Can I drink ensure while pregnant

Can I drink ensure while pregnant

Are you looking for ways to meet your daily requirements during pregnancy? Have you been making efforts to gain some extra pounds? Or do you feel malnourished while pregnant? And your current condition can be life-threatening to your baby if you do not have enough daily intake. Having noticed all of these, you will be making a conscious effort in seeing that your calories intake is increased and that you get yourself loaded with nutrient-rich meals so that your baby will have a healthy development. And here comes the question Can I drink ensure while pregnant? find out more about the safety of Ensure in Pregnancy in this post.

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For some reason or the other, you might know about certain supplements that some women take to get their babies well-nourished. This must have triggered you to look for one that will be best for you, which must have been what led you to hear about Ensure products.

It is a healthy drink and a brand of multiple supplements containing multiple vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

Another fact about this nutrient supplement is that it contains over 25 minerals in one serving, including minerals. Most people do take it as an alternative to milkshakes or smoothies.

What’s more? It’s a drink for everyone, especially busy adults and moms who do not have enough time to prepare breakfast.

As a pregnant woman who needs extra pounds, calories, and nutrients because of the growing fetus in you, it will be very beneficial for you to take Ensure to make your little one have a healthy development.

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Hence, Ensure is a recommended product to help you meet your nutritional needs. If you feel like taking more than one serving per day, make sure it is as directed by your physician; seek medical advice first.

By taking this prenatal vitamin, your Calorie intake increased by 300 as a pregnant woman, and provided you’re pregnant with twins, Ensure will help increase your calorie intake by 600 per day.

How many ensure can a pregnant woman drink?


Can I drink ensure while pregnant

Since Ensure is ideally a recommended supplement drink for pregnant women, health experts already have a fixed amount for adults and pregnant women. So, there would not be complications that result from overconsumption of vitamins, which might lead to what is called congenital disability to the unborn child.

The normal dose for adults, both male and female, is usually around 6 to 8 bottles for a better hit of vitamin A. However, the most enticing thing about these 6 – 8 servings of Ensure is that it contains a large amount of vitamin A (which is 1250 international units (IU) ), unlike the normal vitamin A (with 10,000 IU).

However, it is very risky for pregnant women to consume a large amount because of the later complications. Hence, the need for you to limit and caution yourself while you’re on it.

They are advised to take not more than 2 bottles daily. Another additional piece of information is that you should not base it as your only source of nutrition and seek medical advice before use.

Can I drink ensure on an empty stomach?

Ensure can be a replacement for meals, and so it can be taken in the morning before any normal food or on an empty stomach.

This brand of nutritional shake is mostly suitable for people with deficiencies or diseases that eat up available nutrition, thereby limiting it. So, taking this beverage on an empty stomach will not have a bad effect on you; however, before you make it become part of your diet, make sure that you consult your physician and seek their advice.

Who should use ensure?

Naturally Ensure is a recommended supplement drink for everyone, including pregnant women, to provide all their necessary nutritional needs.

However, more attention and specific usage of this drink are for people who have problems drinking and eating normally and people interested in gaining some more pounds or weight.

In summary, Ensure is specifically designed to aid malnourished patients and help them get back on their nutritional track and connect the dots in their diet.

Do doctors recommend Ensure?

The truth behind this skepticism is that doctors do not sincerely believe that Ensure is advisable for their patients.

In that case, Stacy Mitchell Doyle, a resident physician of Food therapy and long time advocate of plant-based nutritional protocols, mentioned that. “the ingredients of concentrated milk by-products, artificial sugar, and synthetic vitamins create inflammation and decreased immune function. Yet it carries the label Number 1 Doctor recommended,” which is not usually true.

Most times, Ensure might not play out to be the solution you need; however, whenever you are being asked to take it as directed by your physician, always do well to know the context of the recommendation.

Will it make you gain weight?

Looking for the right way to gain weight? Ensure is the man for the job and has been helping people to gain weight over the years.

