Easter Bunny Story

Tips for introducing the Easter Bunny Story to your children

If this is your first year introducing the Easter Bunny Story to your toddler you may be wondering what exactly to say to your child. 

How much will they understand and do you know how you want to explain this magical creature?

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There really is no right answer.  

Read any parenting discussion board and you will see all parents have their own ways of talking about the Easter bunny.  

So the below isn’t set in stone, but it is how we introduced the Easter bunny story to our toddler. 

Add your own spin and remember this is the first year when they will start to understand, but probably won’t really get it until they are 4 and older.  


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Included below are questions that you might get asked, or things you can include in your introduction.

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Easter Bunny Story – Books for Toddlers

Start by reading some books about the Easter Bunny story with simple, toddler friendly books.

This book provides the backstory of the Easter Bunny. When his elderly owners become too frail to carry on their Easter traditions of decorating eggs and delivering gifts to the town’s children, their bunny takes on the tasks and moves to the woods where he recruits more rabbits to help.

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Easter Bunny Countdown

Just like an Advent calendar, you can use this little countdown to build excitement and talk about the Easter bunny each day. 

Choose your own prizes to out in each cute bag!

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How to Explain The Easter Bunny Story

Toddlers don’t need too deep of an explanation, but a few basic details can get them excited. If you have a more inquisitive child there are some questions and fun answers below to help.

  • Who is the Easter Bunny?

The Easter bunny is a magical bunny who loves children and gives them treats and hides special eggs to help us all celebrate spring.  

If you leave a basket out for the Easter Bunny they will fill it up with treats. 

  • Compare the Easter Bunny to Santa.

If you celebrate Christmas, it’s easy to compare the Easter bunny to Santa. 

Both bring treats to celebrate their respective holidays. 

Both are magical and come while your children are sleeping,  

Both are not seen that night. 

Santa has much more of a background story, so you can lean in on that magic and say they are friends.

  • Why does the Easter Bunny Hide Eggs?

Eggs represent new life and spring.  Little birds lay their eggs in spring and the Easter bunny loves all things spring. 

To make the Easter Bunny even happier and thank them for our treats we decorate our eggs at home too.

  • Why does the Easter Bunny come? 

The Easter Bunny comes to celebrate spring! 

  • Where does the Easter Bunny live?  

Some options:

  1. Easter Island!  You can pull out a globe or map and find Easter Island together (West of Chile in the South Pacific)
  2. If you read the book mentioned above he lives in the woods. 
  • Other Questions

If you get stumped on a question you can ask right back ‘what do you think?’

For example ‘is the Easter bunny a boy or girl?’ likely your toddler will pick a gender and you can stick with that. Or you can say ‘I don’t know, no one has gotten close enough to the Easter bunny to ask’

Other Ways to Start Introducing the Easter Bunny

  1. Art projects
  2. Visit a mall bunny – explain this is a pretend Easter bunny 
  3. Decorate your home together – pull out all your decorations and let your toddler help with the unbreakables. 

Conclusion – Introducing the Easter Bunny to Your Toddler

The Easter Bunny is a fun way to celebrate spring and give your little one some treats and toys that encourage them to get outside again after cooler months.  

As toddlers they won’t fully understand why they are searching for eggs or dressing up in fancy spring outfits, but this is the first year to introduce the ideas for when they are preschoolers and school age. 

Happy Easter!

Do you have any tips for introducing the Easter Bunny? Please share in the comments below!


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