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15 Empowering Baby Girl Names for 202

Last updated on December 10th, 2022 at 09:28 pm

It’s 2018–it’s time we come up with remarkable baby girl names that reflect the strides that women empowerment and equality have taken this year. Give your baby girl a strong name inspired by this year’s popular heroines. Check out our list of gorgeous baby girl names and their meanings!

15 Remarkable Baby Girl Names You Should Consider Naming Your Daughter

1. Shuri


Shuri is the name of King T’Challa’s sister in the Marvel film, Black Panther. Armed with scientific prowess and sharp wit, she is more than an average princess. Shuri harnesses Wakanda’s Vibranium resource. She uses it to build infrastructure and inventions which power the whole country. This one’s a potential moniker for a future tech whiz.

2. Janelle

Janelle Monáe has definitely been one of 2018’s staunchest advocates for self-empowerment. She has been a strong voice in speaking out against inequality in the music business. Her words and actions have inspired many to embrace their true selves.

3. Daisy

Daisy Ridley rendered an ass-kicking performance as Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Independent, strong, and level-headed, the Force is strong in this one. Daisy is a pretty name for a strong female character, and so is Rey for that matter, if you’re looking for something more unique.

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4. Diana

“I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta. In the name of all that is good, your wrath upon this world is over.” Another female hero taking center stage is Princess Diana. Who could go wrong in naming their future little heroine after Wonder Woman?

5. Katherine

Katherine Johnson is an acclaimed mathematician, who helped send astronauts to the moon. Each of her accomplishments was a step forward for space programs and a giant leap for womankind. Hers is a name that is significant in NASA’s storied history.

6. Meghan

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, married Prince Harry during a ceremony the rest of the world could only admire from afar. The UN Women Advocate has always had a passion for philanthropy. The former actress advocates for youth development, voting rights, and women empowerment.

7. Maya

Maya Angelou was an American poet, singer, and civil rights activist. She is a Renaissance woman in every sense of the phrase. Her poem, Phenomenal Woman, is an anthem celebrating women and the power of womanhood.

8. Malala


Malala’s name in her native Urdu means “grief-stricken.” However, for countless women and girls around the world, her name rings hope. Malala has always been fighting for women’s right to education around the world, especially in conflict-stricken regions.

9. Amy

Amy Poehler has stated in several interviews how much she loves working with women in film and television. She continues celebrating the accomplishments of young women everywhere with her online community, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. Perhaps your little Amy can start-up her own movement one day.

10. Cate


Cate Blanchett stars in 2018’s Ocean’s 8, a blockbuster with a stellar cast of women. More than her status as a celebrity and style icon, Cate has time and again proven her mettle and professionalism in acting. She remains one of Hollywood’s most versatile, constantly excelling in every role she portrays.

11. Misty

Misty Copeland, a renowned African-American ballet soloist, was once told in a rejection letter from a ballet academy: “You have the wrong body for ballet.” Misty’s powerful story tells us that rejection simply means redirection and is not a conclusion. She is now the first African-American female soloist at the American Ballet Theatre. A unique name with an inspiring story, Misty is definitely a baby girl name worth considering.

12. Amal

Amal Clooney, a Lebanese-British lawyer specialising in international law and human rights, exudes grace, intelligence, and charisma. The world first took notice of Amal because of her marriage to George Clooney and since then, she has used her celebrity status to raise awareness of human-rights abuse taking place around the world.

13. Ashley

Ashley Graham is a model and body-positivity advocate who is shattering impossible standards in the fashion industry. Whether she’s slaying in a swimsuit shoot or delivering self-empowerment talks to varying audiences, Ashley is paving the way for more diversity in fashion and media.

14. Gloria

Gloria Steinem is synonymous to feminism and the fight for equal rights. In her storied career as a writer and political activist, she has moved readers and founded movements with her words. She has famously said, “power can be taken, but not given. The process of the taking is empowerment in itself.” Her efforts in the feminist movement have definitely helped women all around the world claim this power.

15. Constance Wu

The name Constance already represents strength and unity. Take Constance Wu, star of this summer’s Crazy Rich Asians, and you’ve got a female that represents courage, bravery, and boldness too. She advocates for women’s rights, and helped break Asian stereotypes in Hollywood as she starred in the first American made movie with an all-Asian cast this century.

Check out this inspiring video by Annie’s List on women empowerment. Learning more about the champions of feminism and the female heroes in varying fields can hopefully give you ideas for strong baby girl names.

YouTube video

These are a few of our top recommendations for empowering baby girl names. Should someone ask you the reason behind your daughter’s name, you can tell them you named her after a heroine during the Year of the Woman.

Already have an idea on what to name your baby from the many choices of baby girl names? Share it with us in the comments below!

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