Welcome To Month Five With Your Baby!

Month 5 With Your Baby!

If you have been feeling that your conversations and communication with baby has been sort of one-sided until now, this is the month when that changes. Getting much bigger and stronger she also enjoys making noises and even copying ones you make – all her way of communicating back at you. You might even get an affectionate ‘pay’ or arms reaching for you as you approach.

Welcome To Month Five With Your Baby!

Month 5 Of What To Expect From Your Baby

Baby knows what she wants and also knows how to get it from you now (cheeky monkey). When you pick her up, she can give you her version of a tight hug by putting her arms around your neck and squeezing.

The not-so-adorable habits she may have picked up include popping everything into her mouth. She has good reason to do this because her mouth has tons of nerve endings that let her ‘experience’ the object more efficiently. But since it is not always a safe or hygienic thing to do, you should keep a close eye on her at this stage, especially as maneuvering her body on the ground starts to become more of a thing.

If she hasn’t started rolling yet, chances are it will happen this month. As perhaps is inching herself forward on the ground by pulling with her arms and pushing off with her toes, in a sort of ‘commando style’ crawl. It’s a little too early for actual crawling yet though.

As her vision continues to improve, she should be able to appreciate the toys she has much better now because she can make out the more intricate details.

At this stage, she may be able to sit upright on her own but it is not likely. However, she can keep sitting up if you have a ton of cushions on all sides to prop her up or perhaps in a pushchair or a high chair. She is ‘talking’ more now and discovering that she can make up her own language with a specific set of sounds. Expect to hear some new sounds from her apart from her usual squeals, coos, gurgles and grunts.

Introducing Solids

If you think baby is ready for solids at this stage because they can sit upright fairly unassisted and are literally burning a hole through you while watching you eat, it may be time to start solids. At this stage, solids should not be replacing any milk feeds. They are just little tastes to get bub used to eating. Introduce one food at a time, so that if baby has a reaction, you’ll know exactly what food they reacted to. If you’re confused about what to feed bub and how to make it, here’s some handy info on how to make baby food in five simple steps!

Try this: try giving a small amount of a plain, pureed fruit or veg such as pear or carrot. If baby keeps pushing the food back out of her mouth with her tongue, this is called the ‘extrusion reflex’ and it means that baby might not yet be ready for solids. If this is the case, simply try again in a few days or a week.

Week 1 Of Being Prepared!

The Easy Seat Portable Travel High Chair is something that will come in real handy now and in the coming months as you introduce solids to your baby.

Not only does it help assist baby securely into an upright position for safe feeding, it’s completely portable, removable (for easy washing) and saves so much space. Check out the affordable range of designs here.

Welcome To Month Five With Your Baby!

Month 5 Of What To Expect From Yourself

  • This month, help baby expand her vocabulary by talking to her, pointing to objects and telling her what they are. Remembers She is keenly following your voice and actions so she is learning fast even if she doesn’t try to mimic you right away.
  • Put her favorite toys next to her so that she can practice reaching out and grabbing them. Yes, she is going to miss a few times and maybe even let out a few sounds of frustration, but it gives her interesting activities to do and it helps her develop her ability to catch and pull things towards her.
  • Help your baby to sit up by gently pulling out her legs in front of him and bringing her heels close together. This gives her better balance and helps her sit for longer. Give her a favorite toy and she should be happily engaged with it for some time at least.
  • If sleep is becoming a major issue for you still in month 5, try researching some local sleep consultants who can help with a routine and some settling techniques. Sometimes, when you’re so exhausted and tired, it’s easier to have someone help you and guide you in person. Never feel guilty or like you shouldn’t take a nap when baby does during the day. You can’t pour from an empty cup and if you’re still getting lots of broken sleep at night, stealing some catch ups during the day can help re-charge your batteries a little. Yes, the house may look less than orderly, but in time that will change and it’s not forever.

Welcome To Month Five With Your Baby!

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