

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Nordic gnomes, also known as Swedish Wool gnomes or Sock Gnomes, are popping up in many homes as decor for the holidays.

Where did gnomes come from?

Legend has it that these gnomes used to live near farms and helped to take care of the animals.

If you were kind to your animals the gnomes would look after you and your family.  

If you weren’t they had a temper and bad things would happen.

They are the original Elf on a Shelf!  (But WAY cuter in my opinion).

DIY Valentines Gnome (Dollar Tree Project)

Valentine Gnome Hearts

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Gnomes can help celebrate every holiday and Valentines Gnomes are no exception. The pinks and purples of the season make these little guys even more adorable!

Gift them to your children’s teacher, your kids or your special Valentine!

Step By Step How To Make Your Valentine Gnome

valentine gnome supplies


  • Scissors
  • Dollar Tree White felt
  • Glue gun
  • Dollar Tree Twine
  • Dollar Tree Felt hearts
  • Dollar Tree pink fuzzy baby socks
  • Exacto knife
  • White craft fur (mine is from jo-anns but you can get it anywhere) I typically get it with a coupon
  • 5.8 inch craft foam cones (the green 2 pack is cheaper than the white 2 pack at jo-anns) use a coupon
  • Pearl Bead or bead of choice (mine was from a dollar tree pack)

Step 1:  Wrap Your Cone With Felt. 

For this project I bought a pack of green cones because they were less expensive than white.  I got them from a craft store (Joann’s). You can also get these at Michaels, Walmart, Dollar Tree (sometimes). I used a coupon from Joann’s.

valentine gnome step 1

Because I used the green cone I doubled up on the white felt to make sure no green poked through.

I placed the cone on the felt and rolled it from side to side to make sure I would cut enough to cover the entire cone.

I left a little bit of extra on the top to cover the top of the cone (but you don’t have to since the hat will cover it)

diy valentine gnome craft step 2

Next, line the white felt with hot glue and press down firmly.

If you did leave extra on top, add hot glue on the top and press it down to cover.

valentine gnome glue step

Step 2:  Fur Time!

I got my white fur from Joann’s as well, but you can get it from anywhere.  I’ve seen it at Dollar Tree and Michaels. (remember to use a coupon!)

Using an exacto knife cut the craft fur (don’t use scissors for this – it will cut the fur and make it not realistic looking). Make sure you aren’t cutting the actual fur, just the backing.

how to make a sock gnome valentine

I cut about a 4 inch piece of the craft fur and then added the hot glue to add to the cone

gnome fur beard

Step 3: Make the Hat

This is where you can be the most creative!

I found an adorable pink baby sock from Dollar Tree, but you can use any sock or leg warmer you find.

I slipped on the sock for the hat and folded over the bottom to make a nice white line.

Step 4: Add a Nose

I found the cutest little pearl bead at Dollar Tree. It came in a multi pack so I have extra for the others I am going to make (I can’t stop making gnomes!) Pearls just felt romantic and appropriate for a Valentine Gnome.

pearl nose for gnome

Using my hot glue gun I added the pearl bead to the fur.

Step 5: Accessorize

Next using the felt hearts (they have a sticky back), peel off the backing and apply to the hat

gnome nose pearl

Optional (cut a 5 inch piece of twine and tie off the hat at the end with a bow! You can also use ribbon if you find a cute valentine print).

Conclusion: Valentine Gnome DIY Project

This is just one of many that I will be making this season.  

I plan on gifting them to my daughter’s preschool teachers.

If you make one please send me a photo or tag me in your Instagram post!

Happy Valentines Day!

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