Best wii games for toddlers

Best Wii Games For Toddlers

Games and other fun activities used to keep children engaged have been digitized in this generation. As a result, toddlers most times would rather play games on their digital devices than play board games, physical indoor games, or play with toys. Besides, these toddlers are surprisingly fast in grasping the basic concepts of these games in their digital form.

As parents, you want to flow with the tide; you do not want your toddlers to be left behind on the trend of the fun ways to grow. These kid games are part of new game consoles like Wii, designed by Nintendo.

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This game console has special interactive features and motion graphics that stimulate players to feel the almost real-life sensation. Now imagine how that would be if made for kids?

Oh Yes! There are games on the Wii consoles explicitly designed for kids of different age groups.

This article will discuss some of the criteria you need to use if you want the optimal game interface for your child’s development. After, you will get to see some of the best games that your toddlers and even older kids can play on the Wii console.

How to choose the best wii Games for Toddlers and older kids

Choose games based on age ratings

The standard game regulatory principle mandates the game’s creator to rate the game according to the age group it is suitable for. You don’t want your 3 years old toddler playing a game for 13 years old children.

These games are modified according to the level of exposure that is safe for kids’ mental and emotional health. That is why you see some games have viewers’ discretion and warning signs.

Choose the games that fit your child’s health condition

Some toddlers have medical conditions that would not allow them to get exposed to flashy screens or motion. As a parent, you have to understand your child’s medical condition and games that are suitable for the baby.

Choose the mentally stimulating games for your toddlers

Even amid games meant for your child’s age group, you should look for the ones that can offer your child maximum value. A puzzle game or a word search game may prove instrumental to developing critical thinking in the toddler than a sword fight game, for instance.

Also, the game should allow the toddler to imagine as free and wild as possible. Finally, it must also be gratifying; rewards are essential for great games and mental exercises. Essentially, the game should strike a balance between fun and learning.

Choose games with children friendly interface

You should look out for how easy it would be for your child to play whatever game you purchase on their own. Ask yourself these questions: Are the game instructions clear? Can an average child navigate the menu options? Are the graphical illustrations catchy enough for children?

Below is a list of some of the best Wii games for toddlers and the pros and cons of buying them.

1. Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two – Nintendo Wii

Best wii games for toddlers

This Wii game is built after the popular Disney character – Mickey Mouse. It is written after the original Mickey Mouse story. To make it more realistic, the characters in the game are voiced by the original voice actors in the Mickey Mouse movies. The toddler is in total control of what transpires in this game world, and they can imagine as many possibilities as possible.


  • The game has a very accessible interface with well-laid out 2D graphical illustrations.
  • The game is very immersive, and these toddlers get to play out what happened in the original comic books if they want
  • This Wii game is one of the most cost-friendly games in the toddlers’ market.


  • The game has a few points in the story with defective camera angles.
  • The game can be very addictive if the child’s screen time is not monitored.

2.  Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for wii

Best wii games for toddlers

Ever since the sonic movie premiered, it has been one of the most loved characters by toddlers over the globe. This game allows the toddlers to use characters in the original series to compete in an environment like the Olympics.


  • The toddler can choose between any of the games at the Olympics. First, the child gets acquainted with game rules and signs.
  • It has a multiplayer option, so it is perfect if you have more than one or more toddlers.
  • It is built in stages, so it naturally challenges your kids to an adventure.
  • The game has a mentally stimulating reward system for kids.


  • Sometimes, toddlers get discouraged due to how challenging subsequent stages are.

3. Wii Mario Party 9 

If you are conversant with the gaming world, even if it’s a little, you would be aware of the legacy of the Mario franchise. The Wii Mario Party 9 is a game that incorporates vintage character design into a modern game interface. It has a lot of mini-games (up to 80) that your toddlers can play.


  • The game is one of the best interfaces for kids; it is easy to access and play
  • The game has a nicely designed graphical interface for different games, and also, the character designs are detailed.
  • Different people can play the game at the same time.


  • The game doesn’t trigger critical thinking as much as others
  • Some parts of the game end up not getting played
  • The game is one of the most expensive on the Wii console.

4. uDraw Game tablet with uDraw Studio

Best wii games for toddlers

This is a highly interactive game designed for toddlers with flairs for arts. The Wii game tablet usually comes with a pen that allows kids to input diagrams directly to the game’s interface.


