Best winter boots for new walkers

Best winter boots for new walkers

It is a good thing that your baby is learning to walk. Congratulations! They have just passed another milestone in the growth chart. However, as you may have known, growth – especially for these babies – comes with new responsibilities for the parents. It also comes with new wear.

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As a parent of such a child, you need to choose proper footwear for your toddler. Choosing winter footwear is just a little different from choosing normal boots for your new walker. Just for clarity, let’s examine some of the criteria a winter boot must pass before you buy it for your new walker.

How to Choose Winter Boots For New Walkers

Here are the things that are worth considering if you want to get winter boots for new walkers;


Whether you are getting normal summer boots or winter boots, the primary thing you should always keep in mind when getting footwear for babies is how comfortable it will be. True, things like aesthetics are important, but they should not, in any case, dictate over comfort. Comfort, in this case, would be to consider that the babies in question are new walkers.

Therefore, whatever boots you are getting must be instrumental in helping them cushion whatever effect of pain they may want to get. It must also help them maintain balance, seeing that they are just getting accustomed to walking.

While considering comfort, the size is very important; a shoe that fits perfectly without unnecessary gaps is what the babies need. Boots that are too tight would damage their legs; boots that are too big would always make them fall back on their buttocks or forward on their face.


Since you intend to get here are winter boots; it is only natural that the boots are durable enough to. They have to at least last through the period they are bought for. Most times, however, the durability of these shoes may be difficult to gauge. This is especially true for online marketplaces. However, one good way to scale this hurdle is to watch out for shoes that have endorsements of at least the local regulatory bodies of the area of manufacture.

The temperature of the Boots

Boots also have a temperature rating. Whatever you do, get a boot that would be considered warm to your new walker’s feet. This is a key factor, considering that you intend to get this boot specifically for winter. The boot is a question must be able to keep cold out.

It must also be considerably plush on the inside. It must not be too tight on the inside because our human feet (especially for babies) can be very sensitive during cold times. Aside from just the temperature rating of a boot, some other factors may also contribute to how much heat a child would get from it.

Things like the rate of metabolism (you could measure it with how much a child eats), the rate of activity of your child, and the number of hours or minutes of exposure to cold.

What Are The Best Winter Boots For New Walkers


1.   COSANKIM Baby Kids Boys Girls Snow Boots

Best winter boots for new walkers

This pair of boots has a suede lining as the exterior, a rubber anti-slip sole. The interior part of the shoe is designed with a faux fur lining that provides balance, warmth, and comfort. The boots are lightweight and flexible, and they are guaranteed not to fatigue your baby’s feet.  It has breathable space, a durable build, and an overall classy outlook.


2.  CIOR Toddler Snow Boots for Girls Boys Winter 

Best winter boots for new walkers

The bootmakers pride themselves on comfort and safety. This pair has a thermoplastic elastomers sole that prevents slip and cold. It is designed with a wool-like exterior and a fur-like interior to go easy on the feet of your new walker. It is very easy for the baby to wear.

The buckle system helps to maintain the fit and also contributes to the warmth mechanism of the boot. Finally, it has anti toe caps that protect your toddler’s feet even if they hit them against things.

Aside from all of this, it has a classy outlook. Finally, the boots are easy to clean and have been rated for staying truthful to size.


3.   Femizee Girls Boys Warm Winter Boots

Best winter boots for new walkers

This pair of boots are designed with a fully synthetic body and sole. It has faux fur inside and outside at the calf. These boots combine comfort, safety, and style in a very clean balance.

The boot’s sole is designed to have a firm grip and an anti-slip edge. It is very breathable, and it can be easily cleaned with a wipe. The open-close design at the side makes it easy to wear for your new walkers.


4.   BMCiTYBM Toddler Winter Snow Boots

Best winter boots for new walkers

This pair of boots is one of those with a very firm anti-slip rubber sole that prevents new walkers from falling. Like any other comfy babywear, it has a plush faux suede that keeps the baby’s feet free of fatigue. Also, it has specially made anti-toe caps in case your new walker hits their leg against anything.

It has an easy to detach hook strap and a generally flexible design. Finally, it looks very stylish both on the outside and the inside. It would be a very good try for your new walker.


5.  UGG Unisex-Child Keelan Ankle Boot

Best winter boots for new walkers

This boot pair is 100% suede. It is ubiquitous footwear that serves for winter protection and simple baby outings. It is lightweight and flexible at the sole. It has anti-slip properties, a soft sheepskin, and a microfiber lining. All of which are put in place to provide comfort and help your new walker balance on her feet irrespective of the terrain.

The hook and loop closure of the boot makes it easy to wear and remove on the leg of your baby. The suede property makes it quite easy to clean off with wipes when it gets stained. Finally, the wool insole contributes warmth to the feet of your new walker, no matter how cold it gets outside.


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A person’s footwear says a lot about them. So also does a baby’s footwear. It tells a lot about how much the parents care for the baby. As parents, you need to put everything in place to protect your baby’s feet from frostbites and similar occurrences during winter.  Don’t forget that comfort and warmth are the key things you should look out for; choose wisely.