5 Easy No Prep Toddler Activities To Do At Home


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Are you stuck indoors with your toddler or preschooler due to weather or sickness?  Are you feeling pressure to do high prep, fancy Pinterest crafts and activities?

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It can get hard to entertain them all day with only toys, but sometimes you just don’t have time to prepare an activity. 

These no prep activities for toddlers and preschoolers to do at home, lessen the stress on you as they can be done “on the fly”. They are also fun and full of sensory experiences that your child will enjoy.


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1. Take an Afternoon Bath

It really can be that simple. 

If you have a bath loving toddler or preschooler, pop them in the bath in the afternoon when there is no rush to bathe and put them to bed.  

Throw in their favorite bath toys or make it extra bubbly and take your time.  Let them get extra wrinkly and a whole half hour can pass by in a flash.

Bonus idea: 

Go in the tub too! 

A bath with mom or dad is special and different and they will love it, plus you get a little distress time too.

 2. Trace Your Child On Cardboard.  

Next time you do a Costco run and buy a massive box of anything or get a decent amazon order hold on to it.  Then when you’re ready open the box up so it is just flat cardboard.

Trace your toddler and then let them color themselves in. 

You can add stickers or glitter if you dare.

3.  Make Cards for Their Grandparents

They don’t need to be fancy.

Fold some construction paper and let them decorate however they want.

Don’t worry about fancy Pinterest ideas!  

Put the cards into envelopes and mail them.  Your toddler/preschooler will also enjoy putting on the stamp and walking to the mailbox to mail them.

Grandparents will love them.  Especially if its not for any special occasion and a total surprise.

For Valentine’s Day this year our daughter drew us a card at preschool and the teacher wrote out her favorite thing to do with us and added a little caption below the drawings to let us know what they were.  It’s adorable!  

You can do the same thing any day just because.


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4.  Closet Dress Up

Head to your closet and dress your toddler up and then let them pick out your outfit.  Its really interesting to see what they pick!

Then put on some music and walk the “cat walk

5.  Play With Flashlights

Close the blinds and turn off the lights and pull out your flashlights.  My favorite activity is a scavenger hunt. No need for a list, just start naming out things they need to find in the dark. 

I use this to help clean up too.  If I know that some toys have wandered to other rooms I will ask for ‘5 teddy bears’ or ‘something yellow’ and my daughter happily runs to get it in the dark.  

Flashlights are a novelty to preschoolers and younger kids so this is a super easy activity.


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Conclusion: Easy Toddler Activities – No Prep Ideas

Whether you’ve been stuck indoors for a few days and just need simple ideas to keep your toddler entertained or you’re looking for a quick evening activity. The above easy no prep ideas should help you.

Let me know which ones your try!


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