How To Decorate Gift Bags And Goody Bags

A gift bag may seem like a simple token from the host of a party, but it is the last impression a guest has of a party and one they will take home with them.

How a host decorates a gift bag is an important final touch to party planning. Depending on the type of party, hosts have a wide range of options when decorating gift bags. Here are some ideas to guide craft hosts in the right direction.

Supplies for Making the Perfect Gift Bag or Goody Bag

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Before the goody bags or party favor bags can be made, the supplies need to be gathered. Here is a list of the basics:

  • Decorations (small toys, silk flowers, candy) that match the party theme
  • Plastic curly ribbon that matches the party’s color theme
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Tissue paper that matches the bags
  • Confetti or shredded paper that matches the bags
  • Colored gel pens or markers
  • Double-stick tape (optional)

When purchasing the items, make sure that each item’s color coordinates with the party theme.

Decorating Gift Bags or Goody Bags

Here is a basic, step-by-step process for decorating gift bags. These directions can be altered depending on the type of bag that is used.

1. Use the markers or gel pens to write the name of the party-goer on the outside of the bag in flowing script or in short choppy strokes, depending on the style of the party.
2. Add a layer of confetti or shredded paper to the bottom of the bag before adding the gifts or favors. If the goody bag is clear, this will add needed color. If the bag isn’t see-through, this step is a nice surprise when the party-goer opens the bag.
3. Tie the top of the bag with ribbon. Curl the ribbon by running the edge of your scissors along the ribbon while holding it taut. If the bag has handles, tie the two handles together with the ribbon, then curl the ribbon.
4. Tuck a small decoration such as a toy car, flower or piece of candy into the ribbon or secure it with a piece of double-stick tape.
5. Create a name tag by cutting a small piece of paper with scrapbook scissors or pinking shears. Write the name on the tag with colored pens or markers. Punch a hole in one side and thread it onto the ribbon. The curls should hold the tag in place.

These steps will create the perfect gift bag that will leave a nice impression on the party guest long after the party is over.