mom burnout is real here are tips to over come the stress

7 Tips To Bounce Back After Mommy Burnout (How to Recover From Mom Burnout)

Have you found yourself yelling at your kids more?  Missing important events or school due dates?  

Are you overwhelmed with your to-do list? Most likely you are experiencing mom burnout.  It’s real. 

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It happens to the best of us. And you are definitely not alone.

Keep reading for more symptoms, how to avoid burnout in the future and how to recover from mom burnout.


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This post may contain affiliate links. Our full disclosure policy can be found here.

Is Mom Burnout real?

YES!  Whether you are a stay at home mom, a homeschooling mom or a working mom (or a combination of all three) burnout is real.  

You might find yourself having a shorter fuse with your kids or partner, difficulty sleeping even though you’re exhausted and maybe you’â„¢ve relied on fast food more than you’â„¢d like.  

It’s ok.  

So many parents go through this.  It’s real and it’s a challenge, but it can be short lived if you identify that you are at your max and are truly burnt out.

Mom burnout symptoms:

Symptoms include, but aren’t limited to the below:

  1. You aren’t sleeping
  2. You are annoyed/irritated often ““ at your kids, at your spouse, at colleagues
  3. You are overwhelmed
  4. You have a shorter fuse
  5. Low Energy
  6. Emotional ““ cry easily or get angry easily

One important thing to note:

If you are concerned about depression it is best to consult your doctor and seek help. Mental health is so important. Don’t wait.

7 Tips For Avoiding mom burnout & How to Recover If You’re Already Suffering

1.  Don’t take on everything.

If you are new to motherhood and have a partner, have conversations about who will do what early. 


  1. Who makes doctors appointments 
  2. Who buys new clothes
  3. Who does drop off and pick up
  4. Who is the main contact for school etc
  5. Who buys birthday and holiday gifts
  6. Who does the children’s laundry

Aligning early on the division of the mental load can ensure you don’â„¢t get ‘stuck with it’.  

If you’re already in the thick of it, there is no time like the present to divide and conquer.  

The list can be long but writing it all out can also help your partner see how much you have on your shoulders.

Make a shared calendar and start assigning both names to tasks that need to be done.  

You may start off as the one who has to organize but over time there will be more balance.

2.  Say no 1 out of 4 times.  

If you get three invitations to events this month, say no to one. 

You can do the same with weekends.  One out of four weekends are not scheduled and are for getting your house back in order.  

3.  Schedule lazy family days.  

Don’t try to jam pack every week night or weekend with activities and outings.  

Have a lazy day every once in a while.  

If the kids complain they’re bored then that is just fine, they will figure it out.  It’s actually good for kids to be “bored”, it can spark imagination.  Take the time to veg out and order in some food or go out to dinner so someone else can do the cooking and cleaning.  


The Mental Load of Being a Mom and How it can Hurt Your Health

4.  Outsource:

1.  Order groceries online.

2.  Hire a cleaner.  

3.  Get an Amazon family subscription

4.  Get meal kits.  

5.  Find a babysitter for a few hours each week 

5.  Get the kids involved. 

Time for chores.  You can give chores to kids as little as two.  

Make a game of picking up all the dirty clothes or if they are older start assigning rooms and days for them to clean them.  

You decide if an allowance comes with it. 

Our four year old gets “coins” for cleaning her room on Sundays.  My almost two year old helps me switch the laundry and sorts clothes.

6.  Take a vacation day

Any day, without your partner or kids and just sit. Binge watch, sleep, exercise, whatever.  

My husband is so good at doing this, when he has some things he wants to get done he will take a day off, complete the project, then relax. 

It’s the true definition of a mental health day.

It can be hard to take a vacation without including the whole family, but you need it.  There will be plenty of family vacation days. 

But if you are burnt out, it’s time for a few days to yourself.

Check out this list of gifts for busy moms and treat yourself: 

21 Gifts for Busy Moms (Who Tell You They Don’t Want Anything!)

7.  Timed cleaning

I can’t take credit for this, as I saw it on TikTok, but have been using it ever since.

If a room is overwhelming, but you know it needs to be cleaned (this is usually the kitchen at the end of the day). 

Set your phone timer for ten minutes and do all you can in that time. 

It is actually amazing how much you can do.

And it’s a short enough time that you can mentally get on board with starting. And when the alarm goes off pack it in. 

Next up, some Amazon finds to make your life easier.

5 Amazon Items to Get You Organized and avoid mom burnout

1.  Mop/Vacuum Robot

Schedule it and forget it.  Let this little guy clean your floors while you are away from home.  This robot will vacuum AND mop.  

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2.  Amazon Family Subscription

This amzing service from amazon saves you money and time.  By getting a family subscription you can save on everday family items like diapers, paper towels and laundry detergant and have them delivered on a schedule so you don’t have to think about shopping for them.  

You also save money by subscribing on items you already buy.  Its a win win. 

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3.  Weighted Blanket

When you are stressed you aren’t sleeping.  

Weighted blankets are proven to help you sleep better.

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4.  Instapot + Airfryer

This 7 in 1 kitchen gadet can save you time in the kitchen.  

Its also easy enough that teenagers can help prepare a meal using it.  

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5. Anti Stress Foot Pads Place these pads are your feet before bed and de-stress and sleep better. The main ingredient is ginger which promotes sleep. See it on Amazon

Conclusion:  Mom Burnout

Remember, you’re not alone.  Reach out to family or friends and talk about your struggles.  Don’t keep it all in!  


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The Mental Load of Being a Mom and How it can Hurt Your Health