Best Prenatal Vitamins for recurrent miscarriage

For a woman, pregnancy after having a miscarriage is a battle of emotions of apprehension. These feelings are especially pronounced after a series of miscarriages. Aside from the emotional trauma, the mom has to go through; there are also the health implications of a miscarriage and the need to prepare the body for handling another conception – and managing it successfully this time around.

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One of the major fences the woman has to scale is how to prepare herself health-wise for a new conception. The kind of preparations she would do is mainly dependent on which factor in the spectrum of causes is responsible for her recurring miscarriage.

However, irrespective of the cause, it is essential that a pregnant woman uses prenatal vitamin supplements during her pre-conception days. In the case of a person who has suffered recurrent miscarriages, the need for these vitamin supplements is even more pronounced. For the purpose of enlightenment, let’s check how much good prenatal vitamin would do for someone who has had recurrent miscarriages.

Why A Mom Who Has Experienced Miscarriages Would Need Prenatal Vitamins

The constituents of prenatal vitamins increase a pregnant woman’s chances of conception by providing the balance of nutrients her body needs to handle the strain.

Miscarriages are a precursor for the loss of lots of nutrients. Prenatal vitamins are an important component of replenishing those lost nutrients.

The folic acid components of a prenatal vitamin supplement are necessary to prevent the harmful fluctuations in the body physiology due to hormone surges and similar events. The iron component of this component is very important for replenishing the mother’s blood (after miscarriages) and aiding the development of the fetal body.

Prenatal vitamins are important in adjusting the body physiology a bit for conception.

What You Should Look Out For In Prenatal Vitamins

Not all products of prenatal vitamins are good. As a pregnant mom, there are quite a number of things a supplement bottle should contain before you attempt to purchase it. It is vital to note that, while some of these things are optional for a pregnant woman with no miscarriages, they are compulsory for someone who has experienced recurrent miscarriages. Having established that, let’s dive right in

1. FOLIC ACID – Folic acid – also known as Vitamin B9 – is an essential vitamin that should be present in any prenatal supplements irrespective of whether the mom has miscarriages or not. This vitamin is vital in developing the fetal body structures like its spine, brain, and skull.

2. CALCIUM – Oh yes, it is just as you have guessed. Calcium is vital for developing and fortifying the fetal skeletal structure as well as the mothers’. In some instances, bone loss is a contributory factor in miscarriages. Therefore, your prenatal vitamin supplement must be very important.

3. IRON – Iron is a major constituent of the human blood. It is necessary to develop fetal blood and prevent anaemia in the mother (especially someone who has had miscarriages). The deficiency of iron may contribute to developmental challenges in a baby if the baby survives the delivery.

4. VITAMIN B12 – This is also an important vitamin in a mother’s prenatal supplement. This vitamin – coupled with iron – is essential to prevent anaemia in the mom and the fetus. Apart from this, it is necessary for pre-implantation modification in the mother’s uterus. Finally, it is essential in the proper functioning of the body nerves in a pregnant mom.

5. VITAMIN D – Vitamin D is another vital component responsible for the development and fortification of the skeletal structure of the mom and the baby. It is essential for proper usage and absorption of calcium.

What Are The Best Prenatal Vitamins For Recurrent Miscarriage


1. Mama Bird Prenatal 

This multivitamin supplement bottle is known for its purity and ability to support high active concentrations. It is designed as an umbrella supplement that effectively absorbs nutrients, growth, and regulation of body homeostasis irrespective of genetic variation. It is free of GMOs, artificial flavor, and possibly unsafe leads like soy, yeast, fish, sugar preservatives, or coloring components.

2. NATURELO Prenatal Multivitamin

This multivitamin supplement contains all the important components for helping someone with recurrent miscarriages, as stated above. More importantly, it is free of synthetic complications because the vitamins are derived from natural, sources. The iron component is chelated, which makes it give a gentle touch to the mother’s stomach. The implication of this is a smoother, painless absorption and transport of body nutrients. Finally, it is one of the best bets for safety; it is free of dairy, yeasts, GMO, dangerous artificial preservatives, and coloring.

3. Smartypants Prenatal Formula

Best Prenatal Vitamins for recurrent miscarriage

A single bottle of smarty pants prenatal formula has tablets/capsules that contain not just all the necessary components but the addition of other beneficial nutrients. These nutrients include OMEGA 3 DHA, iodine, selenium, beta-carotene, vitamin K and so on. This bottle is even more rated because it is developed to taste good in the mouth of mothers. This encourages consumption among pregnant women. It is free of fish allergens, GMO, yeast, soy, sweeteners, artificial flavors, coloring, wheat, and yeast.


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4. Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Multivitamin


Best Prenatal Vitamins for recurrent miscarriage

This vitamin supplement is made to support a pregnant mother from prenatal to the postnatal period. It does not only contain the necessary vitamins; it also contains the important mineral components, all derived from natural sources. In case you need a prenatal vitamin made for vegetarians, this is the perfect fit for you.

Its constituents are a carefully blended combination of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. All these are to aid digestion and absorption of other food nutrients in the nursing mother. Like any other good prenatal vitamin, it is free of allergens, fish, soy, and other artificial preservatives that may pose a threat to the pregnant mom.

5. Conception Fertility Prenatal Vitamins

Best Prenatal Vitamins for recurrent miscarriage


This prenatal vitamin is rated by experts for having the right mix of vitamins and additional. It also combines other components like KSM-66, Ashwagandha, Myo-Inositol, Vitex Chaste Tree Berry, plus Folate Folic. When it comes to balance, support, and safety, this bottle remains one of the best bets for someone who has had recurrent miscarriages.


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Miscarriage present very tough situations for victims and their family members. However, as a mother, you should learn from each time and try as much as possible to come back stronger. You can definitely do it.