  • The game is instrumental to toddlers’ learning, creativity, and motor skill stability.
  • It is a bridge between life experiences and digital experiences. So you can imagine the exhilaration that comes with drawing directly into a game tablet.
  • It is wireless and lightweight; this allows freedom of movement when the toddler plays the game.
  • It can use SD cards to store Images as keepsakes for the toddlers’ artistic progress.


  • It is best played with the assistance of the parent
  • It does not have a very attractive interface
  • The latest version has no reward system integrated into it
  • There is no way to measure progress since the toddler would just be drawing

5.  LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets

Best wii games for toddlers

This game was written and designed after the famous J.K Rowling movies series – Harry Porter. In this game, toddlers can do everything Harry and other characters did at Hogwarts – use spells and jinxes, attend classes and play the broom game.


  • The game is fun to play and interactive
  • It has a mentally gratifying reward system
  • The toddler can switch characters, and they have up to 100 options
  • The game is relatively cost-friendly
  • The game has a multiplayer feature, and toddlers can play against each other.


  • The interface is not as easy to navigate by toddlers as other games in the Wii console.
  • The game could be very addictive to toddlers if their screen time is not watched.


Below are the best Wii games for older kids (kids between ages 4-10).

6.  Nintendo Selects: Nintendo Land

Best wii games for toddlers

These games’ build is simple; players get to explore different lands designed by the Nintendo Wii makers themselves. The game has solo and multiplayer options, and it can accommodate up to five kids at once


  • The Nintendo land games integrate puzzles, searches, and missions. It is, therefore, mentally stimulating
  • The point reward system is gratifying and can keep kids glued
  • The interface is colorful and well built, easy to access
  • Kids can easily monitor their progress on Nintendo land games
  • The game is affordable and cost-effective to the core


  • Some of the game software doesn’t come with a functioning code.

7. Little League World Series Double Play – Nintendo Wii

This Nintendo switch game is a babe ball-themed game for kids between 4 and 12 years old. The game allows the kids to compete in world-class baseball stadiums around the globe with characters that play different roles in a standard baseball game.


  • Kids that are interested in sports don’t just get to catch fun; they get to learn about the game.
  • The game interface is easy to navigate, even for children that have intellectual disabilities.
  • This baseball is designed to recreate real-world experience as much as possible.
  • The win and point system is fun and easily understandable for these kids.


  • The game may get monotonous, and kids may get easily bored since they play the same kind of game all the time.

8. Minecraft: Edition (Nintendo Wii U)

A little bit of action and creativity would not hurt, would it? Wii mini craft game is designed to integrate kids between the ages of 6-12 with building and creativity. The game requires the player to build what he needs to complete missions, including weapons, machines, tools, and so on.


  • The game is instrumental in building these kids’ critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.
  • The game is very fun and engaging for both kids and even young adults
  • The game has a surprisingly simple interface that requires kids to think
  • It has both the solo and the multiplayer mode
  • It has an advanced reward system that keeps kids coming back for more


  • The game is relatively more expensive when compared to other games
  • The game has a little bit of violence in it.
  • The game may prove difficult as the player advances.

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9.  WB Games Cars 3: Driven to Win – Wii U

This is a game of races built for kids older than 6 years of age. The mission is simple across all game modes, race other cars and win a race.


  • Kids may get bored of racing after racing over and over again
  • Sometimes, it is difficult for kids to advance to another level


  • This game has one of the best player reward systems on the Wii console. Kids get to develop their cars when they race other cars and win. They need this to play more challenging levels.
  • The interface is interactive; it is beautifully designed with great 3D technology
  • The game is surprisingly cost-effective

10. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Nintendo Switch

Best wii games for toddlers

This game features puzzles, finding clues, and adventure – everything you will experience in real-life treasure hunting.


  • It is instrumental for the development of critical thinking in kids
  • The game is immersive and gratifying
  • The game has an easy to navigate interface, and provisions are made for disabled kids
  • The game character develops the more the player finds the treasure, so the kid wants to return for more.


  • It could turn out to be addictive for kids, especially those below 7 years of age
  • The game has camera angle issues at some points in the game’s progress.