Moreover, it was designed for this purpose naturally in that it contains diets that many people are malnourished, and yes, it is the best solution for gaining weight.

The best recommended for weight gain is Ensure® plus calories, designed to produce 50 percent more protein and calories.

What are the health benefits of Ensure?

Consumption of Ensure nutrient drink provides you with the appropriate health benefits when taken in the correct proportion. This nutrient supplier drink is made for adults looking for ways to get nourished and gain pounds. It has many other health benefits, which will be listed below

The following are the health benefits of drinking Ensure aside from the benefits of weight gain and nutrients supply. They are:

Increase in muscle mass

If you have been looking forward to gaining more muscle mass, Ensure nutrient drink is the appropriate quality protein shake that will help in increasing your muscle mass.

This is basically because it contains a proper amount of 15g of high-quality protein, which consists of essential amino acids that will assist your body to function properly.

Assists in metabolism and support the digestive health

In older people whose metabolic system is already weakened day by day, with the help of Ensure, their metabolism rate will be increased. In addition, ensure contains fructooligosaccharides which supportively help the digestive health, including vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12 that promote metabolism in older humans.

Provides energy that helps you to stay active

Due to the vitamin B complex that is part of the active ingredient of Ensure nutrient drink, there will be a boost of energy that helps keep you active all day. What’s more? Ensure provides strong bones with nutrients such as Vitamin K and Vitamin D, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium.

Immunity booster and an infection shield

Ensure is an immune booster drink, and it is much more beneficial for humans with older age. This is because immunity decreases with an increase in age in humans. It also provides nutrients such as Iodine, folic acid, manganese, zinc, Vitamin A, C, and E for protection against infection.

What’s the difference between Ensure and Boost


Can I drink ensure while pregnant

The difference between these two nutritional shakes is that Ensure has lesser carbs, several calories, and sugar, unlike Boost, which has the highest. What’s more? Another clear difference between these two is that Ensure has more varieties of flavors, unlike Boost.

What is Ensure made of?

Ensure Original is a nutritional shake made up of nine grams of protein, six grams of fats, 15 grams of sugar, and 220 calories.

Its six ingredients are sugar, water, corn maltodextrin, canola oil, soy protein isolate, and milk protein concentrate. Lastly, it is my lactose-free drink for lactose-intolerant people.

Does Ensure make you poop?

Yes! One of the side effects of drinking Ensure is that it makes you poop. Other side effects are the likes of nausea and constipation. And all of these usually happen during the first time of usage.

In addition to this, Ensure contains protein powder supplement contents, which makes it an avenue for increased flatulence.

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Why does Ensure make me gassy?

The main reason why there’s usually a gassy response after taking Ensure is because of the protein supplements. This protein supplement usually increases flatulence due to the presence of lactose which is a non-protein component and later on mixed with protein powder.

What’s more? You might get easily irritated because of this uncomfortable situation of so much gas. And this might make you want to reduce your ensure intake. Because, as mentioned earlier, that protein powder supplement that is contained in ensure makes consumers get gassy after taking it.

Is Ensure keto-friendly?

Yes! The Ensure shakes are a highly rated and recommended keto-friendly drink. However, it is advisable to check for the ratings before you purchase one.

How keto-friendly are Ensure shakes? What are the ratings? Those might be the questions going on in your head. Know for sure that the ratings usually range from 3 Stars to 1 Star; in terms of keto friendliness, it is mostly 1 Star.


Ensure nutrient drink is essentially recommended to provide calories and supplements that are deficient in the body. It has a lot of benefits other than that which has already been listed in this article.

For someone at the age of 50, it will be better to consume this nutritional shake for a minimum of one month. And there will be a huge change.

Usually, the best time to drink should be with breakfast in the morning and snacks in the evening. It does not stop functioning actively in younger people but can be very effective in older adults. One more thing, drink Ensure as directed by your physician in the right proportion.