Best Folding Wagon for Toddlers

Best Folding Wagon for Toddlers

Parents sometimes dread going on journeys (both long and short) with their toddlers. Of course, these babies are in no way independent. Toddlers are most likely not able to move on their feet yet, even toddlers that have a relatively early walking experience are still too immature to know where they are supposed to go and where they are not supposed to be.

Crawling babies and walking toddlers have to be monitored in public places and delicate spaces. They may end up going to places where they can injure themselves. Moving them around and monitoring their safety is the responsibility of no other person than the parent, irrespective of the purpose of your journey.

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All these make walking with kids stressful. This is especially true for parents that constantly have to move in public places. You definitely can’t abandon your kids, and you need to be as adept at multitasking as possible to be able to fulfil your own plans and ensure the safety of your toddlers.

This is where you need folding wagons. Folding wagons are designed to solve the problem of movement and movement control for toddlers. Simultaneously, they also make a movement with kids easy for the parents and fun for the toddlers in question.

There are different types of wagons in the market. Some of these wagons are foldable and are easy to move around because of their compactness. With these wagons, you do not need to worry about space in vehicles when you need to take toddler wagons along.  Out of all these, some have been specifically designed for toddlers and their parents.

Buying Guide And Recommendation Before getting a wagon for your Toddler

There are a lot of factors that you should consider if you want to get a folding wagon for your toddler. Let’s examine some questions that help you put some of those factors into perspective

  1. How much weight can it support? – It is very important to consider how much weight a wagon can support before purchase. You may need to purchase a wagon that can conveniently accommodate the weight of your toddler. Parents with kids that have weights within the average range do not need to bother about this. However, if your toddler has a huge weight, you need to be careful of the type of wagon you should purchase for the safety of yourself and your toddler
  2. How versatile is this wagon? – Aside from moving them around, the number of things you need to pack for toddlers can make travelling with them daunting. Due to this, you need to carefully examine a wagon to see how versatile it can be before purchase. This will help you a lot especially on long-distance journeys.
  3. Does it have canopies? – Toddlers are more susceptible to the dangers of exposure to sunlight. For that singular reason, it is important that a wagon is able to prevent your kids from Sunlight. You, therefore, need to consider if the wagon has a canopy for that purpose
  4. How safe is the wagon? – Wagons are like vehicles for these toddlers. You may want to consider some safety influenced designs. Check if the wagon has things like seatbelts and brakes. You don’t want your kid falling off a wagon, do you?
  5. Are the tyres of the wagon suitable for the terrain – The terrain of your surrounding is very important. You need to consider the tyre of the wagon and gauge if it is optimal for your kind of terrain.

Here are some of the best folding wagons for toddlers you would get out there;

1.  Radio Flyer All-Terrain Pathfinder Wagon

Folding wagons do not need to be extra. Radio Flyer Pathfinder wagon is the perfect folding wagon for minimalist parents.

This folding wagon is made of strong durable plastic. The manufacturers designed this wagon to fit the average weight and body mass of a kid; therefore, it can conveniently accommodate two kids irrespective of their size.

Additionally, the safety of your kids have also been factored in the design of this wagon, therefore, it has seatbelts incorporated in it for your toddlers. Finally, to make things easier for the parents, the seats can be folded up or down for comfort and effective hauling as the case may be.

2. MacSports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

Best Folding Wagon for Toddlers

Although this folding wagon was designed initially as a utility wagon, it is one of the best folding wagons for toddlers today. The wagon is designed to fold completely (to about 9 inches of thickness). This makes it easily moveable for parents when they need to fold it and pack it up. This wagon is specifically designed to carry a maximum of 150 Ibs. The fabric component of the wagon is about 600D thick; it can protect your toddler from sunburn and other negative effects of ultraviolet rays.

3.  EVER ADVANCED Foldable Wagon for Two Kids & Cargo

This is one of the best wagons you can get in terms of accommodating space. It is designed to serve the multiple purposes of being a toddler carrying wagon and a utility wagon. It can be used by two kids. It comes with an adjustable handlebar and a removable canopy with 5 point harness. It has a sturdy built frame.

What this means is that, apart from allowing you to move your kids safe around, it also has the space for you to keep your toddler materials like clothes, shoes and stockings. This wagon can also be adjusted to different heights depending on the height of the toddler you intend to use it for.

That is, it can protect the toddler in question from UV rays and other dangerous effects of sunlight. Finally, it has a comfortable handle, brake and locks, space for packing things (like shoes, cups and cooler bags).

4. Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon for kids

Best Folding Wagon for Toddlers

This toddler wagon is designed for comfort, safety and ease of transport. The radio flyer cargo wagon has seat belts that are designed just for the kids. The design structure also allows for the wagon to be unzipped and used as a seat for your kids (let’s say in cars). It is structured with cup holders and a canopy you can detach (just in case you want to keep your child safe from the sun)

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Wagons are designed to make parenting easier for you. You may need to consider purchasing them to ease the burden of travelling and going on walks with your toddlers. They sure need all the monitoring they can get, why not make it easier on yourself to do this?