Welcome To Week Three With Your New Baby!

Week 3 With Your Baby!

You are beginning to understand your baby a lot better by this week, especially with respect to her ‘I am hungry’ wail, and other signs she may show you, like grunting or opening her mouth. However, there is still a lot more to look forward to in terms of learning what you have to do, especially as baby goes through so many developmental milestones along the way. Thankfully, you have all the time in the world right now to focus on this new relationship!

Week 3 Of What To Expect From Your Baby

Baby’s development

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The fantastic thing about your baby at this stage is that she is beginning to pick you out in a crowd of faces and greet you with obvious pleasure. Seeing your baby react to your touch, voice or presence can be the most beautifully rewarding thing for a mom, and you deserve to enjoy this phase as much as you can.

Try this: Communicate with baby through touch and sound as much as you can because it helps her recognize you better.

She cannot do much by way of communication except to cry but you are likely to pick up her expression of happiness when she sees you or senses you near her, while others cannot.

Baby’s vision is improving now and her brain development is taking place at a rapid pace. She has moved from simple shapes to zig zags and is very interested in high contrast colors now. This is a good time to introduce her to that colorful mobile she got as gift.

Baby’s appearance

Her skin is almost the glowing pink color you see in baby food commercials and baby clothes ads, she is probably a bit chubbier now as well. But don’t expect her to be nicely rounded yet, because she is still putting on weight, week by week. Don’t be worried if baby still has some peeling skin leftover on her hands and feet, this will be completely gone soon and there’s no treatment needed for it.

Settling your crying baby

Sleeping and feeding are still her favorite pastimes as may be crying at times, however if your baby is particularly unsettled and hunger is not the issue you may like to try these tried and tested techniques to soothe her:

Baby settling options

  • Holding: holding baby close to your body, in your arms or a sling/baby carrier
  • Swaddling:  babies often enjoy being snuggly wrapped as it replicates the environment in the womb
  • Bath: either in their own baby bath or you hop in with them, many babies often enjoy the sensation of warm water on them (some not so much)
  • Stimulation: this helps if your baby is one who is easily bored, but not great if her unsettledness is due to being tired
  • Rocking: gentle motion helps to re-set baby’s overworked brain. Do this by rocking in your arms, a stroller/pushchair that is reclined or a baby swing.
  • Going out/environment change– a walk in the stroller or a drive in the car seems to settle some babies.

These are ideal while out and about with baby, particularly while baby sleeps in the pram if you’re going for a stroll. Same as Cozy Covers, they come in a wide range of colors and designs, and are so cost effective you will be loving the the benefits they give you. Easily fitting over the baby carrier/capsule with the elasticized band, much like a shower cap, removing the need to use baby swaddles and wraps clipped to your pram to cover your baby. Plus, ‘Sun and Bug Covers’ keep baby easily visible at all times and protect from harmful UV rays.

Week 3 Of What To Expect From Yourself

A mix of contrasting emotions is still completely normal at this stage – elated at the life you have created one minute, depressed at the thought of another impending night feed next. You have had a tough two weeks trying to adjust your schedule to a tiny new life that seems to want you at their beck and call every moment.

Yes, you are entitled to feel frazzled and worn out and you are entitled to take some time for yourself too. Baby is your priority but your health is also a priority, because after all, you cannot pour from an empty cup!

How to Treat Mastitis

If you are breastfeeding, a condition which can rear it’s head as you establish breastfeeding or anytime during your breastfeeding journey, is Mastitis. This can be painful and quickly turn into an infection if not treated promptly. Know the warning signs and how to tell the difference between mastitis and simply a blocked milk duct by reading our helpful article: ‘Mastitis Treatment and Preventative Care’

Enlist as much help from those around you, especially when baby may go through unsettled periods and you have little time to do anything else other than tend to baby.

” by week 3 I was really struggling mentally and physically. In the grips of post natal depression and in agony with feeding, I reluctantly went on a weekend trip away with my partner and friends with our newborns. The change of scenery was just what I needed.” Karina