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It is so amazing how fast babies grow. A lot of parents are curious to know their children’s growth milestones and one of them is when do kids start losing their baby teeth. The milestone from asking when your baby will start teething to asking when she will start losing her baby teeth is very significant. Parents want to know This growth pushes parents and caregivers to overlook the stress of nurturing a baby till she can live independently.

Nonetheless, as your kid grows and achieves more milestones, there is always something new to worry about. Hence the caring and the need to be inquisitive about your child’s health continues.

The teeth are an essential component of the human body. Without it, you cannot bite and chew, and you cannot pronounce rightly. The eagerness to witness growth in a baby prompts her parents to ask when kids start losing their baby teeth.

How do a baby’s teeth develop?

After birth, the first set of teeth bud through a baby’s gums is called the milk teeth. They are called milk teeth because of how fragile they are.
Although the milk teeth begin to grow before birth, it delays until the 6th to 12th month before poking through the baby gums. At the age of three, your baby should already have a complete set of milk teeth.
To know better about teething in babies, read When do kids start losing their baby teeth

When do kids start losing their baby teeth?

Generally, kids begin to lose their milk teeth from 5 years of age to their 7th year. When the baby teeth start to fall out, it makes way for the adult teeth, also known as the permanent teeth.

When do kids start loosing their baby teeth

You have nothing to worry about; if your child’s teeth begin to wiggle from the age of 4, it is a normal occurrence. However, something may be wrong if your kid’s teeth start to fall out before the expected time and he/she has suffered a trauma such as falling or an accident; you don’t have to worry as it is the primary reason why most kids lose their tooth before the expected time. But if this isn’t the case, it would be best to visit your doctor.

If your child has special needs, he/she may not follow the usual tooth loss schedule. For example, children with down syndrome are prone to losing their milk teeth much later.
Another amusing fact to note is that girls often lose their baby teeth faster than boys do. Why? There’s actually no answer to this except the common fact that girls grow more quickly than boys.

How does tooth loss happen?

When the milk teeth fall out, they don’t fall out because they are weak. They fall because the permanent teeth are beginning to poke through the jaw. The baby teeth function as a forerunner for the adult teeth, creating a pathway to bud through.
The adult teeth eat off the baby teeth’ root, making it weak and wriggle until it falls off.

One thing is sure in this process; the earlier a child starts teething, the earlier he/she is going to lose their baby teeth. This can, however, only occur if their parents lose their baby teeth early. It is a genetic mystery as there are no standard statistics to back it up.
It would be best to visit a hospital for an x-ray test if your child’s baby teeth have not begun to fall out at age 7. Your child may have a bone in the teeth, restricting the adult teeth from tripping off the milk teeth.

How to care for kids losing baby teeth

The milestone of losing baby teeth to allow adult teeth to emerge is not a complicated one. But to ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible, there are some maintenance steps to take as a parent.

1.  Regulate your child’s diet

Generally, placing your child on a healthy diet is vital to her growth. Prepare nutritious meals for your child, especially those with the proper nutrients to help their teeth grow. Reduce her snack consumption, especially those with high sugar levels.

2.  A dental visit isn’t a bad idea

You can practice this as a form of preventive maintenance. Taking your child to the dentist will help you detect any abnormalities and know the right way to solve these problems.

3.  Act as a reminder

Your children are not so little anymore; as they grow older, they need to help brush their teeth reduces. Most times, all you have to do is remind them to brush their teeth, morning and night. Keeping the teeth clean will help ease the transition from baby teeth to adult teeth.

4.  Help clean in between the teeth

This is as simple as flossing their teeth occasionally. Some food particles may be stuck between their teeth, and brushing does not always do the job, so you can go ahead to help them floss their teeth. Flossing is a delicate process as the slightest slip can cut the gums. Hence your careful hands are needed. It is essential to care for the baby’s teeth adequately because any infection or complications with the baby’s teeth can affect the adult teeth budding beneath.

Loose tooth stuck to gum: What do I do as a parent?

If you are thinking of yanking off your kid’s teeth because it is loose, please reconsider. It would be best to let it fall out naturally than adding efforts to get it out. In the process of pulling it out, you may get a sore gum, bleed excessively or even contract an infection. Ensure to tell your kids this as well. The best thing to do is to keep brushing and apply some attention to the gum line. After some time, the tooth will come off while brushing.


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At the right time, kids will lose their baby teeth and at some point have that Halloween pumpkin smile. The milestone is not working yourself over as the loss of baby teeth varies according to the child. What is most important is ensuring you take proper care of your child’s teeth, regularly reminding him/her to brush, visit the dentist, and feed them healthily.


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